How To Buy A Smart Toilet Like A Kickass Pro (In 5 Minutes)

How to buy a Smart Toilet

Are You Smart Enough To Know How To Buy A Smart Toilet?

No, don’t take the heading literally. You don’t have to be Einstein to know how to choose a smart toilet. And it has nothing to do with the rich and famous. The purpose of this post is to help you understand and be comfortable with the various features & functions that make a smart toilet.

So whether you are an interior designer trying to find the best option for your client or a homemaker, this guide will help you narrow down to the right toilet brand and model that meets both your needs and budget. Even if this is your first attempt at buying a toilet, the information here will be useful.

Nothing complicated. Seriously.

In fact, it is easier than buying a smartphone. And you will soon learn about all the features that offer the unique toileting experience you can’t get from a regular crapper. Also, the advantages that a smart toilet offers can save you some serious money in the long run.

And if you are a self-proclaimed hygiene freak, then all the more you should consider installing one. Especially one that can clean and sterilize itself automatically. That will save you valuable time and from the frustrations of upkeeping the toilet.

So, let’s dive in and find out why it is worth the upgrade even if it costs ten times more than your existing (and boring) tank and bowl toilet.

What Makes Up A Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet has many other names. You can call it an intelligent toilet, a shower toilet, electric toilet, tankless toilet or simply an automatic toilet. But whatever you want to call it, all should bear the same construction characteristic.

Though not all smart toilets are built the same way, the parts arrangement shouldn’t differ much. The description that follows will give you a general idea of the toilet construct. You don’t have to know every detail, but enough to appear like a pro in front of your buddies (and haters). 😉

1.1. Tankless

A floor-mounted smart toilet does not rely on gravity or atmospheric pressure for its flushing power. Instead, an electric pump and a valve are used to power and control the flush. So water is on demand from the pipe for flushing and not stored in a tank.

When a flush is initiated, a predetermined amount of water is released into the bowl via the computer-controlled valve. And because the flushing system is electric powered and computer-aided, it can be set for remote or automatic flushing. In most models, there is also a built-in flush button either on the side or at the rear of the bowl.

The distinct advantage here is the absence of the usual flush valve which is the most common replacement parts of a toilet. If you are sick and tired of leaks and having to replace the flush valve periodically, make it a thing of the past by investing in a tankless smart toilet.

You will also love the sleek look and spacious feel without the tank. And it is super easy to keep clean. Anyway, how difficult can it be to maintain with just the bowl?

1.2. Built-in Multi-Function Bidet Seat

Well, the bidet is not exactly built-in. Unless it’s the TOTO Neorest NX, the bidet is usually a separate part which consists of the seat and cover and all the other vital components. And for most models, the control center is housed within the bidet.

Smart Toilet Bidet

The control center is where all the electronics and processor reside. It is the brain of the smart toilet that commands all the cool features, including the various sensors, heaters, receivers, and transmitters that interact with the remote control.

And the nozzle or wand for cleaning your rear is also located within the bidet. So some mechanical parts are cramped into the bidet housing which includes the blower fan, the pump, and mechanism that works the nozzle movement. Oh, and the deodorizer compartment too.

But that’s not all. The mechanism for auto opening and closing of the seat and cover is well hidden in the bidet as well.

That sure sounds like a ton of stuff inside the bidet. But don’t worry, all the parts are well organized so that the bidet exterior can be compact and still provide great aesthetics to the overall appearance.

1.3. The Bowl Is Also The Tank

While the bidet has almost all the essential parts house in it, they are all small size parts. You bet they will squeeze in the pump motor that makes the flush if they can.

But no, the pump component is way too much for the bidet. So it goes to the back of the bowl along with all the plumbing stuff and a small water tank that is a part of the pump system. And the pump is connected to the control center in the bidet for power and control.

Bowl Assembly

The bowl is made of ceramic, and its construction is very similar to a regular toilet. It has the usual trapway and water channels for rinsing the bowl surface and flushing out waste. And all smart toilets should have the inner bowl surface and trapway glazed for the highest flush efficiency.

