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“Water Does it Better” – Says One BIO BIDET Expert

Okay, let’s discuss something that could potentially revolutionize your bathroom habits: the BIO BIDET toilet seat. You need to learn about its unique features, such as the Vortex wash and Dynamic stream. Picture a powerful spiraling stream of water cleaning your southern gate thoroughly.

And with the Dynamic stream feature, the water flow and temperature adjust to ensure a smoother evacuation for a perfect wash. It’s not just about being clean; it’s the satisfaction you get from resolving the belly brick situation.

Then there’s the hybrid water heater, designed with the favorable aspect of the tank type and instant heater to provide endless warm water with energy efficiency in mind. That means comfort that just keeps on coming, without the guilt of high power bills.

But what really sets the BIO BIDET toilet seat apart? Its design and build quality, a product that comes close to the century-old craftsmanship of Japanese smart toilets and bidet seats. They’ve been at this for 100 years, and BIO BIDET is stepping up to meet that level of expertise and being less pricey. It’s not just an electric bidet seat; it’s a blend of tradition and innovation right in your bathroom.

You’ll want to read on to see just how it stands up to the legacy before hitting the buy button.

BIO BIDET by Bemis – All 2024 Bidet Models

Ready to pick your perfect bidet seat by Bemis? Arranged by Price Range for your quick and convenient comparison.

Excellent Build Quality

The brand sets itself apart and is known for its quality, making it a recognized brand in the US bidet toilet seat market. By paying attention to every detail, such as providing a product that is easy to install and maintain and with reliable performance, it’s hard not to gain positive customer reviews.

So, what are the factors that contribute to the perception that BIO BIDET is a high-quality product?

Aesthetic appears to be a core design principle. Every bidet is designed to meld and fit snuggly on any regular elongated or round bowl toilets. The immaculate finishing, shape, and proportion will align your perception towards a high-quality product.

And beneath that assuring appearance are some patented innovations that guarantee optimum performance. From the powerful active carbon deodorizer to the motor-driven nozzle mechanism, accuracy and consistency are no coincidence. You will get that predictable cleanliness every single time.

Unless you are already a bidet user and experienced to know what you must have or don’t need, it helps to familiarize yourself with the features first before a purchase decision.

Let’s move on to the impressive features that make BIO BIDET a serious contender in the ever-crowded bidet seat marketplace. TOC

Unique Features With Little Competition

Some of the most notable features that give Bio Bidet an edge over its rivals are the enema wash function and the self-cleaning nozzle system. Plus, the comprehensive industry-standard features all add up to make it one of the best bidet seats in the industry.

And, of course, they have the shape and size that fit almost all round or elongated toilets in the United States.

Patented 3-in-1 Nozzle System

Standard nozzles are usually of the 2 ports design, one for posterior and the other for feminine wash. Some bidets may even come with 2 sprayers, with each serving the rear and front wash, respectively.

BIO BIDET is probably the only one that comes with a three-port system. That is, having all 3 nozzles on a single spray arm. Two of them are for the usual posterior and anterior wash and a third wash, the signature Vortex water stream. That’s one wash feature you will need when you are having a tough time evacuating.

3-in-1 Nozzle System

Another patent (pending) feature, the Hydro-Flush, offers an unprecedented way of nozzle cleaning. But it is only available on the BB-2000 and BB-1700. You will find out how it works a little further down.

There are two versions of the 3-in-1 nozzle system. The stainless steel wand is available on all the premier class models and several mid-range bidets. The rest use an antimicrobial plastic wand. The 3-port nozzle tip is detachable on both the stainless steel and plastic wand for manual cleaning and sanitization. TOC

The Vortex Wash & Turbo Wash

The Vortex wash is sort of like an enema. It is a stronger spray with a helix motion water stream. If you are a regular user, you can feel the difference once you try it and love it when you are in constipation.

You know that (frustrating) moment when you push the spray to the max and still not getting the power to reach further into your *Ahem*.

Well, now you can have all the spray power you want with the Vortex water stream. The stimulation on the rectum that relaxes the rectal muscles for a smoother evacuation is real with the Vortex wash.

Enema Function - Vortex Wash

But not all models come with this feature. If this is what you are looking for, below are the bidet seat models with the Vortex enema function.

In some models, the enema wash is called Turbo Wash instead of Vortex on their feature list. They are not the same thing. The Turbo wash is essentially a water stream with higher water volume, giving it a richer and more satisfying wash. It doesn’t spiral like the Vortex. 

