Brondell Swash Bidet – Amazing Features & Better Than TOTO?

A Brondell Swash Bidet Review

Brondell Swash Bidet

Cream Of The Crop Brondell Swash Bidet

They didn’t have the history and experience of the Japanese. Neither do they grow up with the habit of Not using the toilet paper. But when they had their first encounter with a Japanese bidet, they were blown away. Then almost 15 years later, they give the Japanese giant bidet manufacturer a run for their money.

The company is Brondell Inc., And the guy who was blown away (and wetted his dress pants at the crotch) is, of course, the founder Dave Samuel.

So today, we are going to discuss the now famous Brondell Swash Bidet. But not the full range. Out of respect for the Japanese manufacturer, only the cream of the crop, the top 3 Swash models are picked for this review.

They are the Brondell Swash 1400, Brondell Swash 1200 and the popular Brondell Swash 1000. And among the 3 Swash bidet models, there is an outcast with some disabilities. You just have to read to find out which one.

You ready? Let’s roll.

Impressive Features & Specification

First off, it will depend on how much you want to indulge in comfort and convenience in the bathroom. There are the standard features which are available in all 3 Swash models and of course the additional features (or the lack of) that differentiate them.

And you will soon find out how some of the features are threatening TOTO’s domination in the high-end bidet market. So, if you are a hardcore TOTO fan (not of the rock band), you may want to leave now because it can be pretty humiliating when you see the comparison later.

But regardless of the model you choose, the features that are responsible for the overall hygiene are never an option. These are the features that not only focus on keeping your nether regions clean and dry but also the hardware that cleans you. So your bottom will always get a nice clean wash from the self-cleaning nozzles, or wand if you are coming from TOTO or KOHLER.

So let’s begin with the Hygiene features.

Hygiene Unlimited

Frankly, there’s nothing groundbreaking here. Whether it’s a KOHLER or TOTO bidet, these features are also available in the 3 Brondell Swash bidet. But still, there are differences in the way some of the feature works.

The most significant features in this hygiene department are the wash features. All three Swash models have front and rear wash with twin or dual adjustable stainless steel nozzles. (Are you getting a little uneasy here TOTO fans?)

Of course, you will have the nozzle oscillation that gives you the oscillating spray wash (duh). Without this feature, there’s no point in writing this review. TOTO fans: “Is that all you’ve got? C’mon.”

One Wand Good Two Nozzles Better

Alright TOTO fans listen up. You have only 1 nozzle, or wand and it is made of plastic. Regardless of how good is the plastic quality, nothing beats stainless steel as far as hygiene is concerned. Which explains why medical devices, instruments, and gadgets are usually made of stainless steel. Period.

And using one nozzle or wand is a ‘one size fits all’ approach which may not satisfy some users.

Brondell Swash bidet uses two stainless steel nozzles for better and accurate wash coverage for all users. Each nozzle provides a different set of spray function. In combination, you will have fresh aerated water flowing through the nozzles to cater for both posterior and feminine washes.

Brondell Bidet Spray Features

The sprays are adjustable to each of 7 positions for the furthest reach and 3 spray widths from a narrow concentrated stream to a wide, gentle spray. So this furthest and widest wash, frankly, is unseen in the bidet world.

And if you can’t do without the oscillation in the wash function, which gently moves the nozzles back and forth to give you a thorough clean, you can get it on model S1400 and S1000. So, highly recommended to go for one if you are considering which Swash bidet to buy.

Shockingly, the S1200 doesn’t have this oscillating feature. What a bummer. TOTO fans *facepalm*

The Nozzles Clean You But Who Cleans The Nozzles?

Again, if you are in the race against the Champion, you better have what it takes to compete. Self-cleaning wand, or nozzles in this case, is not an option. And when you feel there is a need to clean the nozzles manually, there should also be a manual cleaning function available.

So how do the nozzles clean itself and with what?

Before starting the programmed wash function, a small amount of water is purged to clean the nozzle for several seconds. And after the wash cycle, the nozzles will self-clean again with purging water for about 5 seconds. So you will always have clean, aerated water coming out from the nozzles for every wash.

