TOTO Neorest Toilet All-Inclusive Comparison + Unbiased Review


TOTO Neorest Toilets – Full Range Comparison And Review

Neorest Intelligent Toilets By TOTO

Everything You Need To Know About TOTO’s Neorest Intelligent Toilets

They say to understand how a Neorest can cost over five grand is to use it once. But be warned, once you did there’s the risk of a paradigm shift in toileting habit. And that can seriously warp your American habit of using the toilet paper.

But that’s one habit many Americans are now willing to forgo in exchange for a cleaner and fresher feel, besides the huge improvement in toilet hygiene.

And just how good are these expensive TOTO Neorest toilets?

Ask this New York City businessman. He held off going to the bathroom before leaving on a flight from Milan and endured through 9 hours of flight time. All because he wanted to poop in his toilet which has a TOTO washlet.

And that’s only a washlet. The Neorest is a different animal which may leave you with the dream of owning one once you tried.

So, is your dream becoming true? Or perhaps you are here to realize it.

Whatever your intention is, this is where you will find out the awesomeness of TOTO Neorest toilets. All six of them, in detail.

NOTE: It’s a long post buddy. So please use the Table of Content and anchor for your easy browsing.

What Makes These Neorest Toilets So Awesome?

It’s not just the wealth of features you see on every TOTO Neorest toilets. The attention to finer details is what brings out the best of the features.

Call it user-experience engineering if you like. From the design of the bowl, the flushing system to every function of the washlet, the end product is just next to perfection.

If you are always marveling at the high efficiency of the Japanese, this is a glimpse of it.

Best Features Of TOTO Toilets

A high end toilet like the Neorest certainly deserves the best of toilet features exclusive to TOTO. And since this is a tankless toilet, the bowl is where all the super power resides, including the electric pump that does all the heavy lifting flushing.

But the powerful electric pump is only half the story.

The heart of the matter is the waste need to evacuate from the bowl with the least amount of water and at the highest efficiency. So the real secret is in the bowl construction. From the bowl surface to the water channels, every bit is to maximize the cleaning power of water for a complete waste removal. Nothing should be left behind.

CeFIONtect Glaze

One of the components that is critical in waste disposal is the glazed bowl surface, the CeFIONtect glaze.

CeFiONtect is a non-porous glaze TOTO uses on its ceramic bowl. It makes waste, however tiny, impossible to stick on to the bowl surface. So water can effortlessly sweep them away. Thus, you need only 1.0 gallon of water to remove solid waste.

But the CeFIONtect glaze alone can’t provide a clean bowl if water doesn’t flow in a sweeping manner and with high speed. And with only 1.0 gallon of water, another component needs to be in place to give the small water volume the maximum flushing power.

CeFIONtect Surface - How it works

Tornado Flushing System

Here come the waterways, which are internal channels in the bowl. Their purpose is to direct water flow through openings located at the top and bottom of the bowl.

The opening at the top is for cleaning the bowl. You will see a strong jet of water spirals down from the rim, sweeping everything in its path down to the bowl outlet. And the one at the bottom pushes everything out through the trapway and into the drain pipe.

And because of how the water swirls swiftly round the bowl, it’s aptly called the Tornado Flush. Some of the best TOTO high-end gravity flush toilets also use this Tornado Flushing System. It is one of its kind and the best siphonic flushing system in the industry.

The best part of the Tornado Flushing System is the rimless bowl design. It doesn’t have the conventional rim holes lined along the bowl rim. So there is no place for dirt and germs to hide, making for a more hygienic toilet. And with the CeFiONtect glaze, it is so much easier to clean.

Tornado Flush Rimless Bowl

One Obvious Advantage Hardly Anyone Notices

You may have noticed some toilets doesn’t flush well with floating waste. And usually, you need a second or third flush to clear everything in the bowl.

Bet you had not considered this floating waste issue when you last bought a toilet. Hardly anyone does anyway. So now you know and where does the problem lie? You ask.

The answer is in the trapway which is responsible for creating the siphon. If not well coordinated with the water flow, it is set to compromise on the pulling power of the siphon.

Timing is everything.

TOTO’s computer-designed trapway provides high accuracy in the timing of the flush by restricting air flow for maximum pull power. The result is a vacuum formed just in time when water velocity is at its peak.

Then the high-speed spiraling water, with the help of the siphon force drills everything down and out to septic land. The powerful Tornado Flush just doesn’t give a *beep* whether it’s floating or sinking waste in the bowl. Out you go turdie. Yep, everything.

