TOTO Neorest Smart Toilet – All Models Comparison & Review

TOTO Neorest Toilets

Everything You Need To Know About TOTO NEOREST Intelligent Toilets

They say to understand how a Neorest can cost over five grand is to use it once. But be warned, once you do, there’s the risk of a paradigm shift in toileting habits. And that can seriously warp your American habit of using toilet paper.

But that’s one habit many Americans are now willing to forgo in exchange for a cleaner and fresher feel, besides the huge improvement in toilet hygiene.

And just how good are these expensive TOTO smart toilets?

Ask this New York City businessman. He held off going to the bathroom before leaving on a flight from Milan and endured 9 hours of flight time. All because he wanted to poop in his toilet, which has a TOTO washlet.

And that’s only a washlet. The Neorest is a different animal, which may leave you with the dream of owning one once you try.

So, is your dream coming true? Or perhaps you are here to realize it.

Whatever your intention is, this is where you will find out the awesomeness of TOTO Neorest toilets.

Best Selling TOTO NEOREST Models

Can’t wait to check out what’s the best? Here are the 3 best-selling Neorest models in major online stores.

Neorest 700H Thumbnail

Unique Features

  • Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  • Back-up Manual Flush
  • Universal Height
  • ADA Compliant
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf

*The NEOREST 700H will be replaced by the new TOTO NEOREST LS.

Neorest RH Thumbnail

Unique Features

  • Pre-Mist & After-Mist
  • Back-up Manual Flush
  • Universal Height
  • ADA Compliant
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf
Neorest NX1 Thumbnail

Unique Features

  • Back-up Manual Flush
  • Universal Height
  • ADA Compliant
  • 1.0 gpf / 0.8 gpf

All Twelve TOTO NEOREST Smart Toilets

Discover the full range of TOTO NEOREST toilets – 12 models of unmatched luxury and innovation. Find your perfect bathroom upgrade today!

What Makes These TOTO Smart Toilets So Awesome?

It’s not just the wealth of features you see on every Neorest toilet. The attention to finer details brings out the best of the features.

Call it user-experience engineering if you like. From the toilet bowl design and the flushing system to every washlet function, the end product is next to perfection.

Optimum Flushing Power Without a Visible Tank

In a premium toilet like the Neorest, exclusive TOTO features come standard. With a tankless design, the magic happens in the bowl, powered by an electric pump responsible for robust flushing.

Yet, the pump is just part of the equation.

The key lies in efficiently evacuating waste with minimal water usage. The secret is in the bowl’s design. Every aspect is engineered to enhance water’s cleansing ability, ensuring thorough waste removal from the bowl’s surface to the internal water channels. The goal is clear: leave nothing behind.

CEFIONTECT Glaze – The Key to Efficient Waste Disposal

At the core of TOTO’s efficient waste disposal technology, renowned for its water efficiency, is the CEFIONTECT glaze. This advanced nano glaze effectively seals the ceramic’s porous surface, preventing even minuscule waste particles from sticking to the bowl. This allows water to efficiently wash away debris, ensuring a mere 1.0 gallons of water is sufficient for waste removal and bowl cleansing.

The CEFIONTECT glaze, when compared to conventional glazes, significantly helps to keep the bowl cleaner by requiring less water for effective cleaning. However, its optimal performance depends on a robust and rapid water flow. Given its low water usage of just 1.0 gallons, an additional mechanism is needed to transform this small volume into a powerful flush.

This synergy of the CEFIONTECT glaze with the efficient water flow ensures a consistently clean bowl. It showcases TOTO’s dedication to innovative and environmentally friendly bathroom solutions. TOC

CEFIONTECT Surface - How it works

TORNADO FLUSH System – Revolutionizing Waste Removal

TOTO’s Tornado Flushing System features internal waterways within the bowl, meticulously engineered to optimize water flow for superior cleaning power and efficient waste removal. At the top, a powerful water jet spirals downwards, thoroughly cleaning the bowl’s surface. Concurrently, the lower opening facilitates effective waste expulsion through the trapway.

