TOTO Drake II Review – Powerful Flushing Two-Piece Toilets

TOTO Drake II Toilets

A Better Drake With TOTO’s Best Features

Before you even start crunching the details of this TOTO Drake II toilet, you got to know this – All the Drake II models are chair-height (Comfort Height). So if you are not a fan of tall bowls or high seats, you may want to take a look at the other Drake toilets.

And with that little reminder out of the way, let’s begin with the review proper. But first, a bit of an intro to this second line of the popular TOTO Drake two-piece toilets.

The original Drake is a workhorse toilet, known for its powerful flush and bowl cleansing efficiency. However, the Drake II is not about to replace the original mallard. In fact, you can view it as an extension to fill a little gap in the first lineup. And that is to offer another base model as a universal height toilet. If you have read the Drake Review, you should realize the base models of Drake and Eco Drake are of standard bowl height.

Is that it?

Of course not. Besides the high bowl, TOTO has introduced two distinct features to the flushing system and expand the range to include the washlet-toilet combo. And the lower flushing capacity of 1.28 and 1.0 GPF is what differentiates this Drake II from the original range.

So, is this Drake II a more powerful crapper than its parent? What are the features and disadvantages? Is it more expensive than the Drakes and Eco Drakes? Let’s dive in for the answers.

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The Difference Between The Drakes

As discussed previously in the Drake review, there are a total of 27 Drake models. They are divided into the Drake, Eco Drake, Eco Drake Transitional, and now the Drake II. Among them, 12 are Drake II models which will be discussed at length here.

Physically, the Drake II is slimmer and slightly taller with a uniform height of 30 inches. The length is 28-1/2″ across all the elongated models which is not much different from the Drakes and Eco Drakes. And all the Drake II toilets has a seat height that varies from 17-1/4″ to 17-3/4″ – All of them are ADA compliant or of a universal height (comfort height).

On the flush capacity, there is an overlap with the Eco Drake which is 1.28 GPF. So if you intend to go with a 1.28 GPF toilet, you will have the widest selection. Including the bidet-toilet models, there are a total of sixteen 1.28 gpf models. The rest of the Drake II toilets (Drake II 1G) are UHET with a flush volume of 1.0 GPF.

All the Drake II models are WaterSense and CalGreen labeled.

Other than the flushing capacity and physical size, the Drake II has a different flushing system. It uses the Tornado flushing system, or used to be called the Double Cyclone, which spots a rimless bowl. And every Drake II model comes with the ultra-smooth ion-barrier surface, the CeFIONtect glaze.

Now let’s take a closer look at the features.

Feature Highlights

So what has changed and improved overall? Without looking into the specifics, picking one out of the 12 models is like a shot in the dark. Especially so when you intend to go with a Washlet+ model where you have to consider the features of the washlet as well. But let’s focus on the toilet first before touching on the washlet feature as you move along.

Eye Pleasing Exterior

Front View of Drake II 1GBeing slimmer and taller, the Drake II has a more appealing physical appearance. Especially the round bowl model, when placed in a small space it blends symmetrically well with other fixtures in the bath or powder room.

And you will probably like the 1.0 GPF or the Drake II 1G better because it’s a tad slimmer than the 1.28 GPF model. That’s because the 1G tank is 1-1/2″ narrower with its edge leveled with the bowl. It looks more streamlined than with the tank edge protruding out of the side.

Slimmer Tank

Rough-in Sizes

Unlike the Drake and Eco Drake, there is only one standard 12-inch rough-in for the Drake II. But you can always use an offset closet flange to correct the positioning of your toilet. So don’t be disappointed just because there isn’t a 10-inch or 14-inch Drake II model to fit your non-standard rough-in.

To help you understand better how an offset toilet flange works, below is a short video you can watch. But you don’t necessarily have to get the same offset flange shown in the video. If you aren’t sure how to install it, please bring on a plumber for the job. It can be a little tricky on the connection. And once the offset flange is installed correctly, your toilet will work just fine.