And just like the regular water closet, the bowl height is about 15.5″ up to 16.5″ for a standard seat height and comfort height respectively.

Bowl Construction

1.4. Side Control Panel

While the real convenience comes with the remote control in your hand to command all the features at will, a side control panel is there in case the remote control fails. So you can still flush the toilet and operate the basic wash functions.

So apparently the functions on the side panel are not as comprehensive as the remote control. Typically, it will have the main power button, the flush button, the rear and front wash buttons. These are the essential functions for you to operate when the RC is not working.

In some models, such as the KOHLER Veil, you may also see a dryer and lighting button.

KOHLER Veil Side Panel

1.5. Fanciful Remote Controls & Smartphone Apps

A smart toilet remote control is akin to a car dashboard. Some are pretty basic, and some are built to add that sophistication to any plain Jane bathroom. However it looks, it is central to all the feature control at your fingertips.

All the high-end models will have an LCD screen to display all the function adjustment and activation. It offers better interaction between you and the toilet. So whether you are adjusting the temperature and pressure of the spray wash or dryer, or changing spray mode, you can control and see the changes on the remote control.

Other than the washing and drying adjustments, the remote control is also for activating or deactivating some features. Such as the auto-flushing, auto opening and closing of the seat and cover, lighting, power saving mode, and more.

And of course, how can we forget the smartphone. Though it’s not so prevalent now, it might be in the near future. At least Grohe has an app (iOS & Android) for its Sensia Arena wall hung toilet you can use now besides the RC. And following suit, the Satis soon. Both Grohe and Satis are own by the Lixil Group.

Grohe Sensia Arena Remote Control
Image source:

1.6. Shape And Size

Now that you have an idea of the construction let’s look at the toilet exterior. A smart toilet comes in many shapes and sizes. In general, you can split the shape into two category – the conventional and the unorthodox.

And the size usually correlates with the available space you have for a toilet. If your bathroom is a little cramp, you are pretty much limited by the physical toilet size which limits your choice for a smart toilet. Nevertheless, you can still find one that is less than 27 inches in overall length (from the wall).

Most of the high-end models the bowl is longer (over 28 inches) and broader. Probably the assumption is if you can afford one you should have the luxury of space for one. And the fact is a bigger bowl is more comfortable than a compact size crapper. As it provides more contact area, therefore better support.

But of course, the high-end models will have more features than just having a bigger bowl.

So what shape is more appealing to you?
Smart Toilet Shapes

Industry Standard Features

If a smart toilet doesn’t come with these features, avoid it like the plague. Unless it is not meant to be classified as one by the maker, such toilets are usually marketed to bridge the cost gap between a high-end tank and bowl toilet and a full-fledged intelligent water closet. Examples of such a toilet are the TOTO G400 and the Bio Bidet IB835.

So what are the standard features expected of a real intelligent toilet?

For clarity, you can categorize the features into Hygiene, Comfort, and Convenience.

2.1. Hygiene

In this Hygiene department, features such as self-cleaning and sanitizing are a must-have. They concern the cleanliness of the nozzle and bowl after each use. And most of the well-established brands will have better-sanitizing features compare to the lesser known brands.

Toilet Hygiene

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

The way the self-cleaning and sanitizing work will also determine the wash quality and efficiency. The intermediate to top-end models will have the nozzle or wand clean and sanitize before and after each use.

And usually, a bacteria-eliminating medium, such as electrolyzed water or Ultra-Violet light is used to sterilize the nozzle. Or other known antimicrobial process like silver ionization is also an excellent sanitizing technique.

The lower intermediate to the low-end range will have its nozzles self-clean with ordinary tap water. So don’t buy into any claims of self-sanitization when the price is too good to be true.

Self-Cleaning Bowl

The only smart toilet brand that genuinely sanitizes the bowl, so far, as it seems, is TOTO for its entire range of Neorest toilets. Electrolyzed water is sprayed onto the bowl surface before and after every use to rid of microbes and bacteria. And this bowl sterilizing process will repeat after several hours when the toilet is not used.