But that is just regular cleaning of the nozzle and not to be confused with nozzle sterilization. And don’t worry, sterilizing the nozzles is just with the push of a button, and no chemical-based cleaning solution is required.

The nozzles are sterilized using nanotechnology. Below is an attempt at explaining how the technology works to sanitize the nozzles in less than 200 words.

And, with a heavy heart, the Swash 1200, again, is excluded from this nozzle sterilizing function. TOTO fans: So sad…

Nozzle Sterilization With Nanotechnology Explained In Under 200 Words

Heard of Silver Nano Health System or Silver Nano? If you own a Samsung washing machine, refrigerator or air conditioner, you should have heard of it.

The technology uses silver ions to charge up water to produce a potent disinfectant.

So picture this, whenever you hit the “Sterilize” button on the Brondell Swash bidet remote control, water is directed through a chamber filled with silver coated ceramic balls. The water then picks up the silver ions from the coating and flows over the stainless steel nozzle.

In the process, any dirt or tiny bits of waste that stick on the nozzle surface gets washed away by the flowing water. And the silver ions will find whatever microorganisms in the water and on the nozzle surface to neutralize them.

Silver ions are bacteriostatic.

OK, sorry about the language. It’s just saying the nano-sized silver ion is capable of inhibiting the growth or reproduction of bacteria. So the nozzle will always be free of harmful germs, bacteria, and microorganisms. And the water that comes out of it to wash your beep is clean and safe. (The End)

TOTO fans…yawn

Nozzle Sterilization

So to sum things up, here are the features in the hygiene department.

  • Dual stainless-steel nozzles
  • Nozzles can be adjusted in 7 positions and 3 wash width
  • Rear and front wash options
  • Nozzle sterilization with nanotechnology (except for Swash 1200)
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • Oscillating wash (except for Swash 1200)

Next, let’s explore some of the features that make toileting a lot more enjoyable.

Getting Into The Comfort Zone

Here you will learn about the features that offer you the unique experience of a Brondell Swash bidet. In particular, the aerated wash spray with three spray widths that offers unprecedented wash efficiency.

Yep, no cliffhangers can evade a spray that covers that wide an area. No sh*t is left unturned if you will. So you are not just feeling clean, your *beep* is guaranteed cleaner than when you are using the toilet paper.

And it’s all done with just a touch of a button. There’s no way your hands can be anywhere near the area where the wash is happening. So you can continue to lick your fingers right after that finger-lickin’ good meal.

What’s next after the wash?

Hit another button, and you’ve got warm air blowing at your rear. In a matter of seconds, the ‘blow job’ is over and you’ve got your beep back in its pristine condition. Leaving you feeling clean and fresh of course.

So gone are the times when you have to tear papers, fold them for strength (so you won’t risk that finger-through-the-paper accident), then carefully reach down to the most disgusting area and start wiping.

And you have to repeat that a couple of times until the paper are stainless. But what if your wiping hand is injured, or you are suffering from a tennis elbow or other mobility issues, then a Brondell Swash bidet is definitely a godsend.

Guys Don’t Get It Unless When He Needs To Poop

Ladies, you know what it’s like waking up in the middle of a cold winter night to the call of nature. You hate it for sure because the ruthless cold of the toilet seat will suck out the sleepiness you still need for your continual sleep.

It’s during times like this how you wish you could pee like a man. Well, now you can with this. But no, you deserve something much much better.

Brondell Bidet ComfortNothing compares to a smart bidet seat that knows the right temperature for your derrière so that you won’t get that rude chilly shock in those biting cold weather. Warm seat, soothing warm water, and air at the right temperature and pressure to clean and dry you. You can surely get back to your beauty sleep like it was never disrupted.

All thanks to the ceramic-core water heating system that provides endless warm water anytime you need it. With the temperature-adjustable air dryer finale, it sure feels like a million dollar job well done. And the warmth of a Brondell Swash bidet seat is always there with you at every stage of the wash. You just need to wake up and get back to sleep.