Bidet Models With The Vortex & Turbo Wash

Bidet Models with Vortex Wash

  • BB-2000 Bidet
  • BB-1700 Bidet
  • BB-1000 SUPREME

Bidet Models with Turbo Wash

  • BB-1200L
  • BB-600
  • Ultimate 770
  • HD-7000
  • HD-7500
  • BB-500 & BB-550

Dynamic Stream – A Bowel Movement Stimulant

Suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation simultaneously? That’s a double whammy. Using a strong water jet like the Vortex wash can be painful. So, a gentler choice is the Dynamic Stream, which switches between cold and warm water rapidly, helping to get things moving without discomfort.

But here’s the thing: you can’t get both the Vortex and Dynamic Stream in one seat. You’ve got to pick what works best for you. Some users suggest buying it as an emergency seat and using it on days when the powerful Vortex wash becomes a pain to use.

The Dynamic Stream feature is only available on the Discovery DLS and Horizon models, which cost between $500 and $700. These two smart bidet seats also come with two distinctive features: a UV light that sanitizes the rinse arm after each use and an automatic lid that opens and closes by itself. TOC

Self-Cleaning Nozzle with Ultraviolet Light

Cleaning and sanitizing hold distinct roles in maintaining hygiene. If you want the highest possible hygiene, then sanitizing is the way to go. Advanced bidet technology encompasses a sanitizing feature that either uses electrolyzed water or UV light for sanitization of the shower wand.

BIO BIDET uses UV light to sterilize the shower wands of its Discovery DLS and Horizon bidets following each wash. Before activating the UV light, it rinses the spray tip with water. Additionally, for the UV sterilization to initiate, the seat sensor must be inactive, indicating the seat is unoccupied.

Unfortunately, UV Sterilization is not available in all other models – Not even the BB-2000 Bliss and BB-1700 have it. Another thing to note here if you are planning to get the Discovery DLS or the Horizon bidet is that both models do not offer a round seat currently.

Automatic Open and Close Seat Cover

Discover DLS Auto Seat

Even for TOTO, only the advanced models will have the automatic open and close lid feature. Previously, none of the BIO BIDET electric smart bidet as this function.

This is a very helpful feature for older adults and persons with differing abilities who may struggle to even lift up the seat or cover. Plus, the automatic lid helps keep things clean and easy by offering a hands-free experience. 

Again, this feature is only found on the Discovery DLS and Horizon premium bidet. TOC

Upgrade Your Toilet with A BIO BIDET Toilet Seat

Up your bathroom experience with BIO BIDET. Unmatched comfort, hygiene, and convenience all in one seat. Upgrade now and transform your daily routine into a luxury experience.

A Cleaner Nozzle with the Hydro-Flush

The nozzle is the dirtiest part of a bidet because it’s very close to you-know-where during a wash. It gets hit by dirty water splashes reflected from your rear, and some waste might stick to it. Like other bidets, BIO BIDET has a self-cleaning feature, but this just rinses off stuff from the surface.

What if there is dirt that gets stuck and anchored in the ports?

That’s when the Hydro-Flush comes into play. It cleanses inside-out where water flows (internally) through the nozzle at high pressure, flushing out any water minerals and debris.


The Hydro-Flush is a unique feature not seen in other bidet brands. It ensures the nozzle exterior and interior is free from any debris, thereby reducing any chances of unwanted microbial growth.

The only two bidet models with the Hydro-Flush inside-out nozzle cleaning are the BB-2000 Bliss and BB-1700. 

Standard Industry Features

While the mentioned features are desirable, they are not universally present in all BIO BIDET bidet seats. However, this does not diminish the appeal of models that do not have these features. The basic wash functions are satisfactory for most users, and the self-cleaning functions ensure a decent level of hygiene, even in the more affordable models.

So here are the standard features common with most mid to top-range electric bidet toilet seats. BIO BIDET has them all except maybe a few features that are not included in a few models. And probably those are the ones that you can live without if you have a budget to meet. TOC

Standard Industry Features

Oscillating And Pulsating Water Stream

You can use a soothing massage wash with either the oscillating or pulsating spray at the touch of the button. And you can adjust the nozzle position for a thorough clean.

The nozzle also infuses air bubbles into the water stream (aerated stream) for a softer impact on your delicate area, much like the advanced features found in a luxury bidet. Even better, you have full control of the water temperature and pressure via the remote control or the side panel. Industry Features | TOC

Patent-Pending Nozzle Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The self-cleaning of the nozzle is another notable feature of BIO BIDET. It uses a patent-pending nozzle drive system that operates the spray arm rapid movement during the auto-cleaning process. It has an assisting guide belt that eliminates any risk of jamming and offers a quieter and smoother movement of the sprayer.

All BIO BIDET electric bidet seats either come with a self-cleaning nozzle or on-demand cleaning activated on the remote control or side panel. It cleans itself after every wash with water that flushes through its exterior, removing any dirt that may have stuck on the wand’s surface. 