So if this is a must-have feature, then the TOTO Neorest is your only choice. Most other brands will only have antibacterial glazing for its bowl, but that’s not active sanitization as in the case of TOTO.

2.2. Comfort

These comfort features are the reason you have come to realize you deserve better things in life. And once you have gotten your first experience with your smart throne, you tend to forget the few thousand bucks you have splurged on a toilet. It is that good.

Toilet Comfort

Heated Seat

And comfort begins with the moment your butt cheeks make contact with the seat. In most cases, the toilet arrives with the heated-seat feature enabled. You are sure to appreciate this feature, especially during winter time. No more cold shocks when you need to use the facility. And you should be able to turn on and off the auto-heated seat or adjust the seat temperature via the remote control.

Wash Mode

Then came the wash, which is the gist of owning a smart toilet. And that’s why they are also known as the shower toilet. Regardless of class, even the lowest end model can provide you with clean, fresh water to wash your rear. The difference is in the spray, or rather how you want your rear pampered.

The intermediate to high-end models will have at least two modes of spray, the oscillating and pulsating spray. These are for rear or posterior washing. And a wide aerated spray for an anterior or feminine wash. Whatever spray mode you have selected, you can adjust the nozzle position, water temperature, and pressure easily via the remote control.

Dryer & Deodorizer

And after the wash, don’t forget to blow dry your nether regions with cool or warm air. Just like the cleansing, the air temperature and pressure can also be adjusted on the remote control.

Last but not least of the comfort features, the automatic deodorization system should kick in the moment you sit on the toilet and stop some minutes later after you got up from the seat. So throughout your pooping session and after, the surrounding air is kept fresh and odorless. This feature is usually enabled by default, and it can be turned on and off on the remote control.

2.3. Convenience

The remote control is the hub of all the convenience features. Other than the control you have with the seat temperature, the washing, and drying, you can also program several other features to your liking. And a well designed smart toilet should offer these as standard features.

Toilet Convenience

Auto Open & Close Toilet Lid

The toilet seat conflict can finally end with an auto open and close lid. After all, life is short, and you should be enjoying it instead of engaging in such trivial and meaningless argument. So make sure to activate this feature once your smart toilet is installed.

With the feature enabled, the seat cover will automatically open when you approach the toilet. However, the toilet isn’t smart enough to know if you are a person who stands to pee. So the seat stays lowered on the bowl rim. But that’s just a little imperfection here. You can still lift the seat without touching it by pressing the seat button on the remote.

And once your business is done, you can just leave. The seat & cover will close automatically after you.

Auto Flush

When you have an important interview, and you are running late every second count. You can get up (after the wash or not) and dash out of the bathroom (naked or otherwise), the toilet will take care of the flushing by itself.

That is if you have set it to auto-flush. Or it won’t take more than a second to press the flush button on the remote if you haven’t.

For the smarter models, such as the TOTO 700H, it can even decide whether to do a full flush or a light flush for you. When you sit for less than 30 seconds, for example, or stand to urinate, it will execute a light flush. Over 30 seconds, a full flush will be delivered.

Night Light & Power Saving Mode

The night light is another feature that is usually arrive enabled. Of course, you can disable it anytime on the remote. Under low light conditions, it will automatically light up.

And finally, the power saving mode can help you shed off some fats on your utility bill. The power consumption of a smart toilet can be significant during the cold weather when the heater elements are heavily used. So don’t forget to activate this feature when you install your new toilet.

Premium Features

The standard features have given you an idea of what a smart toilet can do. And while they provide the fundamental functions for your needs, there are more refined and thoughtful features coming from the deluxe models.

It will depend on how you prioritize your needs, and how generous is your budget. Whether it is hygiene, convenience, or comfort, there is always an upscale model that will meet your requirement. Or even if you wish to have all the best features in one toilet, there is one.

3.1. Hygiene Unlimited

Talk about feature preference; nothing matters more than a holistic approach to hygiene. With the growing acceptance of the bidet seat, a sterility centered butt-cleaning system is in great demand these days.

And what’s even more demanding is a sterile crapper without the chores of upkeeping. Therefore, a smart toilet model that offers the best self-sanitizing system wins the crowd. For that reason, the competition for such a toilet has been keen among the top makers.

