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About ToiletFound.com

Toilet Found Reviews The Best Toilet And The Worst And Everything In Between

Looking for TOTO toilets, or Kohler toilets, round seat or elongated seat toilet, low flush, comfort height toilets and more? You can find all the reviews of the best toilets at affordable price level right here.

Finding the best toilet to buy can be both frustrating and tedious. After all, buying a new toilet is not on everyone’s mind until the need arises. Sometimes it’s an emergency to get a replacement, and other times it’s in a plan. Whatever the case may be, Toilet Found! will have you covered.

Knowledge-Based Toilet Information

Toilet technology is no rocket science. But not knowing the fundamental workings of a toilet and how to choose one can potentially land you lots of frustration and a complete waste of time and money. Be sure to check out the Know Your Toilet section where you can get helpful tips from how to measure a toilet seat to buying the right toilet that you can enjoy for years to come, and save money.

Unbiased Toilet Reviews – Including The Bad Ones

It’s meaningless to only talk about the best toilets in the marketplace. We do it anyway, but you will also find reviews about bad toilets too. Knowing what to avoid is as good as getting the satisfaction of buying a good toilet for your prize bathroom. So the Toilet Product Reviews section is the place to go that will help you decide which is the right toilet product to buy, and which to avoid.

The reviews are thorough and inevitably lengthy with a balance of positive and negative points, and generous use of tables for your easy reading. You will also get helpful installation tips and overview of real users’ experience. They are written in parts with a Table of Content to help you jump straight to any section that interest you. So there is no need to read from the top all the way to the bottom (nobody does anyway). 🙂

You are most welcome to add your own experiences to help others see value or weakness.

Shop Right! – Only The Best And Working Toilet Products Are Listed

This is not an eCommerce store where anything that has a price gets listed. It will be a disservice to you to first believe in the recommendations and then get ripped for a substandard product. For your protection, you will only see products that are carefully researched and handpicked in all the reviews.

We do the backbreaking stuff for you. You just need to Shop With Confidence.

More Ideas To Help You

As and when the need arises, or a light bulb moment kicks in that will help you further with your toilet hunt, you can be sure to find it. It can either appear as a new section or included in the ‘Know Your Toilet’ or ‘Toilet Product Reviews’ section.

We ransack the web daily to update you with the latest product information. So you can be sure all that has been written will get updated with new information, in the shortest possible time.

You are the main reason this site exists. We enjoy the greatest satisfaction when you are happy with your purchase through our recommendation. Our commissions can take second place.

Happy shopping.

Yours Sincerely,
Martin & Everyone in the Research Team