Flushing Floating And Sinking Material

Tornado Flushing Clears Floating And Sinking Material

Easy To Use. Oh Really?

It’s not safe to tell you how easy it is to operate all the functions on your first time. In fact, it can be quite bewildering. Just like all electronic gadgets, there’s a little learning curve to scale.

But no worries, the comprehensive owner’s manual has everything covered. And it is super easy to follow with clear images and English with a tinge of Japanese accent. Just a little bit, promise. 🙂

Remember the time you get your hands on your first smartphone? You are not comfortable using it, right? But look at you now, you probably know all the settings at the back of your hand.

So while you are doing business on your Neorest, have a good look at all the buttons on the remote control. The button labels and the respective icons are easy to understand, you may not even need to refer to the manual. Just play with it, test this and that and within minutes starship Neorest will be under your control.

Easy to use Neorest toilet

The Full Range

TOTO Neorest in USATOTO has been advocating the use of washlets in place of toilet papers for many years on American soil. But their quest has not been successful. Americans then are just not ready to embrace the concept of using water to clean their rear.

But now with the growing acceptance of the bidet, more and more folks are willing to let go of their die-hard habit of using the toilet paper. And switch to an environment-friendlier, cleaner and more hygienic bidet seat or smart toilet.

And of course, TOTO is not oblivious to this fast-growing trend. So now you can expect to see more models of the Neorest intelligent toilets here in the US market. They have been aggressively marketing and rolling out new models since 2016.

Unlike previously where only a handful of models are seen here in the US, there are now 6 TOTO Neorest toilet models available. And out of which, 2 are non-floor-mounted models (launched in 2017) to meet the growing demand of wall hung toilets.

All 6 TOTO Neorest Toilet Models Sold In North America
Neorest 750H

TOTO Neorest 750H
  • All features & Actilight
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
  • Comfort Height

Neorest 700H

TOTO Neorest 700H
  • All features (without Actilight)
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
  • Comfort Height

Neorest 500H

TOTO Neorest 500H
  • Standard Washlet Features
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
  • Regular Height

TOTO Neorest 550H
  • Standard Washlet Features
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
  • Regular Height

Neorest EW

TOTO Neorest EW
  • Standard Washlet Features
  • 1.28 gpf / 0.9 gpf
  • Wall Hung

Neorest AC

TOTO Neorest AC
  • All features & Actilight
  • 1.28 gpf / 0.9 gpf
  • Wall Hung

*Contact local TOTO dealer.
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Beneficial Features Unique To The Neorest Toilets

It won’t be a Neorest without some of the features that make this smart toilet truly unique. The laser-focus on hygiene and to be eco-friendly have won TOTO numerous international awards since 2001 for its Neorest line of intelligent toilets.

So what are the award-winning features?

Ewater+ or Electrolyzed Water

The most outstanding of all features of the Neorest toilets has to be the ewater+.

The clever innovation converts ordinary tap water into an effective sanitizing solution (electrolyzed water) which has similar properties as household bleach. The electrolyzed water is then used to clean the wand and bowl surface.

But the acidic water won’t stay in its converted state forever. After about 2 hours, it reverses back to harmless ordinary water again. Hence, it doesn’t add any harmful chemicals to the environment.

It’s like the toilet is producing its cleaning solution at the moment of need. Once used, it goes back to mother nature. How cool is that?


Then there is the Actilight, which is TOTO’s very own ultraviolet light technology. But it is only available on the high-end models, the Neorest 750H and Neorest AC.

The intended use of Actilight is to react with a photocatalyst, which is the zirconium coating on the bowl, and ewater+ to produce activated oxygen. Which, disintegrates both visible and invisible waste deposited on the bowl surface. So it is as simple as using light, water, and oxygen to disinfect and clean the bowl after every use. No harmful chemicals are ever needed.

Finally, the CeFIONtect bowl surface makes it easy for the ewater+ to sweep away waste in a flush. You will always get a clean bowl after every use.

Pre-Mist And After-Mist

Before you are about to use the toilet, a mist of ewater+ is sprayed onto the bowl surface. This film of water over the CeFiONtect glaze serves two purposes; one is to take no chances by sanitizing the surface again for best possible hygiene. And two, it’s proven to evacuate dirt and waste 80% better with each flush.

That’s the Pre-Mist function. And similarly, the After-Mist will take place after you are done with your business.

