American Standard ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet Review

ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet by American Standard

ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet

American Standard ActiClean Self Cleaning Toilet – Functional Or Hype?

American Standard ActiClean is a two-piece 1.28 gpf gravity flush Vormax toilet. The highlight of this toilet is its self-cleaning function build into the flushing system.

If you are expecting the cleaning to be automatic, no it’s not. Neither can it be programmed to run automatically.

You need to touch a button to activate the self cleaning, which dispense cleaning solution into the bowl and rinse. There are 2 modes of cleaning, a Quick Clean and a Deep Clean. For regular upkeep, the Quick Clean is a 1 minute cleaning cycle, recommended for between deep cleanings. And the Deep Clean takes a longer duration of 10 minutes.

Now if you take away the self cleaning function, it’s basically a VorMax. So you can expect great flushing power and bowl rinsing.

How The Self Cleaning Works?

ActiClean Toilet Lid

Actually it’s a simple addon American Standard places on it’s VorMax flushing toilet. The entire cleaning control mechanism is build onto the tank lid. It has a cleaning cartridge holder, a battery compartment and control panel.

The control panel is a separate compartment access through a flip-up cover at the back of the tank lid. It has the 2 cleaning buttons and also indicators to notify you when the battery power or cleaning agent is running low.

To replace the cleaning solution cartridge or the batteries, simply flip up the main cover on the tank lid for access.

The working is easy to understand and operate. Only 2 buttons, the Quick Clean and Deep Clean buttons. And it even include a child-proof feature.

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Here’s how it works.

Once a cleaning cycle is selected, the ActiClean system will dispense a dose of the cleaning solution into the bowl. The solution is then mix with water from the tank and flows out into the bowl through the bowl channel.

The strong water flow scour the entire bowl surface, cleaning it from top to bottom while exuding a fresh scent. And finally settles in the bowl for a timed soak.

Once the soaking time is up, the system will automatically switch to the rinse cycle. This time it will siphon the cleaning agent and rinse the bowl. The result is a clean toilet bowl with a tinge of scent from the cleaning agent.

Vormax Flush

To activate the child-lock function, simply press down the Quick and Deep Clean buttons together for 3 seconds. Likewise to deactivate child-locking. So nothing complicated, you can put away the operation manual, no need for it.

But, since the VorMax flush is already great at bowl rinsing, do you still need the self cleaning feature?

How Does The Self Cleaning Translate Into Benefits For You?

Some would say it’s just a cleaning solution dispenser, nothing world changing. Now that will depend on how you leverage it to your routine cleaning.

Stains and skid marks on toilets have seen the most complaints from users. And usually the stains are formed after a while due to some residues that eluded the flush. They accumulate to form skid marks around or at the bowl outlet.

Now, if you are looking for a way to get rid of these residues, without the hassle of manual brushing, ActiClean is your best bet.

Your routine bowl cleaning is just a touch of a button now. Especially if you are one who need to drag yourself to clean the toilet each time, this is life saving.

Do a Quick and Deep Clean once a week and you will find yourself scrubbing the toilet bowl less frequently. Or it may just free you from all the manual scrubbing for good.

Life is wonderful if every home appliances can clean itself. Well, one down now and it’s the filthiest one.

“You just touch a button and walk away”
Howie Mandel

But not all will agree with you Mr. Mandel.

There are folks who believe water can’t scour as effectively as brushing, even with a cleaning agent. But you got to believe in the VorMax, it really is a powerful and efficient flushing system. And with this self cleaning function, it just helps to make bowl cleaning a whole lot easier.

Features Highlight

Ultima VorMax

The main highlight of this American Standard ActiClean toilet is of course its self cleaning function. Its intuitive operation need no instruction to understand or learn.

There are only 2 buttons, the Quick Clean for a 1 minute rinse and the Deep Clean will take 10 minutes to complete. Battery and cartridge replacement indication is self explanatory with its respective led lit display.