Fortunately, there is one distinct winner. And that makes it easy for you to rule out the rest, but with great difficulty at the same time. If you are short on budget, it is almost beyond reach.

The system employs a clever combination of existing technologies to produce the highest hygiene standard imaginable. The layers of antimicrobial protection make it fail proof in combating microbes and bacteria growth. And the system works 24/7 to present you with the cleanest toilet every single time.

However, its 5-figure price tag is a major turn off for many. And that makes you wonder if there is a cheaper alternative that still does a remarkable job in hygiene.

The Less Costly Alternative

You should have guessed the brand by now. But if you are new to all these, you are looking at the TOTO Neorest premium range of intelligent toilets – the Neorest 750H, Neorest AC and the latest Neorest NX2. These are the Rolls-Royce of smart toilets with each costing over $10,000 easily.

And each of the three luxurious potties has its respective lower cost model. Apparently, they are meant to meet the demand of the vast middle-class consumers at half the cost of their prestige twins. They are the Neorest 700H, Neorest EW, and Neorest NX1. And despite being significantly lower in price, the hygiene standard they offer is still higher than all their closest competitors.

If you are unfazed by the high price tag of these three TOTO smart toilets and would like to find out more, here’s a full range Neorest toilet review. Pay attention to features like Actilight, eWater+, Premist & Aftermist, and you will understand how they have got the best hygiene system in the industry.

For the latest Neorest NX model, get the full review here.

Unequivocal Exemplar

If you like, the most convenient way to choose your desired smart toilet is by comparison. Set your budget, pick a brand or model that appeals to you, collate all the features and place it side by side with a TOTO Neorest like this.

It gives you clarity on the strength and weaknesses of your choice and helps you prioritize the feature against your budget. But be careful though, you are always likely to end up with a TOTO if you are flexible with your money.

But why TOTO?

When it comes to the intelligent toilet arena, TOTO is the de facto leader. Why? Because they are simply the best. Their unparalleled experience with the bidet seat makes them so. And it makes sense to align your preference with only the best.

From the very first washlet launched in 1980, TOTO has come a long way in shaping the smart toilet industry. The first Neorest toilet was launched some 27 years ago, 12 years after the first washlet. What follows in recent years is a host of competing brands sprouting across the globe coat-tailing the success of the Neorest.

TOTO's First Washlet & Neorest Toilet

And what sets TOTO apart from all the competition is the relentless pursuit of their global environmental goals. The company has been stepping up efforts in tackling water shortages and global warming by producing products that are both water efficient and has zero effect on the environment.

As a result, the latest range of Neorest water closet uses only 1.0 gallon (3.8 liters) of water. The lowest water consumption smart toilet among the top manufacturers. And none of the Neorest toilets require any chemical-based agent for cleaning and sanitization.

The sanitizing system converts ordinary tap water into electrolyzed water (eWater+) which is an effective sanitizing solution. And the acidic water then transforms back to harmless regular water again after use. So it doesn’t harm the environment or corrodes the sewer pipes.

Floating Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are all the rage these days. But another toilet type is trending at the same time replacing the conventional floor-mounted crapper – The wall hung or wall mounted toilet.

Market sensitive manufacturers are ever quick to spot the opportunity. And now you’ve got the best of both worlds. A smart wall hung toilet is the new buzz. In 2017 alone you have TOTO coming up with the Neorest AC & Neorest EW, KOHLER with its Veil, and Grohe’s Sensia Arena.

Wall Hung Smart Toilets

If you have always wanted to remodel your bathroom with a wall hung toilet, you may want to consider going for an intelligent one. It has all the features of its floor-mounted counterpart with at least two advantages.

The first advantage is you can flush like any gravity flush toilets when there is a power failure, or when the remote control is not functioning. Then the shorter bowl length (usually around 26 inches) is perfect for your small bathroom. And above all, keeping the exterior clean is effortlessly easy with no hidden areas for mold and dirt to accumulate.

The downside is you can’t replace your floor-mounted toilet without re-routing your drain pipe to the wall. The work is going to be massive you might as well plan for a remodel.

