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Brondell Swash Bidet

Value For Money Brondell Swash Bidets

They didn’t have the history and experience of the Japanese. Neither do they grow up with the habit of Not using the toilet paper. But when they had their first encounter with a Japanese bidet, they were blown away. Then almost 15 years later, they give the Japanese giant bidet manufacturer a run for their money.

The company is Brondell Inc., And the guy who was blown away (and wetted his dress pants at the crotch) is, of course, the founder Dave Samuel.

So here, let’s discuss the now famous Brondell Swash Bidet. But not trying to review the full range, instead, the focus is on the key features that make Brondell unique and how it compares with the Japanese manufacturer.

Let’s roll.

Shop by Features or Budget?

Get a quick run down of the features to pick your desired bidet model OR let your budget define the best model that suit your needs.

Impressive Features & Specification

First off, it will depend on how much you want to indulge in comfort and convenience in the bathroom. There are the standard features that are available in all Swash models and the Omigos, of course the additional features (or the lack of) that differentiate them.

But regardless of the model you choose, the features that are responsible for the overall hygiene are never an option. These are the features that not only focus on keeping your nether regions clean and dry but also the hardware that cleans you. So your bottom will always get a nice clean wash from the self-cleaning nozzles.

Most of all, Brondell seats are designed to fit both round and elongated toilets, making them suitable for American bathrooms. So make sure you get the right seat model for the right fit.

5 Key Features That Help Brondell Sustained its Market Share and Growing

When you come across words like EWATER+ or PREMIST you are certainly reading a TOTO WASHLET review or product information. And Bio Bidet will have things like Vortex Wash and Dynamic Stream.

What about Brondell?

Brondell is more direct in naming their unique features and you can pretty much know what the features are by their name.

1. Strong Wash

The Strong Wash feature offers a powerful and targeted stream of water that can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. The water flow speed is comparable to Bio Bidet’s Vortex Wash at around 0.6 to 0.8 liters per minute (max). A great constipation nemesis.

Here’s the flow speed chart if you need to know the actual flow velocity of the various Brondell bidet seats.

Which Bidet Seat Has the Strongest Spray?

Need to Know the Spraying Power of Each Brondell Bidet Model? This Water Flow Speed Chart is Your Best Friend. Use it for Comparison and Selection of the Desired Bidet Seat Model.

2. Aerated Wash Spray

The aerated wash feature mixes tiny air bubbles into the water spray, making it softer and gentler on your skin. This is especially useful for those with sensitive areas or conditions like hemorrhoids, where a strong wash might be uncomfortable. Additionally, the aerated spray uses less water while still effectively cleaning the skin, making it both skin-friendly and environmentally conscious.

It would be great to have both the Strong Wash and Aerated Spray features so that you can customize your cleaning experience to match your needs and comfort level on any given day.

3. Wide Spray Option

The ‘Spray Width’ button on the remote offers three width settings, allowing you to adjust the wash spray from a strong, concentrated stream to a soft, wide spray for a more customized and thorough clean. This flexibility offers you the cleaning experience that best suits your comfort and needs.

4. Seven Adjustable Nozzle Positions

Sometimes, people who like everything to be just right will need to accept the fixed position settings. Usually, there are 5 options, but having 7 adjustable nozzle positions can offer better reach and accuracy.

It’s not an earth-shattering improvement, but it certainly is better than 5.

5. Nozzle Sterilization

You are likely a TOTO WASHLET user if you are looking for a holistic hygiene solution to keep the toilet clean and free of germs. Nozzle sterilization is quite a norm these days with many established bidet brands. However, only two of the 29 models has this feature – The Omigo and OmigoSL.

This feature basically uses silver ions to charge up water to produce a potent disinfectant. When you hit the “Sterilize” button on the wireless remote, water is directed through a chamber filled with silver-coated ceramic balls. The water then picks up the silver ions from the coating and flows over and sterilizes the stainless steel nozzle.

Silver ions are bacteriostatic. The nano-sized silver ion is capable of inhibiting the growth or reproduction of bacteria. So the nozzle will always be free of harmful germs, bacteria, and microorganisms. TOC

More Desirable Features to Note

Have you decided on which of the above features you want for your bidet seat?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a bidet model that possess all the unique features. So you may need to prioritize your needs to align with the features you want and within your budget. Or maybe consider a different model for your 2nd bathroom with the other desired features.

Besides the above features, you may also want to consider these factors to better select your bidet seat.

1. Hygienic Material for the Nozzle

Unlike the Japanese, Brondell uses stainless steel instead of plastic for their nozzle. As far as hygiene is concerned, nothing beats stainless steel as a material. Which explains why medical devices, instruments, and gadgets are usually made of stainless steel. Period.

Stainless Steel Nozzle is more hygienic and durable than plastic nozzle.

2. Single or Dual Nozzle

Using one nozzle or wand is a ‘one size fits all’ approach which may not satisfy some users. So Brondell offers an alternative dual stainless steel nozzles on some of its bidet seats. They are better at coverage and reach as each nozzle provides a different set of spray function. In combination, you will have fresh aerated water flowing through the nozzles to cater for both posterior and feminine washes.