The other features that are worth noting are:

  1. The VorMax Flushing System. Probably the best in the industry in terms of bulk waste clearing and bowl rinsing efficiency.
  2. The CleanCurve Rim which eliminates the trapping of dirt from the rim cavity. Cleaning the rim need just one wipe and that’s it.
  3. The anti-microbial EverClean Surface inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria. Help the toilet stays clean longer. And with the powerful VorMax flush, the “cliffhangers” don’t stand a chance.
  4. The Child Lock feature keeps the curious little fingers from activating the cleaning cycle for fun. And, of course safety is the priority.
Child Lock Feature
  1. WaterSense certified for its low water consumption of just 1.28 gpf.
  2. Comfort Height sitting level makes it easy to use for those with bad knees and leg injuries.
  3. Easy Installation. Everything needed for toilet installation is included and can be hand tightened. Makes an easy DIY job with the standard 12″ rough-in and toilet flange.

You Will Love The Seat

  1. Awesome slow-close seat with great looks and build quality. It comes with anti-slip bumpers to hold the seat tightly in place. Now your butt can move but the seat won’t. The seat also has a sanitary lift tab to make it safer and easier to lift.
Toilet Seat With Sanitary Lift Tab
Toilet Seat With Anti-Slip Bumper
  1. The seat has quick release buttons which help to remove the seat for quick and easy cleaning.
Quick Release Toilet Seat
  1. MaP rating of 1000 is an excellent indicator of the efficient VorMax flushing technology.
  2. Nothing-to-lose Lifetime Chinaware, 10 Years Mechanical Parts and 1 Year Electronics Warranty.

Features & Specification Overview

American Standard ActiClean Self-Cleaning Right Height Elongated 1.28GPF Toilet.
Model: 714AA.151.020, 714AA.154


  • Battery Operated Self-Cleaning System – Quick Clean & Deep Clean cycle
  • Child locking function
  • VorMax™ Flush Technology
  • CleanCurve™ Rim
  • EverClean® surface and fully glazed trapway
  • Large water surface area 9″ x 8″
  • High Efficieny Toilet (1.28GPF/4.8LPF)
  • Elongated bowl
  • Comfortable 16-1/2″ rim height
  • Two-piece exposed trapway design
  • Chrome trip lever
  • High quality seat with no slip bumpers and quick release button
  • MaP rating: 1000
  • WaterSense mark
  • ADA compliant


  • Battery 4 nos. AA batteries (included)
  • Water consumption 1.28 GPF/4.8LPF
  • Water Surface 7.125″ x 9.125″
  • Trapway Diameter: 2-1/16″
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: 110lbs (Assembled)
  • Nominal Dimensions (with Lid CLOSED):
    30-3/16″ x 20-11/16″ x 31-3/8″ (767 x 526 x 797mm)
  • Nominal Dimensions (with Lid OPEN):
    30-3/16″ x 20-11/16″ x 40″ (767 x 526 x 1016mm)
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on chinaware, 10 year warranty on mechanical parts, 1 year on electronics and 1 year warranty on seat

American Standard ActiClean Toilet Dimensions
American Standard ActiClean Toilet Dimensions

What Are The Disadvantages Of This Self Cleaning Toilet

Though the VorMax pride itself as giving 2x flushing power, its double flapper design cost more to replace than the standard one flapper. And from an engineering point of view, 2 flush valves also mean the chances of leaking is doubled.

The flapper is the most common replacement part of a toilet.

And with the ActiClean feature you have the additional cost of the cleaning cartridge and batteries. Though not a big deal but it will add another $50 to $60 on cleaning expenses a year. If you base on the recommended usage of 1 Quick Clean and 1 Deep Clean per week.

The biggest concern is how will the tank cover last with the electronic controls inside. It’s probably the weakest part of the whole toilet. It is still new* and only time will tell with more user reviews to share their experiences.

The other issue with the tank cover is you can’t switch it to a normal tank lid. But your existing VorMax flush toilet can be converted to an ActiClean by replacing the tank with an ActiClean Tank.

Last but not least, why have it with an exposed trapway? Why can’t they do a skirted design to make toilet cleaning even lesser of a pain.

So if you decide to go for this ActiClean self cleaning toilet, be sure to leave your suggestion in the review section. Better yet, ask for a one-piece and concealed trapway design for the ActiClean.

*This review was written in October 2016. If you own this ActiClean toilet we (and all readers) would love to hear your opinion. Leave your comments below whether you agree with this review or not.