This vigorous water movement, the Tornado Flush, is a defining feature of TOTO’s high-end gravity flush toilets. It’s not just unique; it’s an industry leader in siphonic flushing systems.

The system’s rimless bowl design is integral to its efficacy. Eliminating traditional rim holes prevents dirt and germs from accumulating, thus enhancing hygiene. When combined with the CEFIONTECT glaze, the bowl stays cleaner for longer, significantly reducing the reliance on chemical cleaners.

This innovative approach to design delivers unparalleled hygienic standards and ease of maintenance, distinguishing TOTO’s toilets in functionality and cleanliness. TOC


An Often Overlooked Benefit: Flawless Flushing

Have you ever noticed how some toilets struggle with floating waste, requiring multiple flushes to clear the bowl? It’s a common issue that’s rarely considered when purchasing a toilet.

The root of this problem? The trapway’s design is crucial for creating an effective siphon. The siphon’s pulling power is weakened if the trapway and water flow aren’t well-coordinated.

Here’s where timing becomes crucial.

TOTO’s precision-engineered trapway is designed to optimize timing, restricting airflow to enhance the siphon’s pull. This creates a vacuum at the exact moment the water velocity is highest.

This synchronized action, coupled with the siphon’s force, enables the spiraling water to powerfully flush away all waste, whether floating or sinking, in one efficient motion. TOC

Flushing Floating And Sinking Material

Beneficial Features Unique To The NEOREST

It won’t be a NEOREST without some of the automatic features that make this bidet toilet combo truly unique. The laser focus on hygiene and eco-friendliness has won TOTO numerous international awards since 2001 for its NEOREST line of intelligent toilets.

Here are the award-winning features.

EWATER+ or Electrolyzed Water – Much Better Than Bleach

Among the NEOREST standout features, the EWATER+ technology is particularly noteworthy.

This ingenious system transforms regular tap water into electrolyzed water, a sanitizing agent with properties akin to household bleach. This electrolyzed water is then used to clean the wand and the bowl surface.

Unlike bleach, however, this acidic water is temporary. Within about 2 hours, it reverts to ordinary, harmless water, leaving no harmful chemicals in the environment.

This process is akin to the toilet creating its cleaning solution on demand. After its use, it safely returns to its natural state in harmony with the environment. This makes EWATER+ effective and eco-friendly compared to traditional chemical-based bleach.

EWATER+ is a standard feature across all NEOREST toilet models. TOC

ACTILIGHT – Clean Light Technology

TOTO’s ACTILIGHT clean light is an innovative ultraviolet light technology exclusive to their high-end models – the NEOREST NX2 and the wall-hung NEOREST AC.

ACTILIGHT works with a zirconium coating on the bowl and the EWATER+ system. When activated, it produces oxygen that effectively breaks down visible and invisible waste on the bowl surface.

This process harnesses the simple yet powerful combination of clean light, water, and oxygen for disinfecting and cleaning the bowl after each use, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Additionally, the CEFIONTECT special glaze on the bowl complements this process. It ensures that EWATER+ easily washes away waste, guaranteeing a consistently clean bowl with every flush.

ACTILIGHT is only available on the NEOREST NX2 and NEOREST AC toilets.

PREMIST – Elevating Hygiene with Advanced Bowl Misting Technology

The PREMIST automatically mists the bowl surface with EWATER+ before and after each use. This is how it works:

As you approach the toilet, the lid auto opens and starts the Pre-Mist to create a thin film of water on the bowl surface. This film of water over the CEFIONTECT anti-stick glaze is proven to remove waste 80% better than a dry bowl.

When you finish your business and leave, the lid auto closes, followed by the flush and another round of misting (After-mist). But this time, the misting is done with EWATER+ to ensure sterility. When nobody uses the toilet for the next 8 hours, the misting (After-mist) kicks in again. Absolutely no chance for bacteria growth to cause any bad odors or contamination. You can’t get any more hygienic than that without lifting a finger.

Every NEOREST model includes the PREMIST feature, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness. TOC

Usual Features But Unusual In Its Way

Almost every smart toilet has some common features these days. But what makes TOTO’s Neorest special is its attention to detail that sets it apart. It defines an experience to which no other intelligent toilets come close.