Home Is Where The Brondell Swash Bidet Is

So whether it’s the water from the nozzle or air from the dryer, both are adjustable in temperature and pressure. And these functions can be activated by the remote control. Cool right?

TOTO fans roll eyes

Well, if you want to take on the Japanese bidet king, these are must-have features or go home.

Home Is Where The Brondell Bidet IsThe adjustable warm air dryer will have you come back for more during the cold winter times. Then the feeling of home is so intense when your temperature-sensitive butt-cheeks meet the warmth of the heated seat, which temperature is also variable.

And don’t worry about additional water heating system need to be in place to work with these Brondell Swash bidets. The in-built water heater provides an endless supply of warm water, with temperature that can be adjusted according to the seasons.

Last but not least, the activated carbon deodorizer will keep you breathing like you are taking a stroll in your garden. Even during a heavy session, or you are not feeling well from some food you ate, you won’t smell a thing. The carbon deodorizer will keep the surrounding air fresh, or at least odorless.

And all these features are packed into a stylish ergonomic seat that gives your otherwise boring toilet that tinge of aesthetic sophistication. Not only it is nice to look at, but it is also made to be sit-able. You can sit on the seat cover just like a chair and not worry it will break or tear.

You are sure to love the experience. That’s no doubt about it.


Again, both the deodorizer and warm air dryer are not found in the Brondell Swash 1200 model.
TOTO fans: Is this a joke? LOL

Time And Money Saving Convenience You Will Love

So now that you’ve got hygiene and comfort, you just can’t do away with convenience. And this is where you differentiate the three models with their respective set of convenient features.

Brondell Swash 1400 Remote Control

Programmable User Settings And Auto Mode For The Lazy

The first feature here is useful for couples who share the same toilet. As individuals will have their preference on how they want their rear pampered, there are the programmable user settings.

You have two user settings which let you record and save (or program you nerd) wash functions like water temperature and pressure, front and rear wash which is the nozzles positioning, oscillation and spray width, etc. So you don’t have to adjust the wash every time you use the toilet.

Just hit the respective user button and the nozzles will know how and where to hit the right spot with the right water temperature and pressure. And don’t worry about how the programming goes, it is intuitive, and the operation manual is easy to follow.

So, if you like the idea of this programmable two user settings for your bedroom toilet, you are looking at the Swash 1400 or the Swash 1200 model.

As for the Swash 1000, which doesn’t have the user settings, it will be a better choice for the common bathroom where everyone else and your visiting guests share the same toilet.

And of course, if you are too lazy to press more than one button, or deal with all the settings, and doesn’t care if the nozzles miss a 1/4 inch to the left or right, front or rear to your liking, there is the Auto mode. Just hit the ‘Auto’ button and let Brondell takes care of your butt with a preset wash and dry cycle.

The Auto wash function is available only in Swash 1400 and Swash 1200 bidet model. The Swash 1000 is for hardworking people who worked hard pressing buttons to have their rear cleaned to their non-negotiable expectation.

Save The Environment (who cares) And Your Wallet (Yay!)

As you might know, TOTO is pretty particular about how its product is affecting the environment, and of course, saving you money. Likewise, Brondell is not oblivious to those factors either.

So you can expect the Brondell bidet features are designed to make sure they have the least impact on the environment, as well as your wallet. One such feature is the Automatic Eco mode for energy savings.

Without the energy saving function in place, your bidet will eat energy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every moment in between.

The water, air, and seat heating system are energy chomping monsters. They need to be restraint, or your wallet will bleed to death in no time. And not forgetting the motor that drives the nozzles, the night light and seat sensor, they all need the power to work.

So what is the power consumption like for these 3 Brondell Swash bidets?

Answer: 1200W maximum.

That is equivalent to an iron heated on high, or having 140 numbers of 8.5W LED light bulbs light up at the same time. That was pretty scary if you think about it for a moment.

