TOTO Neorest NX (Review) – 5 Brutally Awesome Features

TOTO Neorest NX Toilet

Neorest NX – Just Another Brilliant Creation By TOTO

A breakaway from traditional design, the TOTO Neorest NX toilet is like a breath of fresh air. Launched around the Summer of 2018 in the United States, this state-of-the-art porcelain piece is more than just a pretty face compared to all previous Neorest models.

If you are contemplating on which TOTO intelligent toilet for a remodel or to replace your existing crapper, please take a closer look at this NX smart toilet. But be warned, you can’t un-learn the awesomeness of this oriental marvel. And it’s probably the most expensive piece of bathroom fixture you have ever considered.

The Neorest NX smart toilet comes with a host of new and improved features that are set to sideline all its rivals. It may cost a couple of thousands more, but worth every dollar. And you will soon forget the pain when you take your first dump.

So, ready to form your decision? Let’s cut to the chase and see what this new TOTO Neorest NX is made of, and how damaging it is to your wallet.

Beauty And Function As One

Tout as Neorest’s flagship model, the Neorest NX is designed as a next-generation toilet that TOTO will produce for the world. The seamless combination of washlet and toilet as one integral device is the whole idea moving forward.

According to TOTO, they have succeeded in developing a water closet, or rather a smart toilet, that envelops the functional parts of a washlet, flushing system and the bowl into one ceramic piece.

Well, at least from the exterior, the washlet functions are well integrated into the bowl circumference. And the near ceramic-feel lid is all you will see besides the bowl when it closes.

Neorest NX Various Views

As a whole, this Neorest NX toilet is like an artwork that will match or harmonize with all spaces from modern to classic. And especially in a bathroom design filled with squares and angles, this curvaceous beauty is a stark contrast that will strike a perfect balance.

Amid the elegant curve that draws out the beauty of ceramics, this future-proof integrated design gets you more ceramic surfaces and fewer lines or gaps. And that can only mean fewer avenues for dirt, grime and bacteria to hide and flourish. Cleaning the exterior is even easier now than ever before.

So that’s one huge improvement for its exterior design.

What about the flushing power & efficiency, water consumption, and washlet functions?

TOTO Neorest NX – Features Overview

The features are TOTO’s signature and unique to its Neorest line of smart toilets. If you have been following online reviews on the Neorest, you probably can recall a few hallmark features that have cast a good impression on you.

So no exception to this Neorest NX model. Attributes like the eWater+, Actilight, and Premist are traits of the latest TOTO Neorest toilets.

But I thought I read “5 Brutally Awesome Features” in the title?

Sure you did. And here are the 5 killer features unique to this TOTO Neorest NX toilet. From the seat, bowl rim to a butt-pleasing wonder wash.

Firm, Stable And Butt-Hugging Seat

No amount of words can describe better than a video (below). But that’s an Asian butt there, so don’t overreact (aka jealous). And never mind about the language, if you can understand, good. Otherwise, observe the curve-up part of the seat; it sure looks like a good support for a firm and comfortable sit. And it is.

Play ButtonPlay Button

Plus, the seat base that contours with the entire bowl-top curvature offer better stability than a flat bowl top. And the universal seat height (comfort height) provides easier access and greater comfort for a senior or someone with a mobility issue. (Note: The original Japanese Neorest NX is not a comfort height model.)

Oh, and the generous 18-7/16″ wide seat will have your American thigh well supported. Think of a couch versus a stool….you get the idea.

Neorest Vs Neorest

A Better Rimless Bowl

Unlike all previous Neorest models, the Neorest NX spot a new rimless bowl which eliminates all possibilities of the stickiest dirt to cling on.

CeFIONtect SurfaceAs you can see from the picture below, the previous rim design is good at keeping away dirt, mold and whatever that survive the Tornado flush with an easy wipe. But it is still not ideal as dirt can again accumulate below the rim edge, and avoid visual detection.