Auto Open / Close Lid

You may think all auto-open and close lids operate the same way. Yes, they do, but how easily you can set it to work differentiates the experience. You do not want to refer to the manual every time or have to remember the steps.

For the smart NEOREST, the setting is intuitive. You only need to hit the Menu button, scroll to the desired item, and Select. That’s it. It’s all pre-configured, so you do not have to micro-manage every detail, like sensor sensitivity, according to room size and whatnot.

That’s what better sensor technology is all about. It minimizes or eliminates the need for human intervention. It simplifies operations and raises efficiency.

Advanced WASHLET Technology – Superior Bidet Features

The bidet features range from precise wand position control to customizable water pressure and temperature adjustments, ensuring a personalized and luxurious cleansing experience.

The wand has 5 adjustable spray positions to cater to almost all users for the best spray hit without adjusting your target (butt) to the spray. You can lock the position and set it as your preference using the Users’ Personalized Memory Setting. There are models for 2-user and 4-user memory settings, so it depends on your needs.

For older people and individuals with some disability, the 5 spray positions are particularly helpful. It offers greater flexibility to obtain better spray accuracy when the individual has difficulty adjusting their lower body.

Ultimately, the comfort features come down to the 3 wash modes that provide rear and front wash. They offer gentle, aerated warm water in a dual-action spray with oscillating and pulsating features. The aerated water spray is what makes you forget the hefty price tag. And a 3rd wash for a final rinse with soft-spraying water to wrap things up before the automatic air deodorizer sets in.

You can even personalize the wash mode with 5 water pressure levels and variable temperature settings. TOC

NEOREST 3 Wash Mode Feature

Self-Cleaning Wand: Effortless Hygiene at Your Fingertips

Central to the wand design is the integration of EWATER+ technology. This advanced sterilization system electrolyzes water to create a potent yet eco-friendly sanitizing solution. Each time the wand is used, it’s automatically cleansed with EWATER+, ensuring the highest hygiene standards are maintained.

Equally important is the wand’s resin material, meticulously designed to repel debris. Any dirt landed on the wand’s surface can be easily washed away during cleaning, significantly reducing the risk of germ proliferation.

The significance of the wand design means that every use is as hygienic as the first, a testament to TOTO’s commitment to health and safety. The combination of EWATER+ cleansing and a dirt-repelling surface represents a synergy of engineering and design, aiming to provide users unparalleled cleanliness and peace of mind in their bathroom experience.

The Bidet or Cleaning Features are standard for all NEOREST toilets. TOC

TOTO NEOREST Self-Cleaning Wand

Over 20 Features To Define Your Toileting Experience

Here are all the features of these TOTO’s intelligent toilets. But bear in mind not all models have the same features. If you need a comparison of all the models, then go here.

Dual Flush FunctionAdjustable Heated Seat Temperature
TORNADO FLUSH SystemAdjustable Water Temperature
CEFIONTECT Ceramic GlazeAdjustable Spray (Wand) Position
Universal Height (or Comfort Height)Warm-air Drying with Variable Temperature
ADA CompliantSelf-Cleaning Wand with ewater+
WaterSense LabelProgrammable Energy Saver System
Washlet with Front, Rear, Soft Wash ModesBack-up Manual Flush
Oscillating and Pulsating Comfort WashingEWATER+ – Electrolyzed Water
Auto Lid open/close, Auto FlushPREMIST – Bowl Pre-Mist & After-Mist
Air Purfying SystemMultifunctional Remote Control
Night LightLow Water Consumption – 1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF

Pick Your Smart Toilet from All Twelve


Explore the Full Range of TOTO NEOREST Toilets for a Perfect Blend of Luxury and Technology to Elevate Your Bathroom Experience!

Every NEOREST Looks Different But They Have the Same Features

Every Neorest model resembles an earthen vase, with its unique exterior design adding an elegant accent to interiors. Beneath these varying elegant designs, they share a consistent set of cutting-edge technology features. This uniformity in functionality simplifies the selection process, ensuring every model is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

While all models excel in design and technology, the NX2 and AC stand out with their elaborate ACTILIGHT clean light bowl-cleaning system. These premier models offer unparalleled cleanliness, guaranteeing a perpetually clean bowl.