Pros & Cons

There are more pros than cons to own a smart toilet. They are designed to make life a lot more pleasant and improve the living environment. Even the sewer pipe gets a breather from the waste with less or no paper in the mix.

The Last Paper In A Paperless World

First off, you eliminate one of the probables for clog by using much lesser toilet paper. Or rather, your use of the paper is reduced to the minimum or zero. Some (fastidious) people will use the paper as a final check after all the cleaning. So the butt wipes are down to a litmus paper, one piece should suffice.

Think of the trees you are going to save and your hemorrhoid. Especially the latter, no more fears of using the facility as it is now a piles-friendly way to clean your butt. And with the money saved from spending on wipes, life has never been better.

And you will never have to deal with the frustration of an empty roll left by the last person ever.

Wiping Out The Wiping

When you are unable to perform a daily routine as simple as wiping due to injury, a bidet seat or smart toilet is a godsend.

What about the elderly, disabled, and those with a medical condition like arthritis, obesity, and standers. …..Ok standers is not a medical issue, just folks who habitually stand up to wipe. If you think this is absurd, some people literally did just that and they think the sitters are weird.

You can join the standers versus sitters argument here. It’s nothing short of hilarity and you will learn why people wipe in a standing position. And do you think a smart toilet can help correct the ‘weird’ habit?

A smart toilet will eliminate the need to wipe. Period.

No More Lifting The Toilet Seat With Your Hands

You know, that psychological apprehension of touching poop or pee (even at a molecular level) gets intensify every time you lift the seat. And especially so when you have learned of the toilet plume. It only adds fuel to the timeless toilet seat arguments between the genders.

But with the smart toilet, who needs to bother if the man or woman should put the seat up or down. It’s either auto or just a press of the button now. Time saved, the risk of contamination and one source of conflict between the sexes eliminated.

Of course, when the power fails, everything is back to the dark ages (pun intended). And that’s probably the only disadvantage that will haunt any smart toilet till the end of time.

Installation – Replacing An Existing Toilet

Almost all the smart toilets in the market are of the 12-inch rough-in. That simply means the majority of house toilets can be replaced directly.

Of course, you will need to add a GFI outlet adjacent to the new toilet. Though it may look like a simple job, if you are not trained in electrical wiring, it is best to leave it to a qualified electrician. There are electrical codes to comply that concern safety. So not a good idea to save that few bucks and risk an improper installation.

Smart Toilet Installation

The mounting of the bowl onto the floor flange is no different from a regular toilet installation. But hooking up the control may require a little technical knowledge. Do it only If you are comfortable with electrical termination and earthing. In any case, you have the instruction manual to rely on.

Most smart toilets of today are designed for safe and easy installation. Just follow the manual to a T, and you should be fine. Nonetheless, you always have the option of hiring professional help.

Price Range & Service Support

Owning a smart toilet is no longer exclusive to those with deep pockets. You can find one that cost below $2000 with all the basic features. And some might even cost about the same as the one-piece classic tank and bowl toilet.

The price can range from $1,500 to over $10,000.

But don’t be too obsessed with low pricing. The more important aspects you should consider are the service support and replacement parts. And you’ve got to understand a typical plumber won’t have the expertise to service your broken toilet. You need to go back to the manufacturer or the official distributor(s) for any service and support.

A good smart toilet model starts at $2000 from a well-known manufacturer.

So if the brand doesn’t have a proper setup to provide technical service and parts replacement locally, don’t even think about it. Why set yourself to regrets later when the toilet acts up. You’ve only yourself to blame for not doing enough of due diligence.

Which is why you should only go for the well-established brands with a long local presence.


Recommended Smart Toilet Models

Now it’s time to look for a model that’s befitting for your budget, available space and your bathroom or powder room decor. Let’s begin with the deluxe models, the top of the range.

The Top Of The Pyramid

It is only natural to begin with the top TOTO Neorest models here. After all, they have earned the rights to be the most expensive with its unrivaled stature of consistently producing state of the art sanitary wares.

