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Overwhelmed by endless toilet reviews and still not sure what toilet is right for your bathroom? Most reviews you read are tilted towards a commercial intent. They are written in a positive way and brief on the negative aspect of the product. So as to entice a buy action from you, hopefully. While the same intent do exist here, the difference is the no holds barred expression of product disadvantages, being told just the way it should… Start Exploring


The key to acquiring the best toilets for your home is understanding how a toilet works. You don’t have to know every detail like an engineer, some basic knowledge of the working mechanism is good enough. With the knowledge gained, you are better informed when shopping for a toilet for replacement or for a new bathroom. It will also help you understand better of all the toilet reviews you may come across… Get Started


To help you narrow down to the right toilet, the ‘Negative Reviews’ section is a must-visit. You will learn which toilet models are flawed in design, most hated by users and ridiculously expensive. This may be the only toilet review site in cyberspace where negative reviews are given an entire category. But rest assured, in all the reviews there, you will always be offered the better equivalent (if any)… Show Me


Still can’t wrap your head around those reviews and info based articles? No problem. Though every effort is made to avoid the use of technical jargon, at times it is still unavoidable. It is not your fault, and we are only 1-click away if you need clarifications. Or you just can’t find time for the boring research work, Contact us and have the answer delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

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