Nozzle Drive System
Powerful Odor Remover

If you have a toilet in a small space, like under the stairs or in an enclosed location with poor ventilation, a deodorizer is a must. And one which isn’t using chemicals to mask the odor but effectively removes it from the air.

The deodorizer that comes with the BIO BIDET toilet seat is equipped with a powerful suction fan and active carbon (charcoal) for removing odor effectively. The cartridge form active carbon is inexpensive and easy to replace.

Active Carbon Deodorizer

However, the deodorizer is only available on some models. If this is a must-have for you, make sure to look for it in the feature list.

Bidet models with Odor Remover or Deodorizer are in the $500-$700 range. Industry Features | TOC

Warm Air Dryer

When you are done with your dumping and washing, hit the air dryer button and a gust of warm air goes to dry your derrière. OK, using gust to describe the air strength is, frankly, over the top. It’s far from it. You will need to hit the air dryer button several times before you are truly satisfied.

But to be fair, it’s not just BIO BIDET; all bidet seat dryers can’t blow dry with just one hit. You can’t expect a tiny fan motor to produce an airflow like a commercial hand dryer. You may need to use paper to dab dry if you are in a hurry. But it is nice and warm, and the air temperature is adjustable to your liking.

Warm Air Dryer

Can you go without the air dryer?

All the seat models in the $500-$700 and $300-$400 range come with a warm air dryer. All, except BB-550, in the entry-level range, do not have the drying function. 

Welcoming Warm Seat

Except for the non-electric models, a heated seat is not an option for any decent-quality bidet toilet seat. Wherever you are with the weather, you can’t opt out of this feature. But you sure can turn it off if you don’t need the heat on your butt.

All BIO BIDET bidets are equipped with a heated seat with adjustable temperature controls, and they are soft closing, of course.

Intuitive Control And All Other Features

All the functions, be it on demand or preset, can be executed on either the remote control or side panels. The button labels on the control are pretty self-explanatory, with texts and icons. The more advanced models will have an LCD screen that offers greater ease in operating and presetting the respective features.

The models with wireless remote control are more popular with users as they offer mobility and flexibility. However, the side control panel that is attached to the seat is a favorite among those who don’t want to deal with battery replacement and the frustration of misplacing the RC. So this is also a consideration when deciding on which bidet model to buy.

Bidet Control

Despite this, the models with wireless remotes will also have buttons on the side of the seat for emergency operation.

And here are all the other features that come with the respective models.

  • Night light – The blue night light helps you navigate to the toilet in the dark if you don’t want to turn on the blinding bathroom light.
  • Energy-saving – This can help prevent the bloat on your utility bills.
  • Sittable lid – In a tight space corner, you can appreciate a little convenience when you can sit on the lid to trim or polish your toenails. But if you weigh more than 200 pounds, please use a sturdy chair.
  • Quick-release for easy cleaning – Don’t forget to unplug the power before doing your “favorite” cleaning sport.
  • Easy nozzle replacement – You can have a personal nozzle if you feel icky about sharing. But please don’t keep it next to your toothbrush or other personal effects.
  • User Preset – There are two users preset on some models. Keep one for the person you love most because you want them to enjoy the convenience.

Sitz Bath – A Non-Feature Feature

You don’t need a BIO BIDET bidet to have the Sitz-Bath function. Honestly, it is rather gimmicky to list that as a feature. The “feature” is achieved by simply lowering the water pressure, be it on the posterior or feminine wash mode, to simulate a sitz bath feel.

As long as you can control the water temperature and pressure, whether it’s a BIO BIDET, Brondell, or TOTO, you can create a sitz bath. So don’t freak out when you receive your bidet and can’t find anywhere in the instruction manual on how to activate a Sitz-Bath. Industry Features | TOC

Ready to Pick Your Perfect BIO BIDET?

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Selecting the Right Heater Type

One of the aspects of choosing a bidet seat is aesthetic. You want the seat to look good on your toilet. Those slim seats have proven to attract most users, or close to looking like a normal toilet seat as much as possible. Then, you will need to understand and identify the types of water heater used.

There are three types of water heaters (BIO BIDET has all three) – The tank type, ceramic heater, and hybrid, which is a combination of the tank and ceramic heating. So how different are they, and which is a better heating system?

All three heater systems have their advantages and disadvantages. And you can easily differentiate them through their power rating or physical appearance. 

The 3 Water Heater Types

Heater Type Compare
Tank-Type Heater

As the name suggests, a tank-type heater will have a little storage tank to store preheated water ready to dispense on demand. It is usually powered on so that you will receive the water of the right temperature instantly for your wash. But the downside is, the warm water supply is limited by the tank capacity. After the heated water in the tank is used up, it might take a little time to heat more water if you continue using it.