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Seat Height – Standard or Universal

As mentioned right at the beginning, all the Drake II toilets are of the Universal Height or comfort height. And with the Round Bowl model, it sort of completes the entire Drake series of two-piece toilets.

There isn’t a round bowl model with universal height in the Drake and Eco Drake range. So if you have wanted a Drake which is with a round bowl and comfort height, the Drake II has you covered.

For your easy comparison, here are all the base models across the Drakes.

ToiletsRegular HeightUniversal Height
Drake (1.6 GPF)Round Bowl
Drake (1.6 GPF)Elongated Bowl
Eco Drake (1.28 GPF)Round Bowl
Eco Drake (1.28 GPF)Elongated Bowl
Eco Drake Transitional (1.28 GPF)Round Bowl
Eco Drake Transitional (1.28 GPF)Elongated Bowl
Drake II (1.28 GPF)Round Bowl
Drake II (1.28 GPF)Elongated Bowl
Drake II 1G (1.0 GPF)Round Bowl
Drake II 1G (1.0 GPF)Elongated Bowl

Flushing Systems

The flushing system is a complete departure from the conventional chain and flapper seen in the original Drake and Eo Drake range. The Drake II uses the ingenious Tornado flushing system which consists of a flapperless tower type flush valve and a rimless bowl. A flush tower (or canister) is known to be more reliable and durable than the flapper valve. You will experience a more powerful flush and the possibility of leaking is very much reduced.

But the significance of the Tornado flush is in the bowl design. The conventional bowl depends on those little rim holes to stream water into the bowl for cleansing. However, this TOTO Drake II toilet adopts an open rim concept which employs two side outlets on the rim to provide a dual vortex of water to flush and rinse the bowl. So instead of a waterfall style cleansing, you get a cyclone scouring every inch of the bowl surface.

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The benefit you get out of the Tornado flushing system is the open rim bowl. That means now there aren’t any rim holes need to be cleaned or unblocked. Cleaning is just one smooth wipe around the open rim; no more water-jetting to dislodge any accumulated dirt or grime. Your wood flooring is spared from the usual splashes, and you can stay dry too.

Rimless Bowl

But what’s most important is How Powerful is The Flush?

Both the Drake II and Drake II 1G toilets have a MaP rating of 800. That is well within the ‘Highly Recommended’ score category as certified by MaP. What’s impressive is the 1G model. With a 22% lower in flushing capacity, it still pulls a good 800 grams of waste in a single flush.

MaP Rating

Ultra-Smooth CeFIONtect Bowl Surface Finish

A conventional glazed surface may appear smooth and flat with the naked eyes. But when you look at it through a powerful microscope, you can actually see the roughness. The surface is full of microscopic nooks and crannies which are susceptible to waste and bacteria adhesion.

The glossiest surface of sanitary wares is typically around 0.1 µm (micrometer) or 100 nanometers at best in surface roughness. CeFIONtect glazed surfaces, on the other hand, is well under 50 nanometer.

CeFIONtect vs. Conventional Glaze

TOTO achieved this high level of surface smoothness by furnishing another layer of transparent glaze over the standard colored glaze. Thereby flatten-out the microscopic crevices that are present in conventional glazes. This additional glaze layer enhances the surface smoothness by many folds. It is useful in preventing dirt and debris from clinging on to the bowl surface.

TOTO CeFIONtect is a patented glaze and the industry’s only integrated glaze which creates a super-smooth, ionized barrier.

As a component of the Tornado flushing, the CeFIONtect glaze plays a significant role in the overall flushing and cleansing efficiency. With it, the bowl stays cleaner longer and uses less water. And maintaining the glaze is easy without the need to use any harsh chemical base cleaner.

Large Water Surface

Compare to the other Drakes; the Drake II spots a smaller water surface area. Though they could have made it to the same size as the original Drake, the smaller water spot has no impact on the flushing power.

And if you are concerned about bowl streaking with a smaller water surface; the compensation comes from the better canister flush valve and the scrubbing effect of the Tornado flushing. And not forgetting the CeFIONtect surface finish ensures nothing is too sticky to be swept away.

