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Frequently-Asked Questions We Received Over the Years

Instead of waiting up to 24 hours for a reply, here are the most popular questions asked through emails and post comments. And please feel free to contact us if none of the questions below is relevant to yours.

I have a 10-inch rough-in, but the toilet I prefer is 12 inches. What can I do?

You can use an offset flange to adapt the 12-inch toilet to a 10-inch or 14-inch rough-in. Here’s what an offset flange looks like. It is fairly easy to install IF you know what you are doing.

But please leave the installation to the experienced hands if you are unsure which offset flange size to buy and what to focus on during installation. If the offset flange is not properly fitted, it may cause problems later (such as leaks, weak flushing, bad odor…etc.).

Some plumbers may not want to take up the job as it involves floor hacking to get the offset flange in place. So be prepared to receive a higher price quote and possibly rejections.

I’m interested in a [brand/model] bidet seat. How do I know if it will fit on my [brand/model] toilet? (likewise for toilet seats)

First, determine the bowl shape. Is it round, square, or elongated? Then take these standard measurements:

1) Measure the bolt-hole distance. The common distance is 5-1/2 inches.

2) Take the dimension of the widest part of the bowl.

3) Measure the total length from the bolt hole’s center to the bowl’s front tip.

With these measurements, go to the manufacturer’s website (or catalog) and compare the desired bidet’s dimensions for a matching or close fit.

To get a better idea, please visit this post, How to Measure a Toilet Seat to Match the Bowl Perfectly

My replacement seat under/over hangs at the front, is it safe?

For safety’s sake, the seat must be stable, and it does not wobble or shift when sitting on it, regardless of whether it is under/overhang or even a perfect fit. And make sure all the seat bumpers underneath have full surface contact with the bowl rim.

But most of all, are you comfortable with using the seat? Assuming stability is not an issue.

The flushing is too noisy for me. Is there a way to reduce the noise level?

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to reduce the noise level. Your best bet is to get a low-flow toilet with a rimless bowl. But no guarantee you will like how it flushes and the noise reduction.

Other than that, this Axent toilet might inspire you to dig deeper into its silent flushing system. But be warned, you are solely responsible for your financial capability if that’s exactly what you are looking for.

My toilet clogged every other day, what could be the issue?

There could be a number of reasons why your toilet frequently clogs. Here are some possible causes and solutions:

  1. Flushing inappropriate items: Flushing non-flushable items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and wet wipes can clog the trapway. Ensure all household members know what can and cannot be flushed down the toilet.
  2. Low water flow: A partially clogged drain can cause low water flow, contributing to clogs. Adjust the tank’s float or utilize a plunger to increase the water flow.
  3. The trap is the curved section of the toilet that retains water and prevents sewer gases from entering the home, and it can become clogged. If the snare becomes obstructed, it can result in blockages. A plumbing snake can help to clear the obstruction.
  4. If none of the above solutions work, your toilet may be defective and require replacement.

If you are unsure how to diagnose and repair the problem, it is best to contact a professional plumber who can evaluate the issue and provide the appropriate solution.

The flushing is weak, what could be the problem?

A toilet may not flush well due to various reasons.

The most common cause is when the toilet trap is clogged or blocked by a buildup of waste, toilet paper, or other foreign objects. This will limit water flow and prevent a siphon’s initialization, resulting in a weak flush.

Low water pressure can also cause weak flushing on some tankless toilets, possibly due to plumbing issues like leaks or broken pipes. Check the water pressure before investigating other areas that may cause the weak flushing.

A faulty flush valve may disrupt the water volume and flow from the tank to the bowl to attain the desired flushing power. Look out for leaks (into the tank) and possible mechanical obstruction of the piston or chain.

Similarly, if the fill valve isn’t working properly, the water level in the tank could be low, resulting in a weak flush.

Another reason for weak flushing is a mineral buildup in the toilet’s pipes, trap, and other parts. To solve the problem, you can try clearing the toilet trap, adjusting the water pressure, replacing the flush or fill valve, and removing any mineral buildup.

Can I change the flush valve from the flapper to a tower type?

Yes, but it is best to check with the valve manufacturer for a recommendation. Otherwise, you will need to pay attention to details like fill and flush valve size, actuation lever/button position, tank height, etc., to obtain the right replacement valve.