But with the new bowl design, no dirt, however tiny, can evade your eyes as there are no more hidden corners or bends on the rim. And the steep vertical edge, together with the CeFIONtect coat on the bowl, just makes it almost impossible for debris to stick.

New Rimless Bowl

That’s great. But isn’t this will make it easier for water to splash out during a flush?

This vertical rim design is a ‘side effect’ of the re-designed Tornado flush which eliminates the possibility of water splashing out at the front. You will read about it in the next section.

And the new Tornado flush is every grime’s nightmare. Not only there’s no place for dirt in the bowl now, surviving the flush is unthinkable.

Tornado Flush Part 1 – The Fundamentals

To understand how the new Tornado flush gets its power, and why it is more powerful than before, you need to understand the design specifics. (Don’t worry you are not about to chew up some weird symbols and senseless mathematical equations.)

Here is a picture of how different it is between then and now of the Tornado flush.

Old versus New Tornado Flush

Right off the bat, you might be feeling cheated and your intelligence severely mutilated. And you should be cursing “What the beep. It’s just a switch from left to right of the waterjet opening, what is the big beep deal about it?”

Hey, chill. Read on, and you will know why it is such a big deal.

Did you notice the direction of the water flow is the same? So by merely changing the waterjet outlet from left to right and call it a new Tornado flush is plain stupid. Agreed.

But the Japanese are not daft, neither do they assume all their customers are brain-dead zombies who will buy anything they produce. So, to make the explanation logical and simple to understand, let’s use the example of ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

Metaphor of the Tornado Flush

As you can see, the waves on shore get weaker and weaker as it pushes further away from where it started. Common sense will tell you the waves are losing its momentum. So it gets weaker as it moves further into the shore. So distance is relative to the speed of water flow.

Therefore, the theory – The further it flows, the weaker it gets.

And the same theory can be applied on the Tornado flush on an actual TOTO toilet. That’s science which you can’t deny. So if you look back at the picture above, it makes more sense now that it is really a stupid design.


If that’s what you think, it’s not your fault. That’s because, like everyone else, you are assuming the location of the water source didn’t change. The truth is, the water source of the new Tornado flush is now on the right.

Whaaaat? No way! You mean the water did a reverse flow? That’s even more ridiculous than just switching sides of the outlet opening.

You better start believing now, because the water in the channel literally did a U-turn and flowed out from the waterjet outlet on the right. All thanks to a new & crazy water channel design.

Tornado Flush Part 2 – Crazy Water Channel Design

Then came the argument on the U-turning of the water flow. The herd mentality is, the U-turn will slow down the water flow. So how on earth can the flow remain strong when the U-turn would obviously slow it down?

Unless there is an impetus force that exists right after the turn, the strength of the water flow at the back of the bowl may be the same as the previous design. So why the need to complicate things?

Is this all just marketing hypes?

No hypes. The magic lies in the re-designed waterways or water channels in the rim.

New Water Channel Design

Now, looking at the image above, the red arrow line indicates the water flow which is a long way from the water source to the hardest to clean area (Remember the ocean waves analogy?). Obviously, scrubbing power isn’t the strongest by the time it reaches the back of the bowl.

Whereas the ‘blue’ water flow is at almost half the length, and it should yield maximum flush power at the hardest to clean area.

And as to how the water flow can remain strong after the U-turn, let’s leave it for your thesis of whatever doctorate or master degree you are pursuing. You don’t suppose TOTO will reveal the full secret of its magic U-turn waterways right?

What is certain is, the TOTO engineers have done extensive research on the U-turning part. They must have test data to prove that it is indeed a better Tornado flush before even letting it into production.

And, just be mindful that no companies or businesses will spend on research & development only to produce something that isn’t as good or on par with existing products. It has to be better, or else heads will roll.

Besides, the new water channel is more complicated and cost more to manufacture than the previous design. So it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to produce something that is higher cost and without justifiable benefits.

And, with TOTO’s proprietary high-precision fluid analysis technology, errors are down to zero. So relax, it should be a better Tornado flush for this TOTO Neorest NX toilet.