Both the Pre-Mist and After-Mist functions are automatic. As you approach the toilet, the lid auto opens, and start the PreMist. When you get up and leave, the lid auto closes follow by the flush. Twenty-five seconds later the After-Mist begins. And when nobody uses the toilet for the next 8 hours, the misting kicks in again.

No chance for bacteria growth to cause any bad odors or contamination. You can’t get any more hygienic than this.

Usual Features But Unusual In Its Own Way

Almost every smart toilet has some common features these days. But what makes TOTO Neorest special is the attention to details that set it apart from the rest. It defines an experience which no other intelligent toilets can come close.

Auto Open / Close Lid

That’s no big deal you may say. And you think all auto open, and close lids operate the same way. Yes, they may appear to be the same, it’s how easy you can set it to work that differentiates the experience. You do not want to refer to the manual every time, or having to remember the steps.

For TOTO Neorest, the setting is intuitive. You just hit the ‘Menu’ button, arrow-scroll to the desired item, and select. That’s it. It’s all pre-configured, so you do not have to micro-manage every detail like sensor sensitivity according to room size and what not.

That’s what better sensor technology is all about. It minimizes or eliminates the need for human intervention. It simplifies operation and raises efficiency.

Wash Modes

Any smart toilet or washlet that does not provide the front and rear washing shouldn’t be in the marketplace at all. It’s like a car with only forward gears, can’t do the reverse.

And what is in the wash modes of TOTO Neorest that the competition pales in comparison?

Most other brands of smart toilets feature a pre-configured wand position. The only way to get the best spray-hit is by adjusting your target (butt) to the spray instead.

With TOTO Neorest, things work a little differently. You can adjust the wand position to hit the target with pinpoint accuracy without moving your rear an inch. Even better, you can lock the position and set it as your preference, so you will never miss your target every time.

The adjustable spray position is particularly useful for folks with some disability which restrict their lower body movement while seated.

The 3 wash modes provide rear and front wash, with the oscillating and pulsating spray that is sure to dislodge any ‘cliffhangers’ on your butt. And a final rinse with soft-spraying water to wrap things up before the blower sets in.

Neorest 3 Wash Mode FeatureAnd of course, you can change the spraying water pressure and temperature any time to your liking.

Self-Cleaning Wand

One smart toilet brand, apparently a Neorest competitor, has its self-cleaning wand sanitize with UV-light which is fine. As ultraviolet light can provide rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms. The problem is, if there are materials that stick on to the wand, it can’t remove it. So you have to wipe the dirt off the wand manually, and sanitizing happens only once a day on a schedule.

In comparison, TOTO Neorest toilet uses electrolyzed water, or ewater+ to flush away any deposit on the wand surface and sanitize it at the same time. This wand cleaning process happens after every single wash; it doesn’t work on a schedule. So you are guaranteed of clean, hygienic water at any time you need for washing.

Self-Cleaning Wand

Image source:

That’s a distinct advantage there if you are trying to make sense of which self-cleaning wand can clean itself better.

Over 20 Features To Define Your Toileting Experience

Here are all the features of TOTO Neorest intelligent toilets. But bear in mind, not all models have the same features. If you need a comparison of all the models, then go here.

Dual Flush Function Adjustable Heated Seat Temperature
Tornado/Siphon Jet Flushing System Adjustable Spray Water Temperature
CeFiONtect™ Ceramic Glaze Adjustable Spray (Wand) Position
Comfort Height (or Universal Height) Warm-air Drying with Variable Temperature
ADA Compliant Self-Cleaning Wand with ewater+
WaterSense Label Programmable Energy Saver System
Washlet with Front, Rear, Soft Wash Modes Back-up Manual Flush
Oscillating and Pulsating Comfort Washing ewater+
Auto Lid open/close, Auto Flush Pre-Mist & After-Mist
Air Purfying System Multifunctional Remote Control
Night Light Low Water Consumption

Is It Easy To Install A Neorest Toilet?

Well, if you have done any toilet installation before this won’t be any challenge at all. But you will need a power outlet around the toilet within reach of the power cord. So get an electrician to install one before your Neorest toilet arrives.

There are two things you need to prepare before installing your Neorest toilet – The power outlet (with GFI) and the water supply. You need to get this 2 utility ready, so that the toilet installation can go on smoothly. And of course, you will need to know the position of the power outlet and water supply point. You can find the information in the product specification sheet.

Here’s a compilation of all the 6 Neorest Toilets Specification for your easy reference.