Energy Saving Brondell BidetFortunately, you won’t be consuming that kind of energy level on every hour of the day. At least when you are not using the toilet, the nozzle motor, nightlight (can be turned off) and the seat sensor are not consuming energy.

The bulk of energy consumption stems from the heating system. So don’t forget to set the automatic eco mode for energy savings when you have just installed your Swash bidet. By default, the eco mode is turned off by the factory.

And when the whole family is out on a holiday vacation, remember to switch off the bidet, so no energy will go to waste unnecessarily.

Days Of Toilet Plugs Are Numbered

Now, don’t get paranoid over the high energy rating on these bidets. Your electricity bills are not going bonkers just because you made the switch from using the toilet papers.

You will probably see a slight increase in energy consumption overall. But the host of benefits that come with the bidet will more than justify the higher energy used.

One of the notable benefits is the lesser use of the toilet paper. And you probably have complained at least once before about the cost of toilet papers. They aren’t cheap these days.

On average, an individual can use up to 10 sheets of paper per trip. So do your math, you will be shocked to learn how much money you have flushed down the toilet every month.

Toilet Papers

Besides the cost, the benefit of using less paper may save you some frustration if you experience toilet plug or clog regularly. That’s because the toilet paper is one of the known culprits to jam up the toilet trapway or the pipings. Ask the plumbers.

Toilet papers are like salt and sugar. Consume too much of these substances, and you are likely to get a clogged artery eventually. Your sewer piping system will be a lot healthier when you use less of the papers.

And you should expect to see improvement (lesser to no clogs) in your drainage pipings and the significant savings for using lesser TP when you switch to a Brondell bidet seat.

So Easy Even Granny Can Do The Installation Herself

If you have ever installed a toilet seat before, you will have no problem installing your new Brondell Swash bidet at all. It is only with the addition of a T valve and connecting hose to the bidet, then followed by plugging the bidet to the GFI outlet. That’s it.

Don’t believe? Watch the video below then.

Play ButtonPlay Button

Don’t Hide The Disadvantages

Now, it’s impossible to be objective here. It’s just too hard to resist the temptation of comparing this Brondell Swash bidet with TOTO washlets to bring out its shortcomings. But it sure makes a lot of sense to do so. Don’t you think?

So, if you are new to TOTO, and for the sake of this discussion, let’s use Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat to compare with TOTO’s top bidet range – The S series washlets.

Click here for a full range review of TOTO washlets.

If you already own a TOTO S350e or S300e washlet, you probably would have noticed a few features are missing on the Brondell bidets.

The first and most obvious drawback is the lack of a pulsating wash. Even KOHLER has it (besides the oscillating spray). So despite having 2 nozzles, it doesn’t have the pulsating wash. What’s your excuse Brondell? TOTO fans: huh.

Then there is the auto open and close lid that is unique to TOTO’s S350e and S550e washlet. (The rest of the TOTO models do not have this auto lid feature.) So maybe S300e is the right model to use for this comparison, to be fair. (The auto lid is the only difference between the S350e and S300e.)

All the 3 Brondell Swash bidets come with a non-auto soft-close seat.

Nozzle sterilization is automatic in the case of TOTO. Even if no one is using the toilet, after a certain period, it cleans itself automatically. Whereas for Brondell, sterilization only happens when you press the Sterilize button. TOTO fans: Not smart at all.

Brondell only cares about your butt and its nozzles (no pun). It doesn’t give a damn about your toilet bowl. Whereas TOTO has this auto pre-misting feature that helps to clear waste more efficiently resulting in a cleaner bowl. TOTO fans: smh

You still reading?

Great. So that is some drawbacks of Brondell Swash bidet, and don’t be too quick to rule out Brondell. Now, let’s take a look at the differences among the 3 Brondell Swash Luxury bidets. And…

Brondell Swash Bidet Seats Comparison

…hopefully, you are unfazed by the unfair disadvantage that Brondell possesses. You shouldn’t be disappointed at all because of some features which, frankly, only add to the overall cost.