You will be able to get a general idea of how to execute the change in this post, 4 Easy Steps on How to Replace a Toilet Flush Valve.

Where can I buy a replacement remote control for my [brand/model] bidet seat/smart toilet?

First, pray that your toilet is not an obsolete model. If so, pray again that the maker still supports the discontinued model. Here’s why:

Most, if not all, remote control for smart toilets use radio frequency (RF) to transmit and receive control signals in the form of unique codes. This means a receiver inside the bidet seat is calibrated to recognize the code transmitted by the remote control. So even using the RC of another similar toilet may not work.

You will need to replace the receiver as well and not just the remote control because they need to be paired to work. And 3rd party replacements are extremely rare for smart toilets and bidet seats.

So, buying from the original maker or its dealers is probably not an option, no matter how much you hate the price or the wait.

Where can I buy 3rd party replacement parts for my [brand/model] bidet seat/smart toilet?

Except for the water hose and power cord, no 3rd party replacement parts are available for any brands of smart toilets and bidet seats.

Can I replace my floor-mounted toilet with a wall-hung model?

Yes, but it will not be a direct replacement, obviously. The retrofitting work will take at least 3 days to complete as the drain pipe needs to be re-routed to the wall, and there will be considerable hacking or dismantling of the wall and floor. So be prepared to endure the mess and several days of inconvenience without the toilet.

My wife/husband and I are considering a wall-hung toilet but are concerned with safety. We are both tall and heavy (nearing 200 lbs).

Most, if not all, wall-hung toilets are safe and reliable and can easily handle up to several hundred pounds of weight. However, if the wall cannot hold up all that weight, it will be a lost cause.

So, ensuring a strong wall foundation is important before installing a wall-hung toilet. Hire only qualified hands to put up the in-wall frame or carrier and the wall for peace of mind. And make sure to buy only from companies with a stellar reputation for quality and a strong presence in the market.

A good wall-hung toilet system can handle up to 880 lbs (400 kg), and you can find such a system with Geberit, TOTO, and Grohe.

I’m tired of cleaning the sticky waste each time I use the toilet. What can be done to get rid of the problem once and for all?

Make sure that the flushing is thorough by holding the handle down until all the waste has been flushed away. This will ensure enough water is in the bowl to wash away any waste that might stick.

It may be time to start cleaning the toilet bowl regularly. If waste is sticking to the toilet bowl, there’s likely a buildup of bacteria and mineral deposits. Regular cleaning with the right toilet bowl cleaner can help prevent this buildup.

Consider replacing the toilet if you have tried almost everything but in vain. A new toilet with a better flushing mechanism and a smoother surface in the bowl may make it easier to flush away waste, even the sticky bits.

I’m X ft Y inches and contemplating a comfort height toilet. Or should I stick to a standard height toilet that I’m currently using?

Regardless of your physical height, it would be best to use a bowl height that is easy to sit down and get up, even if it is of a standard-height toilet. However, that would also depend on your physical condition. As you age, you will probably find the comfort height toilet easier to use.

But evacuating the waste with the least strain requires a narrower anorectal angle. So while you find a tall bowl easier to use, you might feel that you are not getting a smoother evacuation than a standard bowl.

Use a step stool if you find the comfort height a little too high to poop smoothly.

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  1. I need a back flush toilet. Back flush, where the hole is on the back wall, regular size hole except it is on the wall. House is a post and beam so there is limited space. the toilet that was there is very short, I would like a regular size toilet, maybe 16/17 tall. I need a toilet that is no longer than 24 inches and it would be very beneficial if it was a round bowl seat not a elongated seat bowl. (back flush, round, 16.5 tall, 12 inch rough in.)
    All the toilets I have seen are elongated which doesn’t leave any room between front of toilet and vanity. HELP PLEASE. Suggestions.

    • Hi Sheila.

      If it’s a back flush toilet, the 12-inch rough-in is redundant. I’d think you will have better luck with a wall-hung given the short length you need. And the height is up to you make because the in-wall carrier allows a height range of 15 to 19 inches. As for the bowl shape, you can opt for a D-shape or round front bowl which is pretty common with wall-hung toilets.


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