Feature Consideration: Single or Dual Nozzle

The sprays are adjustable to each of 5 or 7 positions for the furthest reach. Some models even offers adjustable spray widths from a narrow concentrated stream to a wide, gentle spray. So this furthest and widest wash, frankly, is unseen in the bidet world.

If you like the idea of a dual-nozzle and the 7 Adjustable Nozzle Positions, look out for the SWASH 1400 and OmigoSL

3. On-Demand and Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Again, if you are in the race against the Champion, you better have what it takes to compete. Self-cleaning wand, or nozzles in this case, is not an option. And when you feel there is a need to clean the nozzles manually, there should also be a manual cleaning function available.

So how do the nozzles clean itself and with what?

Before starting the programmed wash function, a small amount of water is purged to clean the nozzle for several seconds. And after the wash cycle, the nozzles will self-clean again with purging water for about 5 seconds. So you will always have clean, aerated water coming out from the nozzles for every wash.

Some models will have a ‘Nozzle Cleaning’ button to let you activate the self-cleaning of the nozzle as and when you like besides the auto cleaning.

4. Two-User Settings for Couples

This is useful for couples who share the same toilet.

The two-user settings lets you record and save (or program) wash functions like water temperature and pressure, front and rear wash which is the nozzles positioning, oscillation and spray width, etc. So you don’t have to adjust the wash every time you use the toilet.

Just hit the respective user button and the nozzles will know how and where to hit the right spot with the right water temperature and pressure. And don’t worry about how the programming goes, it is intuitive, and the operation manual is easy to follow.

5. Auto Mode – One Touch Washing & Drying

Auto mode is a one-touch button which activates a preset for either a Front or Rear wash cycle, followed by a drying cycle. Perfect for those who want a quick, hassle-free, and fully automated cleaning experience.

The presetting is quite similar to the two-user settings.

6. Energy Saving Eco Mode 

If you’re concerned about energy consumption, this eco-power mode feature have you covered. This automatic power saving mode lowers the seat temperature ten minutes after the Swash was last used. Alternatively, there are models that let you select between two energy-saving options—Standard or High-Efficiency—using the wireless remote. TOC

Common Features of Brondell Bidet Seats

Most of the standard features on any Brondell bidet seats are common across other bidet brands. Here’s a quick overview of the features you can expect on almost all Brondell bidet seats.

Hygiene Features

  • Rear Cleanse
  • Front Cleanse
  • Nozzle Oscillation or Oscillating Wash
  • Pulsating (Massage) Wash
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Adjustable Water Pressure Control
  • Positionable Nozzle(s)
  • Self-cleaning Nozzle(s)

Comfort Features

  • Water Heating System
  • Ergonomic Heated Seat
  • Warm Air Dryer (Not all models)
  • Spray Width Adjustment (Not all models)
  • Gentle Massage Pulse
  • Built-in Deodorizer (Not all models)

Convenience Features

  • Thin Form Factor (Not all models)
  • Gentle-Closing Lid & Seat
  • Sittable lid
  • Automatic Eco-Power Saving Mode
  • Safety On/Off Seat Sensor
  • Auto Mode (Not all models)
  • Night LED Lights
  • Quick-Release Seat
  • User Memory Settings (Not all models)

Remote Control OR Arm Control Panel 

Purchase Consideration: Side Control or Remote Control

This might seem trivial, but please give a thought to which one suits your lifestyle better.

The wireless remote control offers flexibility and saves space on the side. However, it can be misplaced, dropped, or broken, and the batteries may die unexpectedly.

The side arm control panel avoids these issues, but you need to ensure there is enough space on the side for cleaning and maintenance. If you have (curious) kids around, perhaps an arm control panel is safer, and you don’t have to bother about replacing the batteries.

Water Heater Type – Don’t Get This Wrong

You may regret your purchase if you choose the wrong water heater type. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of the different water heater types.

Brondell uses 3 types of water heating systems for its bidets, namely:

  1. Tank type heaters
  2. Ceramic core heaters
  3. Hybrid heaters

Of the 3 heaters, the most popular are the Ceramic and Hybrid heaters.

1. Tank Type Heaters

A tank-type heater has a small storage tank that keeps water preheated and ready for use. This ensures you get water at the right temperature instantly. However, the warm water supply is limited by the tank’s capacity. Typically, you get continuous warm water for about 30 to 50 seconds before it runs out. After that, you’ll need to stop and wait a few minutes for the tank to heat more water.

Another downside is it needs time to heat up. During the cold season, you might need to turn it on 24/7 to avoid instances of cold water during use.

The great thing about a tank-type heater is that it provides strong spray power due to its built-in water pump.

Besides the limited warm water supply, the high back of about 6.1 inches makes it an awkward seat design and unappealing in appearance.