Typically, you can get continuous warmth for about 30 to 50 seconds before cold water kicks in. Then, you will have to stop the spray and wait some minutes before warm water resumes.

You can easily identify a bidet that uses a tank-type heater by its appearance. This is because the tank will take up some space in the seat, which leads to a high back, so it can’t be made slim. The power rating typically ranges from 400W to 600W.

The main advantage of a tank-type heater is the strong spray power it provides because it has an inbuilt water pump. If you prefer a powerful spray over anything else, choose a BIO BIDET bidet seat with a water tank heater. Water Heater Types | TOC

Ceramic Heater

Contrary to the tank-type heater, the bidet that uses the ceramic heating element does not require a storage tank. That’s due to the quick heating nature of ceramic at high power; water is heated up instantly. And because it is straight from the supply, you can enjoy unlimited heated water for as long as you desire.

Since there is no tank, the seat can be made slimmer. But the drawback is a high power rating. Typically, the power rating of a bidet that uses the ceramic heater starts from 1000W to 1400W. That’s twice the power of the tank heater.

But the good news is, you don’t use all that power continuously. The heater only gets activated when you are seated. Once you get up from the seat, the power is cut off automatically.

You can compare the power consumption between the ceramic heater and the tank-type heating system with simple mental math.

(Ceramic) 1200 watts for 10 minutes each time versus (Tank) 500 watts for 24/7, which one consumes the most energy?

That’s obvious. The energy consumption of the tank type adds up significantly over 24 hours.

But of course, no one says you must turn on the tank heater 24 hours every day. You can switch on the tank heater at the start; by the time you are done dumping, the water in the tank may be ready for you.

What about number 1? …¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The main disadvantage of a ceramic heater is the lower water force it produces. This is because it doesn’t have a pump since there isn’t a tank in the bidet. Water Heater Types | TOC

The Hybrid System

Finally, the best of both worlds, if you will. The hybrid system has the characteristics of both the tank and the ceramic heater. It has a tank with an inbuilt pump, and it uses a ceramic heating element.

By comparison, the tank is smaller, so it doesn’t give you that bulky look like the tank type. And it has the same power rating as the ceramic heater. So you get unlimited warm water on demand with strong spraying power.

Appearance-wise, the hybrid models are not as slim as the ceramic type. But it can be hard to differentiate at times. So, the best way to tell is the name or description provided by the manufacturer, such as Hybrid or Fusion Warm Water.

When not in use, it consumes around 0.055 kilowatts or less. On average, using a bidet seat like the Bio Bidet BB-2000 will add about $40 to your yearly electricity bill.

A higher cost is the main disadvantage of a hybrid system. Water Heater Types | TOC

Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seats

HD-5000 Manual Bidet Seat

When you can’t have a power outlet near the toilet, these manual bidet seats are your best alternative. Though it doesn’t offer the convenience of those electric versions, you can still enjoy the posterior and feminine wash, respectively.

The HD-5000 and Slim Zero bidet seats are the only two non-electric seats that cost around $100 or less. If you are just trying out, these manual bidet seats are a good start.

To use these non-electric bidet seats or bidet attachments, make sure the water pressure is within the range of 20 to 80 psi. Look out for the water pressure limit in the specification sheet/Owner’s Manual of the respective bidet seat.

Bio Bidet Toilet Seat Compatibility

One crucial step before you decide if the bidet you wanted is compatible with your toilet bowl shape and size – Check the toilet dimensions.

Here’s a guide by BIO BIDET to help you with sizing the right seat for your existing toilet. 

End of the day…

It’s a safe bet to go with a BIO BIDET electric bidet seat. Given its high build quality, industry-standard features, and thousands of satisfied users, you can’t go wrong.

Though the self-sterilizing function is limited to the Discovery DLS and Horizon seats, hygiene is never compromised with the other bidet models. This feature is nice to have, but it’s not essential for most people who already keep their bathroom clean and well-maintained.

Even some of the top-end smart toilets are not equipped with an active sanitizing feature. The auto-cleaning of the nozzle is thorough enough to get you a clean spray every time.

Want more bidets with self-sterilizing features? Check out TOTO WASHLET.

Give it a thought to the type of heaters that are used on the respective bidet models. If you prefer an uninterrupted warm spray wash, the hybrid or ceramic heaters will be more suitable for you. Or if you need a stronger spray, the tank-type heater is ideal, but it has a limit on warm water spray time. So it’s up to your preference.

The wand or nozzle hardly needs replacement. Whether it is stainless steel or plastic, they are durable and will last for a long time. Even if you need to replace the nozzle, it’s easily done, and BIO BIDET carries a comprehensive parts inventory ready to support you.

For a full features list and how to get them to work, download the instruction manual of the model you desire. All instruction manuals are the property of Bio Bidet By Bemis (

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