New Tornado flush on TOTO Neorest NX toilet

Tornado Flush Part 3 – A More Ferocious Tornado Flush

Now that you understand the design logic of the new Tornado flush, it will be easier for you to grasp the spin-off advantages.

Since the waterjet opening is nearer and facing the back of the bowl, it gets the first waves of the Tornado flush, which is the strongest. As the water sweeps to the front, it gets weaker and spiral on downwards. Therefore, there’s no risk of water splashing out of the bowl at the front. Thus, a vertical or bendless rim with the advantages you have read earlier.

So all in all, with the CeFIONtect coating and a focus on the hardest-to-clean portion of the bowl, the new Tornado flush is indeed a significant improvement over the previous cyclone. And it covers the entire bowl surface. There is no dry land in the bowl during a flush.

And for the super paranoid, who believes tiny non-visible wastes can still exist after the Tornado flush, there is Actilight.

Actilight – A Bacterium’s Worst Nightmare

Actilight is TOTO’s germicide weapon to fight bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that are unlikely survivors of the Tornado flush. It’s not a chemical, but an Ultra Violet light technology TOTO develops for its premium range of Neorest smart toilets.

OK, a little confession here. This Actilight feature is not exactly unique to this Neorest NX toilet. Sorry for that bit of click-baiting in the beginning.

First seen on the Neorest 750H when it launched in 2016. And subsequently, the Neorest AC wall hung toilet also adopted this Actilight feature. And now, the TOTO Neorest NX, or more precisely, the Neorest NX2 will come with this function too.

So how does Actilight works? Please be brief. The Tornado theory almost killed me.

Three elements comprise a special zirconium coating on the titanium dioxide-fired bowl, electrolyzed water, and Actilight work in unison for a total sanitization of the bowl.

About 2 minutes after a flush, the self-sterilization begins with a mist of ewater+”eWater+ is regular tap water electrolyzed to a mild acidic pH level, which has antimicrobial properties. And it is absolutely environment friendly which can be safely returned to the water cycle without any concern.” (electrolyzed water) sprayed on the zirconium coated bowl surface. This film of eWater+ then reacts with the UV light to produce activated oxygen to break down any living microorganisms present in the bowl.

This entire photocatalytic process is automatic and will last through until the UV light is turned off. And it will repeat itself after about 10 hours later when no one has used the toilet.

You follow?

Nevermind, just remember this – the self-cleaning process is simply a combination of light, water, and oxygen to kill germs in the bowl.

And it’s all automatic. You just take your dump, done with the washing, and leave. TOTO Neorest NX2 toilet will take care of the rest and return you with a clean bowl free of germs for your next pooping session. And no germs means there won’t be any foul smell coming from the toilet.

Here’s a video of how Actilight works on the Neorest 750H. It will work similarly on the Neorest NX2.

Air-in Wonder Wave Wash

It’s a hefty price tag for a water closet like this TOTO Neorest NX toilet. But when you receive the first wash from the bidet, nothing matters anymore.

You just can’t help but adore the bidet master’s creativity with water sprays. They are simply brilliant. And TOTO’s rivals just hate how she can keep coming up with better wash mode.

Though this Wonder Wave Cleaning is not new, and you may or may not have heard of it, it indeed is a desirable wash feature. You will love it.

No, never heard of Air-in Wonder Wave Wash. Enlighten please.

Besides the usual pulsating and oscillating wash, you will find this posterior wash mode more pleasing to your delicate skin around the anus.

This Air-in Wonder Wave wash works by bursting droplets of water in succession (about 100 droplets per second) from the nozzle with a varying water flow rate.

The slow-fast alternating flow rate causes the speeding water droplets to merge with the slower droplets ahead. And during the merge, air is trapped resulting in a 30% larger droplet.

Wonder Wave Wash

According to TOTO, this Air-in Wonder Wave wash uses less water for a richer wash experience.