Where Can You Buy This ActiClean Self-Cleaning Toilet

This American Standard ActiClean toilet is available on Lowe’s and selected wholesalers. You may go to to get more information on showrooms and retail stores near you.

Or, you can head over to Amazon where this American Standard ActiClean toilet is now available.

American Standard ActiClean Price

Last but not least, do you think this ActiClean Self Cleaning toilet is overrated? Do you agree the VorMax flush alone is good enough to keep the toilet clean?

If your answers are Yes, then check out this Ultima VorMax. You will love the vortex flush and CleanCurve™ rimless bowl design. And yes, it flushes and rinses exceptionally well with the VorMax Flush.

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  1. We got 2 acticlean toilets when we moved. They both have problems with not shutting off when flushed. One has had 3 or 4 sets of batteries in less than 2 years. It makes a wipers noise at the end of filling up. It starts cleaning a on it’s on and won’t stop till battery is removed. AS sent new parts which were not for our type toilet and now are sending a new tank. It has been nothing but trouble since buying. Maybe a lawsuit would help us all. They should be taken off the market.

  2. I am the owner of a 714AA Series ActiClean toilet and it has been nothing but a pain. The self-cleaning function has never worked. I’ve talked with AS representatives numerous times and have had them walk me through everything more than once to no avail. They have sent me two new tops since I purchased it and they are now in the process of sending me a third one which will be the fourth including the original. NONE of the three have worked!

    The toilet also has a slight leak into the bowl that causes the water to run to refill it every few minutes.

    They want to send me a plain top without self-cleaning function but I paid for a self-cleaning toilet.

    Seems to me this is fraudulent and false advertising. I’ll wait to see if the fourth unit is any better than the first three!

    • I know exactly what you are going through! I’ve had nothing but problems with the toilet. Sounds like they should definitely take it off the market.

  3. I have two of the Artic Clean toilets. Both worked perfectly for about 18 months. Now one continues to flush about every 10m minutes. I took the batteries out and now it works like a regular toilet but does not have the ability to take advantage of the artic clean. The other one still works fine. Any suggestions of what the problem could be?

    • Mike.
      Try replacing all the batteries. If the problem’s still there, the best is to get back to American Standard about the problem.

  4. Trouble with the flush valve –i can’t adjust it very high due to cleaning protrubrence and it won’t adjust water level properly

    • Hi John.

      AS’s favorite answer to water level issue…”check the refill tube to make sure it is inserted into overflow tube”.

      But seriously, contact AS customer support. Who knows it could be a quality control issue.

  5. I feel bad for those who have had issues. My wife and I had our contractor install these in our retirement house. We have had none of the major issues found in some of these replies. Sometimes the Acti Clean cartridge needs reseating and I have found that when installing a new cartridge it always pays to remove at least one battery to reset the electronics or you will get the red LOW warning for no reason. These are very minor glitches which were easy to figure out. We also have a House water softener system and even with it, the bowl will start to get a scale ring line at the water level. It can be difficult to remove with normal bowl cleaning methods but any sharp knife point gently worked over the scale line removes it without scratching the porcelain. Tedious but effective. And not anything particular to this toilet. Scale is scale.

  6. I also had problems with my toilet, thank god I saved the receipt, it would take 2 flushes to empty the bowl, after talking with American standard they set me a new flapper system, after replacing that the problem wasn’t fixed. They sent me a new bowl only, the day it arrived I uninstalled the tank and removed the bowl, I put the old tank on the new bowl and that fixed the issue. Was reading online that the bowl could have had a crack or it was a bad cast which happens, I’m just glad I saved the receipt. It felt like they were hoping I couldn’t provide it so they could say sorry without the receipt we can’t help you.

  7. Hate this toilet! Bought new last year with new condo. Builder put these in. Started nonstop water flow into bowl. Finally I removed cover of tank. Water flow stopped. Now what do I do? Reading I can’t change this out to regular toilet w/o acticlean in cover. Grrr! Will never buy American standard again. Wish we went with Toto, again.

    • Hi Lisa, sorry to hear that. You may want to change the tank to that of a regular Vormax tank. Without the Acticlean that is.

    • Hi Lisa. I too have a running toilet issue. Did you ever get this resolved. My daughter repeated the lid and it stopped but today I felt adventurous and tried it again. Same issue all over again. Ughhhh!