Despite, it is still a decent size to get all the waste to submerge in the water on your usual session. As to why the surface size is made smaller, it goes with the principle of saving water. A lower water volume in the bowl uses less water overall in a flush compare to a larger one.

ModelWater Surface Size
Drake II 1.28 GPF9-1/8″ x 7-1/8″
Drake II 1G 1.0 GPF8-7/8″ x 6-7/8″
Drake 1.6 GPF10-1/4″ x 8-1/2″
Eco Drake 1.28 GPF10-1/4″ x 8-1/2″
Eco Drake Transition
1.28 GPF
10-1/4″ x 8-1/2″

Two Bowl Shape Four Models

Now that you are clear with the toilet features let’s look at all the models and begin your selection. If you have come over from the Drake and Eco Drake review, this is even simpler. There are only 4 base models with only one variation each. The Washlet+ toilets are adapted with a washlet to make it look neat. That’s it (You will learn about the Washlet+ toilets soon).

The 4 base models are divided into Drake II and Drake II 1G with round and elongated bowl. To begin your selection, you decide first on the flushing capacity. It’s either 1.28 GPF or 1.0 GPF, or Drake II and Drake II 1G respectively. Then you decide on the bowl shape and you are done.

The only variation you may look at is the right-hand trip lever. Unlike the other Drake toilets, the Drake II doesn’t come with the bolt-down lid and insulated tank. And the only one that doesn’t have the CeFIONtect glaze is the dark Ebony model.

TOTO Drake II Round Bowl and Tank

Drake II Round Bowl, 1.28 GPF


TOTO Drake II Elongated Bowl and Tank

Drake II Elongated Bowl, 1.28 GPF


TOTO Drake II 1G Round Bowl and Tank

Drake II 1G Round Bowl, 1.0 GPF


TOTO Drake II 1G Elongated Bowl and Tank

Drake II 1G Elongated Bowl, 1.0 GPF



When you look at the features that have an impact on the flushing performance, the smaller water surface size stands out like a sore thumb. Is that what causes the lower MaP rating (800) compared to MaP 1000 of the Drake and Eco Drake?

The short answer is Yes, but with a green reason. It saves you water and money in the long run. A smaller water spot equals a lower water volume in the bowl. Therefore, you use less water in a flush, and yet it still achieves a high MaP rating.

You should look at the overall flushing efficiency instead of just the MaP rating. And it is clear that the Drake II is well designed for high flushing performance. Just take the 1G model for example. With only 1.0 GPF it has the same flushing efficiency as the 1.28 GPF model with an even smaller water surface.

If you need a reason not to consider this Drake II, perhaps the higher price is the only disadvantage.

Pros & Cons At A Glance

Bowl Width 14.25″More space on the sides.Can be uncomfortable for people who are large build.
Flushing SystemPowerful Tornado flushing efficiently clean bowl surface with wiping effect.
Exposed TrapwayA little time consuming to clean.
2-piece ToiletTank and bowl can be replaced separately.Mold, bacteria & dirt accumulate at the seam. Not easy to thoroughly clean without removing the tank.
Water Surface Area9-1/8″ x 7-1/8″ – Decent.
Toilet SeatNot included.
ADA Compliant (Seat Height)Chair height level – easy to get up and seatedDoesn’t appeal to people who are physically short.
WaterSense CertifiedSave 20% to 37% more water than the 1.6 GPF toilets.
MaP Rating800 – Capable of removing 800 grams of waste in a single flush. Falls under ‘Highly Recommended’ chart score.
PriceHigher than the other Drakes.

The Washlet+ Toilets

You may have read about the benefits of using a bidet toilet seat and intend to get one soon. Then save yourself from starting another search for the best bidet seat out there. Get a TOTO washlet; you are never wrong.

TOTO washlets have some of the best features in the industry. Features like Premist and bowl sanitization are TOTO’s winning edge against its competition. And if you like a hands free experience, the auto open and close seat will up the hygiene level several notches. The same features are also employed in the prestigious Neorest line of intelligent toilets.