2. Ceramic Heaters

The seats with ceramic heaters (also known as tankless water heating systems) have a thin form factor, which makes it a sleek design. The T22, T44, T66, and LS1800 models are all using ceramic-core water heaters.

Ceramic heaters are preferred for their unrestricted spraying time. This means you can enjoy a warm water spray for as long as you wish. It uses high power to heat up the water instantly upon activation of any wash mode.

A typical disadvantage of ceramic heaters is the lower water pressure it produces. But if you look at the wash features of those thin form Brondell models above, they all possess the Strong Wash function. That’s contrary to the weaker water flow claim. So the best way to know is by comparing the water flow speed of the various models to see which offers the strongest wash.

With this tankless water heating system, the back-of-seat height is around 3.9 inches. If you want a minimalist look on your toilet setup, then choose a bidet seat that uses the ceramic water heating system.

3. Hybrid Heaters

As the name suggests, Hybrid Heaters offer the advantage of a tank and ceramic heater. You get strong and unlimited warm water flow.

The main disadvantage is probably the higher price point it offers. But don’t let that stop you from exploring the models with this water heating system. Even the under-300 category has the hybrid heater – 3 models, to be precise.

Appearance-wise, you probably have guessed it, the back-of-seat height comes between the tank type and ceramic at around 5.7 inches.

How to Identify the Heater Types that Come with Each Bidet Seat

There are 2 ways to identify any bidet seat with the respective heater type.

1. By Power Rating

  • Tank Type Heater – 400W to 660W Max. Power Consumption
  • Ceramic Heater – 1200W to 1450W Max. Power Consumption
  • Hybrid Heater – 800W to 900W Max. Power Consumption

The ceramic heater with a max. power consumption of 1200W to 1450W appears a little scary. But not to worry, it may actually consume less power than the tank-type heater. That’s because the ceramic element is activated only when you start the spray, and power is cut when you are done washing.

Whereas the tank heater is usually turned on 24/7 because it takes time to heat up the water inside the tank. Do your math, and you will realize the ceramic heating system is a lot more cost-effective.

2. By Appearance

Ceramic heaters offer the slimmest profile, while tank-type heaters are bulkier due to their built-in water tanks.

Brondell Bidet Heater Types on Respective Bidet Models

Summary: Is It Really Better Than TOTO?

If hygiene is your top priority, then TOTO stands out with its advanced features. Most TOTO models include nozzle sanitization, a feature only found in two Brondell models, the Omigo and OmigoSL.

Two unique features of TOTO WASHLET that other brands don’t match are Bowl Sanitization (with EWATER+) and Auto Open and Close Seat/Lid. These features provide superior hygiene and convenience but come at a higher price, often more than double the cost of Brondell’s highest-priced models.

Brondell’s main advantage over TOTO is its affordability. While TOTO benefits from decades of experience and advanced technology in bidet seats, Brondell offers practical, reliable features at a more accessible price point.

If a Toto WASHLET is beyond your budget, Brondell is an excellent alternative. It has all the necessary functions to keep you clean and maintain overall bathroom hygiene. And if aesthetics is a critical factor, the thin-form models provide a sleek and modern design that complements any bathroom decor.

28 Brondell Bidet Seat Models

Now that You’ve Learned the Features, You Should be Able to Select the Right Bidet Model that Meets Your Needs & Budget with Ease.


  1. I had a TOTO S300 for 9 years. Loved that thing. But, it quit being effective…for the second time. To be fair, the water here is really hard but TOTO gave me no option for a prefilter on the water line. I had sent it all the way from Tennessee to California for repair about 5 years in. Roughly, $200 later in repair cost, it came back and worked another 4 years before clogging again. I was so sad. This American can’t live without her bidet seat. However, the comparable TOTO bidet was now 50% more in price than my original so I ordered a Brondell Swash 1000 on sale for $399…compared to $949 for the TOTO. And it has prefilters. I got the 1000 because the 1400 was not available in a round seat yet. I used it for 4 months and bought a Brondell Swash 1400 for $349 from Home Depot but I haven’t installed it. The reason for that purchase is that while the Swash 1000 gets me clean, it just isn’t a TOTO. Maybe the 1400 will be better. Oddly, both Swashs have not cost as much as the one Toto but I think that maybe I should have just stayed with TOTO. I don’t like how it takes FOREVER for the Swash wand to extend to start cleaning. Or that the front wash wand on the 1000 does not quite reach far enough (I really hope that is resolved on the 1400). Or how the water is not a consistent temperature. Sometimes I get rather shocked by either cold or hot water blasting on my private parts. That’s not fun. All in all, it feels cheaper. Like driving a Kia when you are used to driving a Lexus.

    Ultimately, I just wish that I had bought a new TOTO. The Swashs are a good low cost choice. But now I have to use these two seats for the next 5 years before I can justify getting rid of them.

    I miss you, TOTO.

  2. Thanks for the thorough review. I think I’ll just stick to my TOTO. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but it’s nice to read such a detailed review and know money spent years ago, is still well spent.

    • @toiletseatguru Hey. Thanks. 🙂

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