Well, it’s not always easy to describe an experience in words. Especially one that only Neorest owners can relate to or understand. So imagine, the moment water touches your skin, then followed by an ‘explosion’… more water comes in contact, then another burst…

Don’t worry the explosions are not going to blow your beep off. You’ll be blown away instead, and asking for more, for sure.

And remember, not many people have the privilege to experience such a comfort wash on their rear. So, as a privileged few, please be humble and keep it to yourself. And did you just ask about the price for this TOTO Neorest NX toilet?

I was afraid to ask. Yea what price?

Play ButtonPlay Button

Shutup And Take My Money

Shutup And Take My Money

On TOTO’s official website, the list price shown is a whopping $17,300 for the Neorest NX2, and $10,000 for the Neorest NX1.

Hey, come back.

Price ReactionSince they are here now in the United States, you may want to check with a TOTO authorized dealer near you. They will provide a more realistic price than what’s shown on the TOTO website. Or a quick check on Amazon to see what’s the online retail price like. The NX1 is retailed at around 750,000 yen in Japan.

As for the NX2, the price is expected to be twice of what the NX1 is retailed at by the dealers.

Selling Price on Amazon and eBay

Prices on Amazon and eBay
Neorest NX logo

Compare Prices and Get the Best Deal

Price of Neorest NX1 on: |

Price of Neorest NX2 on: |

All Features Of Neorest NX At A Glance

Here is the list of features of this TOTO Neorest NX toilet. Other than the Actilight feature and bowl coating, all the features are similar between the Neorest NX1 and Neorest NX2 model.

BowlWider and elongated
New & improved rimless bowl
CeFIONtect coating (Neorest NX1)
Titanium Dioxide-fired with superhydrophilic zirconium coating (Neorest NX2)
Powerful and more efficient Tornado flush
HygienePremisting with eWater+ for better flush efficiency and disinfect bowl
Aftermisting with eWater+ to disinfect bowl after every flush
eWater+ for nozzle cleaning before and after every wash
Nozzle self-sterilize with eWater+
Actilight and eWater+ for bowl sterilization (Neorest NX2)
Nozzle, seat and cover are made of anti-bacteria plastic material
Odor control – Auto Deodorization
WashAir-in-Wonder Wave spray
Wide spray
Oscillating spray
Pulsating spray
Adjustable spray pressure
Adjustable water temperature
Adjustable wand or nozzle position
AutoAuto opening and closing of seat and cover
Auto toilet bowl cleaning & sterilization
Auto wand or nozzle cleaning & sterilization
Auto power deodorization (odor control)
Auto nightlight (light on when it detects your presence)
ConvenienceToilet bowl cleaning*
Toilet seat opening and closing*
Water surface level*
Hot air drying*
Toilet seat heater*
Water temperature and pressure*
Air dryer temperature and airflow speed*
Manual flushing during power failure
Seat sensor
Energy SavingInstant heating of toilet seat
Timer for power saving
Random Power Saving (machine learning)**
Heat retention toilet seat***

*Can be activated and controlled via the remote control.
**Machine learning capability. The system learns the toilet usage pattern and auto switch off to save energy.
***The seat is designed to trap heat to reduce energy consumption.

Installation is Easy Please Hire A Pro

Seriously, you don’t have to be a dexterous handyman or handywoman to install this Neorest NX toilet. But it sure helps for an easy install.

Like all Neorest toilets, this NX crapper comes with the Universal Socket, an adaptor which connects the bowl to the floor flange. If you have installed any tank type toilet before, you know this is straightforward and easy.

Watch the installation video below.

Universal Socket

Also, a template is provided to guide you on where to drill holes for mounting and alignment of the toilet. If you are comfortable with using a power drill and measuring tape, this part of the installation is a breeze.

And as usual, you have to get the water and power supply ready for this Neorest crapper. If you know proper plumbing, electrical wiring, and connection, you can try to do the entire installation yourself.

Otherwise, please hire a pro. Especially the electrical wiring part, safety is paramount than trying to save some bucks.

In any case, there is always the installation manual you can refer to for a proper install.