Though it costs a lot more, it’s going to serve you well for a good number of years. The ROI will be a significant saving on toilet rolls and a healthier drainage system. So if you are going for a Drake II, might as well make it a Washlet+ toilet.

There is no difference in the toilet specification; it is still the same Drake II toilet with a little adaptation to better organize the connection to the washlet. You will not see the water hose and power cable dangling on the side. It looks neat and hides the power cable away from deliberate contact by curious kids and nibbling pets.

Hidden Water & Power Connections

There are 10 washlet models offered by TOTO, but only 4 are packaged with this Drake II toilets. They are the C100, which is an entry-level bidet seat, the mid-range model C200, and the S300e and S350e which are the premium models. If you want to know more about the features of TOTO washlets, here’s a full range review.

Installation – Plumbing Services

Whether you are going for the base models or the Washlet+ toilets, the installation is the same. Your plumber should have no problem getting the closet in position even with the need to use an offset flange. Or you can try your hands at it if you think you are up to the task.

But why bother when you can book a plumber at the same time you buy a Drake II on Amazon. The price is reasonable, and the service is excellent. And you don’t have to think of how to dispose of your old toilet, or stress over what materials you need to purchase for the installation. They will take care of everything for you. You just need to make sure you have the new toilet on hand when the pro arrives.

And don’t forget to buy the seat as well. It is not provided with the toilet purchase unless it is a Washlet+ toilet.

All 12 Drake II Models

If you were to include all the color options, there would be a total of 28 models between the Drake II and Drake II 1G. And that does not include the variations like the right-hand trip lever models.

For your easy selection, only the Cotton White models are listed here. But once you are on the Amazon product page, you can select the color of your choice easily. For each of the base models, there are 5 color options – Cotton White, Bone, Colonial White, Sedona Beige, and Ebony.

And just in case any of the colors are not listed, you can search the model with the respective color code like this;

CST454CEFG#01 – Cotton White
CST454CEFG#03 – Bone
CST454CEFG#11 – Colonial White
CST454CEFG#12 – Sedona Beige
CST454CEF#51 – Ebony

1. The lowest price model is always Cotton White.
2. All Washlet+ toilets are only available in Cotton White.
3. Ebony (#51) is the only color that doesn’t come with the CeFIONtect glaze.

Drake II 1.28 GPF Base Models & Washlet+

Drake II 1G 1.0 GPF Base Models & Washlet+

(1) Currently out of stock or no longer available.


With this Drake II review completes the entire Drake series of two-piece toilets by TOTO. If you have not read the first Drake review, here it is, and you should have a look. Then you will be clearer with what you are looking for in a Drake.

Your first consideration will always be the flushing capacity you prefer. The original Drake toilets are 1.6 GPF which you will love the power it offers. And if saving more water is your top priority, then you will have a total of at least 22 options among the Drake II or Drake II 1G and Eco Drake.

However, the trend now is the High-Efficient Toilets (HET) or the Ultra-High Efficient Toilets (UHET), which is 1.28 GPF and 1.0 GPF respectively. And not ruling out the possibility that the 1.6 GPF models will be phased out in the future since legislation is in progress to cap water usage for toilet flushing at a maximum of 1.28 GPF. So it is highly recommended to go for one of those HETs or UHETs.

Feature wise, there are no duplications between the newer Drake and the evergreen Drake. It has almost every corner covered so you should be able to land yourself with the right Drake toilet of your choice.

Though with a lower MaP rating, the Drake II still aces to the ‘Highly Recommended’ score. It is an excellent waste removal machine with all of TOTO’s signature features. Like the CeFIONtect glaze, rimless bowl, and double-cyclone flush which TOTO is set to produce all its future toilets with these features.

And don’t be too concerned with the smaller water surface, it is still of a reasonable size to hold down all your turds. Or get even better with one of the Washlet+ models. The Premist or the bowl sanitizing feature will eliminate the problem of waste smear or ugly skid marks forever.


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