And so, it is impossible not to include the top TOTO Neorest models here. However, with its 5-figure price tag, there is no room for the faint-hearted. There’s no ‘let me think about it’ deliberation here. It’s either you hate it or embrace it like a well-deserved trophy.

They are good-to-have if you’ve got a generous open budget for a replacement or remodel. But it all depends on your preference. If you are picky about aesthetics and want more option for your new powder room or bathroom decor, the KOHLER Numi or even the Veil are great alternatives.

TOTO Neorest

In terms of build quality, functionality, and reliability, the TOTO Neorest 750H, the Neorest AC, and Neorest NX2 are high on the list. However, probably only here in the United States, they are available through TOTO’s network of distributors.

If you are keen on any of the 3 Neorest models, you may want to check out a TOTO showroom or distributor nearest to you.

TOTO Neorest Premium Models

The main highlight of these three premium models is the Ultra Violet Light, or Actilight bowl sanitizing technology. And together with the other layers of automatic antibacterial functions, the bowl, seat, and nozzle are kept at an optimum sterile state 24/7. You can’t get any cleaner than this from any crapper.

The overall design of these TOTO Neorest toilets is near flawless with intuitive control and operation. There are no unnecessary or gimmicky functions added to boost its value. You get what you paid for, and that is a peace of mind and total satisfaction. Heck, it might even cure your OCD (OK, that’s an exaggeration here. Sorry.)


KOHLER has a different focus for its premium model of intelligent toilet. The emphasis is more of an aesthetic and luxury appeal than function. While not in the same league as the TOTO Neorest top-end models, the Numi does have some unique features that offer better comfort, convenience, and entertainment.


Fancy listening to some music or getting the latest news while squeezing out the remains of your last meal? If that elicits a ‘Why not?’ response and you genuinely don’t mind the additional cost, then why not.

The KOHLER Numi comes with built-in speakers and pre-programmed music and FM radio. And you can also have your personalized music from a portable device or SD card. Though this feature has no part in the toilet performance, if it helps you to relax and relieve yourself better, then it is worth every penny.

And for this KOHLER Numi, comfort begins from the ground up. The foot warmer is always a welcoming feature whenever you have cold feet (Pun?).

Located next to the foot-warmer is the motion sensor that offers the touchless opening of the seat. This feature is genius for guys when they take a leak. You just need to move your feet to interrupt the sensor light to lift up the seat. So no time is wasted to unzip in an urgency (unless you can’t manage that bit of multitasking).

Apart from the tangible features, two hardware specifications are worth mentioning here. First is the exceptionally large trapway. At almost 3-inches, getting a clog is virtually unimaginable. Unless you are flushing more than just pee, poop, and some toilet paper.

Next is the backup flush which allows up to 100 flushes in the event of a power outage. So you can still use the toilet like a regular water closet for as long as the maximum number of flushes allow. Except that now you will have to recall back your wiping skill. Just pray that you didn’t lose it for good.

Unlike the TOTO Neorest, the only hygiene feature is the self-sanitizing of the nozzle with UV light. However, the stylish futuristic exterior with the lid elegantly open and close like a spacecraft canopy is leading you to forget (and forgive) the lack of a total sanitization.

The Middle Class

A little short on your budget for the smartest? No problem. You only need half of what’s needed for the plush models. And the damage could range from $3000 to $5000 thereabout.

Again, it’s hard to avoid the TOTO Neorest domination here. Of course, the KOHLER Veil is a viable contender with its self-sanitizing feature. So for this intermediate range, only models with an active sanitizing property are recommended.

The Lower Cost TOTO Neorest

The Actilight models may cost a princely sum to acquire. But all is not lost with their non-UV light twins. And they cost a little below half of their smarter siblings.

If this suits your budget, you are looking at the Neorest 700H, Neorest EW, and Neorest NX1.

Though the only difference is the absence of the Actilight feature, they still pack a punch in curbing bacteria growth both on the bowl and nozzle. The eWater+ or electrolyzed water is an effective sterilizer which is dispense before and after each use of the wand. And through the auto Premist and Aftermist (with eWater+) feature, the bowl is kept sterilized throughout the day. So even without the UV light sanitization, there are no comprise on hygiene standard.