And by the way, TOTO’s user manuals are always well organized, incredibly detailed with pictorial illustrations. You won’t be left to rely on your imagination.

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Cost Of Replacement Parts & Repair (and Space)

Unless you know what you are doing, parts replacement is best left to the experts since it is one integrated piece of sanitary device. Such as the seat and the washlet of this Neorest NX.

Though TOTO has a stellar reputation for its product reliability, still, no parts last forever. There are sensitive electronics with a lifespan and moving parts like the drive mechanisms that work the wand and auto seat & cover. They will wear and tear over time.

And no plumber on Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor is capable of repairing this sophisticated piece of Japanese crapper. You will need the specialists from TOTO or its authorized dealers on repairs and parts replacement.

Getting original TOTO parts is also not an option as there are no third party equivalent parts you can use. And the replacement may include transport and labor cost besides the expensive components.

And if you are a little stretch on space, the overall size of this Neorest NX can be a challenge to fit in your tiny bath or powder room without looking awkward. With a total length of 31-1/2 inches and 18-7/16 inches wide bowl, you will need at least a 56 x 40 inches space area for this fat boy, and to comply with the local building code.

TOTO Neorest NX Specifications

This specification data is applicable to both Neorest NX1 and Neorest NX2.

Flush Volume1.0 GPF (3.8 LPF) / 0.8 GPF (3.0 LPF)
Water Supply SystemIn-built anti-condensation storage tank & pressurized pump
Flush SystemTornado flush siphon jet
Water PressureMin 7.25 PSI (0.05MPa) Flowing
Max 108 PSI (0.75 MPa) Static
Water Surface8-1/2″ x 7-1/2″
Trap Seal2-1/8”
Rough In12″
BowlVitreous china, elongated
Seat and CoverPlastic
Dimension18-7/16″ (W) x 31-1/2″ (L) x 23″ (H)
Seat Height17 5/16” (440mm)
Weightapprox. 141 lbs (64kg)
Warranty3 Years Limited (Residential)
Power Rating120V AC, 60Hz 1300W
Power Cord1.2 m (3.94 ft)
Washing Spray TemperatureMinimum: 86 ºF (30 ºC)
Maximum: 104 ºF (40 ºC)
Drying Air TemperatureHigh: About 140ºF (60ºC)
Low: About 95ºF (35ºC)
Air Flow Capacity10.24 ft3/min
Seat Surface TemperatureMinimum: 82 ºF (28 ºC)
Maximum: 97 ºF (36 ºC)
O2 Deodorizer (Air Purifying)Air Volume: 5.7 ft3/min
Ambient Temperature Range32 ºF (0 ºC) to 104 ºF (40 ºC)


TOTO Neorest NX Toilet Dimensions


It will be interesting to know how many will acquire this Neorest NX intelligent toilet out of its looks. Fortunately, the maker has a well-respected reputation for quality and as a leader in toilet technology. So, you are safe with your investment even if the only thing this TOTO Neorest NX toilet impresses you is its exterior.

And how can you not marvel at the integration of the washlet into the bowl, which is just brilliant. It sure makes the Neorest 700H & 750H look dated, and the full lid confirms it.

As always, with every new toilet launches, TOTO has something new and better to offer. The re-designed Tornado flush and rimless bowl are sure to spur the competition to come up with something similar or close but often hardly surpasses.

And you may be wondering if the NX1 model is good enough for your high hygiene standard or the NX2 is a must-have.

Yes, the NX1 model with only eWater+, which is an effective disinfectant, is good enough to maintain the toilet in a sterile condition. It doesn’t only clean the bowl and nozzle right after a flush. The self-sterilization of the nozzle and the Aftermist (with eWater+) will activate after a non-usage period to keep them sterilized.

But of course, if you have deeper pockets, the NX2 model has better hygiene features than the Neorest NX1. Besides eWater+, no living microorganism can get past the Actilight and the super hydrophilic zirconium coating on the bowl.

As for the wash, you just have to try it once to feel the Neorest experience.

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