Selecting your Neorest is about choosing a model that aligns with your taste and bathroom aesthetic. Consider the elegant seat design, how it complements your space, and factors like price and size.

Whether you’re drawn to a compact design for a snug bathroom or prefer a standard size for a more spacious setting, each Neorest model ensures a blend of sophisticated design and superior functionality. This flexibility allows you to find a toilet that meets practical requirements and personal aesthetics, making your bathroom a statement of style and a haven of technology infused with unparalleled bathroom luxury. TOC

Main Disadvantages And The Workarounds

Despite all the bells and whistles you get with the Neorest, looking at the downside for a balanced view is always good. After all, no product is perfect.

Power Failure

Remember that this tankless toilet doesn’t rely on gravity force for flushing. It needs electricity to power everything, including the flush. So it is as good as your other $300 gravity flush toilet when there is a power failure.

But relax. When that happens, you can still pull an emergency flush with the model 700H, NX2, and NX1. Just follow the simple steps in the owner’s manual, and you are good. Of course, you can flush normally with the wall-hung models. As for the other models, use a bucket.

Professional Help

When you run into any problems, don’t call your plumber over. He will never answer your call again when he hears it’s a Neorest. Just kidding. 🙂

That’s because there’s nothing a regular plumber can do to help. Unless the problem is not with your Neorest toilet, like a faulty water supply or a clogged pipe.

You will need to call the experts from TOTO or its distributors. Getting professional help is not an option, and please pray that there’s nothing major. Or else get ready to burn some cold, hard cash.

Replacement Parts

Every part of the Neorest toilet is proprietary to TOTO. You can’t find them elsewhere except the maker itself. And no equivalents or OEM parts will work seamlessly on Neorest.

So even the plumbing supply store, which is just a block away from where you live, is useless. Unless the store is a TOTO dealer. Otherwise, your best bet is to order online, like on Amazon or Home Depot.

High Power Consumption

Last but not least, every TOTO Neorest toilet needs a power of about 1200 watts to function properly. That is enough power to light up 100 light bulbs all at once.

Sounds kind of scary?

Relax, you won’t need all that power all the time. The part that consumes the most power is the pump, which initiates the flushing. It will only draw power when you hit the flush button. And will last till the flushing ends.

The heater, responsible for providing instant warm water, a heated seat, and an air dryer, is another significant energy consumer. However, you can turn these features off during warmer seasons. Alternatively, utilizing the power-saving feature helps regulate consumption, contributing to energy savings without compromising on comfort.

The other functions, like the wand, auto lid cover, EWATER+, nightlight, and Premist, don’t consume as much power individually.

Again, relax. You may notice a slight increase in your energy bill. It’s a small price for the convenience and comfort you are enjoying. TOC


If you were to sum it all up, you’d see that all Neorest models boast similar features and flawless performance. The notable exceptions are the prestigious NX2 and AC models, equipped with the Actilight feature, elevating bathroom hygiene to unprecedented levels.

However, the five-figure price tag of these top-tier models, like the NX2 and AC, might not be feasible for everyone. If that’s out of your budget, opting for the other Neorest models still places you leagues ahead of those with high-end intelligent toilets from other brands. At most, their toilet can play music and look funkier, but they lack the smart functionality of bowl sanitization. That’s not smartness at play.

A really smart toilet will save you time cleaning and upkeeping the bathroom environment. So you can enjoy music in a proper and more comfortable place.

All thanks to the EWATER+ feature, it makes the Neorest a complete self-cleaning smart toilet. Though a few other manufacturers have also adopted the same technology, they mainly use it to clean and sanitize the nozzles. So do TOTO Neorest. But TOTO took a step further by utilizing the electrolyzed water for bowl sterilization through its auto Pre-Mist and After-Mist functions. If that’s not genius at play, what is?


Every NEOREST Has Its Style

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