The Universal Socket, which is the adaptor to the floor flange, is a breeze to get it mounted. So that will take care of the most critical part of any toilet installation.

Universal SocketThe rest of the parts you just need to follow the clear and concise instruction manual. And a template is also provided for marking of all holes position on the floor, so no guessing work at all.

And the tools you need are just a Phillips screwdriver, a piece of microfiber cloth, a power drill, caulking gun, and sealant. That’s all. Oh, and a plastic cup for testing out the bidet spray.

All the Neorest models are of the standard 12-inch rough-in. So yeah, you can replace your old tank and bowl toilet with a Neorest.

Main Disadvantages And The Workarounds

Despite all the bells and whistles you get with the Neorest, it’s always good to look at the downside for a balanced view. After all, nothing is perfect in this world; that’s life.

Power Failure

Bear in mind this is a tankless toilet which doesn’t rely on gravity force for flushing. It needs electricity to power everything, including the flush. So it is as good as your other $300 gravity flush toilet when there is a power failure.

But relax. When that happens, you can still do a manual flush with the model 750H and 700H. Just follow the simple steps in the owner’s manual, and you are good. And for the other models, use a bucket. 🙁

Professional Help

When you run into any problems, don’t call your plumber over. When he hears it’s a Neorest, he is not going to answer your call ever again. Just kidding. 🙂

That’s because there’s nothing a regular plumber can do to help you. Unless the problem is not with your Neorest toilet, like faulty water supply or a clogged pipe.

You will need to call the experts from TOTO. Getting professional help is not an option, and pray that there’s nothing major. Or else get ready to burn some cold hard cash.

Replacement Parts

Every part of the Neorest toilet is proprietary to TOTO. You can’t find them elsewhere except the maker itself. And there are no equivalents or OEM parts that will work seamlessly on Neorest.

So even the plumbing supply store which is just 20 meters away from your house is useless. Well, unless the store is a TOTO dealer. Otherwise, your best bet is to order from Amazon.

High Power Consumption

Last but not least, every TOTO Neorest toilet needs a power of about 1200 watts to function properly. That is enough power to light up 100 light bulbs all at once.

It sounds kind of scary, isn’t it?

But relax, you won’t need all that power all the time. The part that consumes the most power is the pump which initiates the flushing. It will only draw power when you hit the flush button. And will last till the flushing ended.

The other voracious energy eater is the heater that gives you instant warm water supply, the heated seat, and air dryer. But you can turn them off during warm or hot weather seasons.

The rest of the functions, like the wand, auto lid cover, ewater+, nightlight, and Premist don’t consume as much power individually. But they can add up substantially.

So for every pooping session you had that last for, say 15 to 20 minutes, it will cost you around 10 cents for electricity. Cheap? Just don’t forget to set the power saving mode. It’s there for a reason.

Which TOTO Neorest Toilet Is Right For You?

Of course, if money is not an object, who wouldn’t want the best of the range. But it’s not always about only-the-best or nothing; it’s about what your needs are and which Neorest model is good enough to fulfill your needs.

So whatever features that are important to you, prioritize them. And you should be able to find a Neorest model that best meet your requirements without spending on features you don’t need.

Here’s a table which lists the features and the respective Neorest models. That should make it easy for you to compare and narrow down to the right model.