If you can’t grasp the difference between with and without the Actilight feature, picture this….

The eWater+ kills the bacteria, and Actilight rips the bacteria corpse apart.

And don’t worry, the dead bacteria (shredded or in one piece) won’t stay long in the bowl or on the wand. It gets flush or washes away eventually. And the greatest thing about having the bowl sterilized is you get an odor-free crapper.

Besides, there are also the Neorest 500H and Neorest 550H. Both can be considered a lower cost alternative to the Neorest 700H. And they too have the eWater+, Premist and Aftermist feature. But they are not comfort height models.

TOTO Neorest Toilet All-Inclusive Comparison Review (Updated with new models)

The Elegant KOHLER Veil

There are 2 versions of the KOHLER Veil intelligent toilet – the floor-mounted and wall-hung models. Feature-wise, they are similar. But the wall hung version cost more with the in-wall frame, flush button, and a concealed tank.

But how does it compare with the TOTO Neorest toilets? You can check out this comparison review – TOTO Neorest Vs. KOHLER Veil.

You are more likely to favor its exterior which is a breakaway from the classic smart toilet look. It will give any plain bathroom decor a tasteful lift.

Not a bad choice either on the features if you are a little concern about your preference for looks. But it still pales in comparison to TOTO in that it doesn’t do bowl cleansing. But the self-cleaning nozzle employs both electrolyzed water and UV light which is excellent.

At precisely 17 inches tall with the seat down, the floor-mounted Veil is considered a comfort height toilet. And the wall hung version can reach up to 19 inches of seat height with the in-wall frame.

Entry-Level And The Base Of The Middle Class

On the ground level, you will see a variety of smart toilet brands from a handful of manufacturers. Of course, you can still find traces of KOHLER and TOTO here as well. But most of these smart toilets do not have the desired self-sterilization features. At best they are passive with an antibacterial coating on its bowl, seat, and the nozzles.

Despite the lack of active sterilization features, you can still experience the comfort and convenience that these entry-level tankless toilets provide. At the very least, they should have the basic features and a reasonably good after-sales service and support.

The price point starts at $1500 to around $3000.

If you want to play it safe and are feeling a little generous, the KOHLER Karing or the TOTO Neorest 500H is worth a closer look. Or the TOTO G400, which is a washlet toilet combination. It has all the basic features and the Premist function, and borders around $2000.

What about a wall-hung model that doesn’t go over the psychological $3000 (Subject to change) barrier?

Yes, the Grohe Sensia Arena is a good buy if you are satisfied with its HyperClean antibacterial glaze on its bowl. It has all the industry features, and a great looking remote control. Or if you prefer, it has a smartphone app for both iOS and Android.

But if $1500 or less is all you’ve got for a smart toilet, there are several out there. Almost all of these toilets are Chinese brands, and Ove Decors is from Canada. A reminder here, please conduct your due diligence diligently before parting ways with your hard earned money.

And how about having almost all the features of a Neorest 500H or 550H for $1000 or less? And installation takes only about an hour by Granny (she can be faster if you hold her hand). Click here and lookout for something like S350e and S550e. You are welcome.


So have you got an idea of what you want for a smart toilet? Yes, it’s a long article, but it covers almost all you need to know on how to pick your desired toilet. And understanding the construction and the various functions first is a good way to begin your hunt.

You may feel the biased towards a particular brand here. But that’s unavoidable when everywhere you turn to you hear only the good stuff about it. And that’s because it indeed has won recognition from every level of the industry. Particularly the users and industry experts who consistently endorses its superiority in design, build quality and user-friendliness.

Then you learned the types and ranges which helps you choose the best features according to your budget. Be it must-have or good-to-have; you are clear now on what feature is useful, saves you money and the environment in the long run.

Finally, you have also realized the advantages and benefits that come with a smart toilet. They are going to change your toilet habits for the better, for sure. And the side effect of these changes is a huge improvement to your personal hygiene and living environment. And this could be the best decision you’ve made for yourself and the family ever.

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