      Hi Lisa. I too have a running toilet issue. Did you ever get this resolved. My daughter repeated the lid and it stopped but today I felt adventurous and tried it again. Same issue all over again. Ughhhh!

      Running toilet after cleaning cycle. Help me. It has to do with the lid.

      • Yep I fixed it I put it on the curb, worst toilet ever, I can’t believe they are still selling this at Lows,

  8. I’ve had my A S ActiClean 714AA toilet for a year and hate it. Would NOT recommend it to anyone. I have to hold flush handle down to get enough water for good flush, even then, it takes two flushes to get some loads flushed.

    • Have you adjusted the the flapper tension also I had a similar problem where it wouldn’t flush the first time I had to do a double flush, they sent me a new bottom half which fixed the problem. May me a bad cast, they asked for proof of purchase but thank god I saved the receipt, and did it within the year warranty. Speak with Lauren Short
      Customer Service Rep, LIXIL Water Technology
      American Standard Brands
      41 Cairns Rd, Mansfield, OH 44903
      Tel: 800-442-1902 | Fax: 440-201-7655

      She was

  9. Have had acticlean for two months every time I do a fast clean or a long cleaning the water kepps recycling after the light goes off.
    I have to take lid off and the toilet will start filling then I replace the lid. This happens very time.
    Getting tired of taking off lid so toilet will start normally?
    How do I fix problem do I take lid back to lowes and swap for different one.
    I also have a second toilet when I finish bathroom remodel.
    Denver, Co

    • Hi Ray.

      Yes take it back to Lowes or at least call them about your problem. You may want to do a visual check on the chains first. Make sure they are not getting into each others way when you pull a flush. Strange problem you’ve got there.


  10. I had the same issue that KK had. After install, it leaked at the fill valve connection. Couldn’t diagnose why/where the water was leaking between the plastic liner and the porcelain.
    Did the switch-a-roo at Lowe’s, and oddly enough, the first tank lid didn’t seat on the second tank. I found it funny that they weren’t identical. Oh well, no leaks…. for now.

  11. Ronna, I’ve had mine for almost a year. I’ve only replaced my cartridge once, and the batteries. . . never. You might have a bad lid unit. . .

  12. I’ve had this toilet for a little over a month now and have had to replace the batteries 3 times. Should I call Lowe’s or is this normal? I feel like I should remove the batteries in between cleaning cycles, but I shouldn’t have to. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Hi Ronna, thanks for your comment.

      According to the specs, the battery is supposed to “give you up to 1 year of battery life”. But first, I’d advise that you check your batteries to make sure they are not the problem. Then I’d call Lowe’s for support.

      This is definitely not normal, either the batteries or the electronics.


  13. I purchased the ActiClean 714AA, i’m having flush issues, when I press the handle the bowl will fill up but not flush, until I wait for the tank to fill and flush again, that’s when the bowl will empty, I called A S and they advised on checking fill level and turning the flow valve nut 6 times counter clockwise. the only nut I observe in this tank is the one adjusting the flappers. I would make miner adjustments, re prime the bowl by flushing it 10 times, but however when I flush it first thing the next day it starts all over. I just press the handle and release, the bowl will fill and not flush. please help should I return to lows

    • Hi Thomas.

      If I were you I’d return the toilet for a replacement or get a full refund.


  14. looking for replacement cover for american standard self cleaning toilet. I installed two 4 to 5 months earlier and one has collected condensation and ruined the circuit board.

    • Hi Patrick.

      Well that’s new. Sorry to hear that.

      I’m afraid you have to go back to American Standard for the replacement cover. 🙁


  15. We bought this toilet last winter. It flushes great. Our issue is after using the quick and deep clean buttons ( a few times each), the control panel doesn’t seem to be working at all. Batteries have been replaced twice. Right now, the quick button is lit up and seems “frozen”. It is under warranty, I am assuming. I don’t like the idea of having to tell my handy-man husband that the toilet has to come out.

    Do we contact Lowe’s or American Standard?

    So far this summer, I have been cleaning by hand. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • Hi Marcia.

      Contact AS about your issue. Lowes will still go back to AS for support, so why waste time.