Neorest Floor-Mounted Toilets Comparison – Models Vs Features

Neorest Models Features
All Models Standard Features

  1. Elongated Bowl, Skirted
  2. Dual Flush Function
  3. Tornado/Siphon Jet Flushing System
  4. CeFiONtect Ceramic Glaze
  5. 12″ Rough-in
  6. WaterSense Label
  7. Washlet with three wash modes (front, rear, soft)
  8. Oscillating and Pulsating Comfort Washing
  9. Auto Lid open/close, Auto Flush
  10. Air Purfying System
  11. Adjustable Heated Seat Temperature
  12. Adjustable Spray Water Temperature
  13. Adjustable Spray (Wand) Position
  14. Warm-air Drying with Variable Temperature
  15. Programmable Energy Saver System
  16. Multifunctional Remote Control
  17. Self-Cleaning Wand
  18. Nightlight
Neorest 750H
Model: MS993CUMFX#01
  1. Standard Features
  2. Actilight UV Light Cleaning System
  3. ewater+
  4. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  5. Back-up Manual Flush
  6. Comfort Height
  7. ADA Compliant
  8. 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
Model: MS992CUMFG#01
  1. Standard Features
  2. ewater+
  3. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  4. Back-up Manual Flush
  5. Comfort Height
  6. ADA Compliant
  7. 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
Model: MS952CUMG#01
  1. Standard Features
  2. ewater+
  3. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  4. Regular Height
  5. 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
Model: MS982CUMG#01
  1. Standard Features
  2. ewater+
  3. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  4. Regular Height
  5. 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
Model: MS980CMG#12
  1. Standard Features
  2. Regular Height
  3. *Wall mounted remote control
  4. 1.6 gpf / 1.05 gpf
Model: CWT996CEMFX#01
*Contact local TOTO dealer.
Read review
  1. Standard Features (12″ rough-in not applicable)
  2. Actilight UV Light Cleaning System
  3. ewater+
  4. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  5. Back-up Manual Flush
  6. Comfort Height
  7. ADA Compliant
  8. 1.28 gpf / 0.9 gpf
  9. Wall Hung
Model: CWT994CEMFG#01
  1. Standard Features (12″ rough-in not applicable)
  2. ewater+
  3. Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  4. Back-up Manual Flush
  5. Comfort Height
  6. ADA Compliant
  7. 1.28 gpf / 0.9 gpf
  8. Wall Hung

Choosing The Best Model

As you can see you have a choice of three base models, not that hard for a decision. You are limited only by your budget. But you never know, surprises are everywhere when you are least expected. And still, there’s a better choice for each series you are considering.

750H versus 700H – The Expensive Compare

The difference between the 750H and 700H is only the Actilight feature. But the price of the 750H is twice of 700H. That’s about $5000 for a single feature. The Actilight is a good-to-have feature, and if you can live without it, the Neorest 700H will be an obvious choice.

And if you are lucky, you may be able to buy the 700H at very competitive prices. As you know, prices at Amazon are constantly changing due to intense competition there. So, is this your lucky day?

Neorest AC or Neorest EW? – Getting The Hang Of It

With wall-hung toilets becoming more and more commonplace these days, why not have a go at it if you are remodeling your bathroom. You will love the clean and spacious look around the toilet. And cleaning is no longer a chore with a Neorest wall hung toilet.

Just like the 700 series, there’s the decision of Actilight or eWater+ to make. Of course, that will depend mainly on your budget. Do you think the Ultra Violet Light feature is worth another 6 or 7 thousand dollars? Otherwise, the Neorest EW is just as effective in keeping the toilet free of germs and bacteria 24/7.

The One And Only 500H

The 500H is an easy decision for you because it’s the one and only model with a more rounded shape. If the exterior design appeals better to you, and you have a small space for a toilet, that’ll be a good decision. With only 27-5/8″ in depth it’s a great space saver.

The only drawback is the 14-15/16″ rim height. But then not everyone fancies a comfort height toilet, so are you one who prefer a regular height toilet?

Don’t Kill Your Brain Cells With 550 And 550H

Go for the 550H no question about it. Why?

The 550 model is the most basic of all the Neorest model. As you can see, it doesn’t have the ewater+ and Premist feature. Plus it is the only model that uses 1.6 GPF / 1.05 GPF, while all the other Neorest toilets use only 1.0GPF / 0.8 GPF.

The Neorest 550 has finally gone the way of the dinosaurs. Though you may still be able to get it on Amazon (while supplies last), it is not recommended to buy a discontinued model.

In comparison, the 550H model has better features than 550. It only pales against the 700H in that it doesn’t have the backup manual flush feature. And like the 500H and 550 model, the Neorest 550H is also a regular height toilet.

And the Number 1 reason why you should go for the 550H model is the price. You can surely take a surprise.

What About 700H And 550H, What’s The Difference?

Other than the seat height and the backup manual flush, the price difference can be pretty close. Again it depends on your luck with the price changes at Amazon.

If you have a few hundred bucks more to spare, take the Neorest 700H no doubt about it.

Where To Look To Get The Best Pricing On Amazon?

To save you some digging around on Amazon, here are the seller pages where you will see all the actual offers by sellers in the marketplace.

If you are looking for sellers who offer free shipping, check the Free Shipping box under Shipping on the left.

Make sure you read the reviews of the respective sellers before you dive in on any offers. In any case, remember you are covered by Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee Protection when buying from any of the sellers.

Happy shopping and hope you have found this review helpful. When you are enjoying your new found freedom with your prized Neorest toilet, don’t forget to leave your comments below to share your excitement. 🙂 Add to Flipboard Magazine.

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