Without the pulsating spray, you can still get a nice clean wash from just the oscillating spray. And hey, you’ve got 7 adjustable nozzle positions for the furthest reach and 3 spray width. You know, you lose some you win some. So, chill.

And you have been opening and closing toilet seats all your life, so what’s with the auto seat and cover? No big deal, right?

But you got to take your hat off to TOTO’s undivided focus on hygiene. The pre-misting function and the around-the-clock auto wand sanitization is truly awesome.

So, for better pricing and just-what-you-need features, here is the comparison of the 3 Brondell Swash bidets.

FeaturesBrondell Swash 1400
SWASH 1400
Brondell Swash 1200
SWASH 1200
Brondell Swash 1000
SWASH 1000
HygienePositionable NozzlesYesYesYes
Self-Cleaning NozzlesYesYesYes
On-Demand Nozzle SterilizationYesNoYes
Front & Rear WashYesYesYes
Adjustable Water PressureYesYesYes
Adjustable Water TemperatureYesYesYes
Nozzle OscillationYesNoYes
ComfortAerated Wash SprayYesYesYes
Ergonomic Heated SeatYesYesYes
Ceramic-core water heating systemYesYesYes
Adjustable Spray WidthYesYesYes
DeodorizerYes (replaceable)NoYes
Warm Air DryerYesNoYes
ConvenienceSlow-Closing Seat and CoverYesYesYes
Programmable User SettingsYesYesNo
One-Touch Auto ModeYesYesNo
Hidden Water & Power ConnectionsYesYesNo
Power Saving Eco ModeYesYesYes
Safety Seat SensorYesYesYes
Quick-Release SeatYesYesYes
Wireless Remote ControlYesYesYes
PriceSwash 1400
Check price on Amazon
Swash 1200
Check price on Amazon
Swash 1000
Check price on Amazon

Most Important Step Before Buying

Did you notice the prices of the Brondell bidets are very forgiving as compared to TOTO’s sky-high price tag? Sure, and you are tempted to hit the buy button.

But, hold your horses.

Have you checked if your toilet is compatible with any of the 3 Brondell Swash bidets? Don’t be like those impulsive folks who are always eager to seal a good deal without much thought if the product suits them. You can imagine the frustration and disappointment the moment you try to install the bidet and discovered it is not a good fit for your toilet.

So, be safe and do the necessary first before even popping over to And it only takes a quick minute or 2 to know if your toilet is a good match for the Brondell bidets. So go grab a measuring tape and take the following measurements of your toilet bowl.

[x_image type=”none” float=”none” src=”” alt=”Bidet Seat Measurements” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]

A5-1/4″ (133mm)8″ (203mm)
B (Round Front)16″ (406mm)17-3/4″ (451mm)
B1 (Elongated)18″ (457mm)19-1/2″ (495mm)
C1-1/2″ (38mm)

A – This is the center-to-center distance between the 2 mounting bolt holes. The minimum distance is 5-1/4″ and maximum up to 8″. So if your measurement falls anywhere between 5-1/4″ and 8″, you pass.

B or B1 – Measure the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the front of the toilet bowl. If your measurement is 18″ – 19½” you need the Elongated Swash model. And if your measurement is 16″ – 17¾” the Round Swash model is made for you.

C – This gap is the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the front of the toilet tank. Make sure you have at least 1-1/2″ of space clearance or no go.

Quick and easy right? Told you so.

And here’s a bonus tip for you. If your toilet is a one-piece model where the tank joins the bowl with a French curve, make absolutely sure you have more than the minimum 1-1/2″ clearance. This is to avoid having the bidet resting on the curve. The bidet has to sit flat on the bowl. Period.

Bidet Fitting On One-Piece Toilet
Bidet Fitting On One-Piece Toilet – Beware of The French (curve)

Brondell Swash 1400 vs TOTO S350e

Finally. The moment you have been waiting for, the Showdown.