    • Contact American standard. They’ll send you a new lid cover (with electronics), even if out of warranty. They seem to be having a lot of problems with the ActiClean. We had our lid replaced last year and currently have an issue with spontaneous flushing (they told us to replace the year old batteries; we did and are waiting to see what happens). Their customer service is excellent and they won’t charge you.

  16. Installed 2 Acticlean toilets this week. 1 leaked at the tank around water inlet fitting. Tank liner and porcelain inlet valve opening were not aligned. Water began leaking immediately. Lowes easily swapped out tanks for me, both function flawlessly now. Initial impression is a wonderful toilet with added cleaning function.

    • Hi KK, thanks for sharing. A little quality issue do happen time to time and nice to know the toilets are working fine finally.

  17. We purchased two of these toilets. The first one makes a noise just after flushing, The second one installed does not. Not sure what is wrong.

    • Hi Shari.

      Looks like you are not alone. I did a Google search and it seems like it’s a pretty common problem. Have a look yourself, Google Search

      If nothing works to get the problem solved, contact American Standard. I’m afraid that’s the best option. 🙂

  18. We have a less than one year old EverClean surface American Standard Max flushing toilet, it does flush large amounts well, but still fresh skids occur often as if the shape of bowl is not allowing or enough water does not allow a longer cleaner bowl rinse. We can not fit an elongated bowl into our bath. The trouble we have is that even if I use the recommended cleaning process of just a warm cup of diluted dish detergent and a soft sponge type to clean the bowl, the Everclean surface has still gotten the residual accumulated affects from hard water and as well bacteria is not less but more than our very old toilet (the old toilet did not accumulate bacteria hardly at all, it didn’t even have this scale line buildup line in it after years !! whereas within a year, this AS Everclean Max NEW toilet DOES!!) …. I want desperately to clean the bowl with something stronger, it is too late, the scale seems to be etched in, and all I did was follow American Standard’s instructions to the letter, it also needs to be cleaned SOO OFTEN, every other day!!!! I wish to go back to a tank drop-in tablet like still am using in our older other bathroom’s toilet, but HAte the bleach tabs, is why bought the new Everclean. SO ?? WHY ISN’T THERE A NON-BLEACH Tank Drop-in Tablet!!!! I do not use blue ones, only a white one, and break it up at that for our older conventional other bathroom’s toilet. At this rate with this newer/ bought Feb 2016 AS Max Everclean surfaced toilet, I will have to replace it With another Manufacturer, as do not believe how badly this bowl surface and unclearing flush really is, as sadly saw reviews after bought it said how it still left skids, was too late to find any other make of toilet and roomsize dictated. Thank You for letting us speak out, also , ??to use the cleaner of this ActiClean You Have TO Constantly lift off THE TANK LID?? the cleaning control unit is under the lid?,so always taking Everything off and lifting the LID COULD BREAK THE LID by greater chances!!! No way!! Just make non-bleach drop-in tablets PLEASE SOMEONE!!! Its disgusting that our bathroom shower is also showing signs of the airborne bacteria since we got this AS Max Everclean toilet last year, MRSA bacteria is a pink sortv mold , we never had Before this toilet!!! !!!!rrrrr

    • Sorry to hear your less than normal experience with your new AS toilet. And thanks for sharing.

      As with hard water, whether it’s EverClean or CeFIONtect by TOTO, there are users who have the same issue of skid marks. The usual cause is a high iron content in the water. So regardless of the bowl shape, it will happen. Here’s an article from which explains how the (rust) stain is formed and how you can prevent it. Hope it helps.

  19. Can the Vormax be used with septic and city sewage alike? Also, If you can’t install (disabilaties) are there customer service people who can install it for you? Would it be harmful to your septic tank from the cleaning chemicals or could the chemicals be benificial, if ok to use septic as disposal? Thanks

    • Hi Glenda.

      I supposed you are referring to the cleaning solution that is used in this ActiClean toilet. Yes it should be safe with the septic tank just like any cleaning solution you would use for toilet cleaning. The other non-ActiClean Vormax toilets use only water to flush.

      For installation you will have to hire a plumber. American Standard don’t provide installation service. You may want to try Amazon Home Services or Handy for toilet installation service.

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