Relax TOTO fans, there’s nothing here you should feel inferior about. But you’ve got to admit that Brondell’s stainless steel nozzle is way better than your plastic wand (Again, no pun). Even KOHLER has it in stainless steel so what’s your excuse TOTO?

FeaturesBrondell Swash 1400TOTO S350e
Nozzle or WandDualSingle
Nozzle MaterialStainless SteelHigh Grade Plastic
Auto Lid Opening / ClosingNoYes
Nozzle SterilizationYes (button activated)Yes (auto)
Sterilization MethodSilver IonizationElectrolyzed Water
DeodorizerYes (replaceable)Yes
Bowl CleansingNoYes (by pre-misting)
Nozzle or Wand Positions73-4
Spray Width Positions32
Oscillating SprayYesYes
Pulsating SprayNoYes
One-Touch Auto WashYesNo
Bidet Height (Slimness)5-3/4″3-15/16″
Hidden Water & Power ConnectionsYesYes
Remote ControlYes (buttons only)Yes (with LCD display)
Check Price On Amazon
Check Price On Amazon

TOTO fans: Nice try and you’ve got potential.

Summary – Is It Really Better Than TOTO?

Obviously, no. The Brondell Swash bidet just pale in comparison with TOTO’s holistic approach in their washlet design.

From the touch and feel of the remote control to the cleanings and washings, and upkeeping of the overall hygiene, it only shows someone in TOTO’s Japan headquarters have spent a lot of time on the toilet. In this regard, Brondell has a ton of catching up to do.

And judging from online reviews, Brondell is no sitting duck either. It has been continuously rolling out new bidet design with improvements to previous models. Give them time, and they might level up. TOTO fans: Don’t take forever buddy.

But you can sure find comfort in the price. The Brondell Swash 1400 bidet seat is a lot more affordable than the pricey TOTO S350e or S300e.

So if you are going for a Brondell bidet seat, it is highly recommended to go for the Swash 1400. Or the Swash 1000 if you don’t need the 2 users setting, auto wash, nightlight and you wouldn’t mind having the water and power connections exposed.

As for the Swash 1200, please avoid it like the plague. You will find its features are neither here nor there. The silly exclusion of 4 most important features is just absurd. No wonder it is priced so close to the Swash 1000. You are better off biting the bullet and go for the ultimate Swash 1400.

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat


  1. I had a TOTO S300 for 9 years. Loved that thing. But, it quit being effective…for the second time. To be fair, the water here is really hard but TOTO gave me no option for a prefilter on the water line. I had sent it all the way from Tennessee to California for repair about 5 years in. Roughly, $200 later in repair cost, it came back and worked another 4 years before clogging again. I was so sad. This American can’t live without her bidet seat. However, the comparable TOTO bidet was now 50% more in price than my original so I ordered a Brondell Swash 1000 on sale for $399…compared to $949 for the TOTO. And it has prefilters. I got the 1000 because the 1400 was not available in a round seat yet. I used it for 4 months and bought a Brondell Swash 1400 for $349 from Home Depot but I haven’t installed it. The reason for that purchase is that while the Swash 1000 gets me clean, it just isn’t a TOTO. Maybe the 1400 will be better. Oddly, both Swashs have not cost as much as the one Toto but I think that maybe I should have just stayed with TOTO. I don’t like how it takes FOREVER for the Swash wand to extend to start cleaning. Or that the front wash wand on the 1000 does not quite reach far enough (I really hope that is resolved on the 1400). Or how the water is not a consistent temperature. Sometimes I get rather shocked by either cold or hot water blasting on my private parts. That’s not fun. All in all, it feels cheaper. Like driving a Kia when you are used to driving a Lexus.

    Ultimately, I just wish that I had bought a new TOTO. The Swashs are a good low cost choice. But now I have to use these two seats for the next 5 years before I can justify getting rid of them.

    I miss you, TOTO.

  2. Thanks for the thorough review. I think I’ll just stick to my TOTO. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but it’s nice to read such a detailed review and know money spent years ago, is still well spent.

    • @toiletseatguru Hey. Thanks. 🙂

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