AXENT.ONE C PLUS – Swiss Made Intelligent Toilets

Axent.One C Plus Intelligent Toilet

AXENT.ONE C PLUS – The Brilliance of Swiss Style Design

Fancy a piece of Swiss-made fixture to grace your prized bathroom? A vanity top or bathtub would be too ordinary if you want to make a statement. How about adding a high-tech toilet into the mix? And it has to be none other than the Axent.One C Plus intelligent toilet.

Now move over TOTO, there’s no place for conventional style here. We still love you though.

OK, to be fair, the Neorest NX is a great design masterpiece. But let’s move away from the oriental marvel for once and dwell into a European gem – Axent, the new kid on the block.

Established in 2008, the Axent Group is fast becoming a key player in the intelligent toilets niche. In a span of just ten years, the company has won numerous international design awards. Most noticeably in 2018, the company won 3 German Design Awards which include the Axent.One C plus smart toilet.

And now it has established a US base, which is a clear indication the fast-growing company is ready to explode. Watch out guys (KOHLER, TOTO, and American Standard).

The Fading Conventional Design

Is this the trend now? As we are witnessing more unique designs detaching away from the conventional look. With KOHLER’s Numi and TOTO’s Neorest NX, it could well be the beginning of more innovations coming your way.

Who needs that ugly bulge at the rear when it can be hidden away with clever use of technology. In today’s context, simplicity is a fashion statement. Beneath the simple outlook lies the complexity in the thought process that brings about the highest level of user-friendliness and great aesthetics.

Axent vs Conventional Style

And now with Axent.One C Plus, it may well spark off a trend of more streamline design with a seamless integration of bidet (plastic) and toilet (porcelain).

So, will this Axent intelligent toilet be a trend Setter?

That certainly is not what you are interested right now. Let’s try to answer your questions about its performance, build quality, and the potential damage it can inflict on your wallet. And open up another option for your quest for aesthetic and minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on performance and features.

Unique Flushing System For Actual Saving of Water

The Axent.One C Plus intelligent toilet uses the Vacuum V Flush two-fold hydrodynamic flushing system. Now that’s a long name for a flushing system, and quite a mouthful to read out loud. It’s a turnoff if you try to figure out how it works based solely on its descriptive name.

But the concept is stupidly simple and ingenious at the same time. Just a little tweak on how the siphon process work, it cuts down water wastage during a flush and offers you the precision in water consumption. So when they say its flush volume is 1.28 GPF, they do mean 1.28 gallons per flush.

Well, not sure how much they will give and take on the actual water consumption, but you probably wouldn’t want to challenge the Swiss when precision is concerned. At the very least, the flushing system is sensibly designed to optimize flushing efficiency, and eliminate the use of water to initiate the siphon.

So what’s the design concept and how different is the Vacuum V Flush two-fold hydrodynamic flushing system compare to the conventional siphon flush?

First, let’s get rid of the long descriptive name and just call it the AST Flushing System, which stands for Airless Siphon Technology.

And this is how it works…

No Air in the Trapway

The conventional trapway design will have air in the trap. When a flush is initiated, the air will be pushed out of the trapway by the gushing water from the tank, forming a vacuum as a result, which will then pull or suck out everything in the bowl until air is re-introduced in the trapway.

Nothing’s wrong with the traditional concept, and that’s how every siphonic toilet is made out to work.

Except there is a small drawback, which, quite a significant amount of water is used to initiate the siphon and does nothing more to clear waste. So the actual amount of water left to flush out the waste is now less than the stipulated flushing capacity.

The AST system is designed precisely to nip this disadvantage in the bud. That is by doing away with having air in the trap. Instead, the trapway is filled with water after each flush. That means the siphon is always active and ready to pull the waste out of the bowl. So not a single drop of water and time is wasted to initiate the siphon.

And guess what? The ‘side effect’ of having a water-filled trapway means it is a much better seal against sewer gas leak. The possibility of foul-smelling sulfur gas from the pipes leaking through the trap is tremendously reduced.

Airless Siphon Technology

Tankless Technology

And since there isn’t an air chamber in the trapway, there is no need to rely on gravity. It’s purely on siphon power. So the tank can be contained in the bowl structure instead of sitting high above the bowl. For this reason, this Axent.One C Plus intelligent toilet has an added advantage besides being ‘tankless’ – Silent Flushing.

It’s hard to produce a noisy flush with no air in the trapway and a Low Tank Profile.

As you can see from the image below, the tank is located within the bowl unit. Without the tank being visible, it feels pretty much like a wall hung, which makes any small space roomier both visually and physically. And speaking of wall-hung, the Axent.One does come with a wall-mounted version (more about it later).

Tankless Technology

Advantages of Airless Siphon Technology

  1. Full utilization of water capacity for waste removal & bowl rinsing
  2. Waste removal starts immediately upon initiation of flush
  3. Flushing speed is faster than conventional siphonic design
  4. No water is wasted to initiate the siphon
  5. Low profile storage tank
  6. A tighter sewer gas seal
  7. Silent flush
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Swiss Design & Build Quality

If you owned an intelligent toilet, whether it is a TOTO or KOHLER, you will find this Axent.One C+ toilet easier and refreshing to operate and maintain. Once you get the hang of it, you wouldn’t want it another way. You will come to appreciate the thoughtfulness the Swiss have put into the design.

Total Control Even When The Remote Fails

The smart toilet provides three alternative ways to full operation and control of the wash functions and the other adjustments. You have the options of the usual remote control, an app where you can download and install onto your mobile phone (either Android or Apple iOS), and a giant wristwatch dial (One.Dial) on the bidet seat.

Full Function Control Dial

So under any situation when you can’t use the remote control or smartphone, you can still have full control on all the bidet features via the One.Dial. Compare to other makes which only provide a small emergency side control panel with very basic and limited functions.

And the best part is, in the event of a power failure, you can still flush the toilet normally like any conventional siphonic toilet via the flush button located next to the dial. Remember the storage tank in the bowl unit? That’s how it is possible. As long as the water supply didn’t fail, you can flush.

One.Dial Inspiration

Inspired by the design of the Swiss timepiece crown, the Axent.One C Plus minimalistic yet familiar design is fitted with the One.Dial feature that offers multi-control and adjustment.


Whatever control and adjustment you can do with the remote control or the phone app, the multifunction dial provide almost similar control. All the bidet functions like spray volume, water temperature, nozzle positions, air dryer, deodorizer, front and rear wash, etc. can be controlled using the dial.

You will love how easy it is to operate with the dial compared to a control panel which you will only use when the remote fails or when the batteries are weak. And you probably don’t remember the position of the buttons on the panel.

So instead of having to look over to see which button to press on the side control panel, you can reach the One.Dial easily without looking, and it is a lot more convenient to operate. This is very helpful for those who can’t see well at night or under poor light condition when they need to use the facility — especially the elderly and the visually impaired.

Though you might need a little getting-used-to with the dial in the beginning, you can surely appreciate the convenience it offers as you become more experienced. And it is not difficult to figure out the various control even for the first time. Within minutes you are most likely able to grasp all the wash control and adjustment.

There are only 3 actions you can do with the One.Dial – Push, Pull, and Turn (exactly like the wristwatch dial). For example, a simple push on the dial will activate the rear wash, and push again to stop. Or simply turn the dial counter-clockwise for rear wash, and clockwise for front or feminine wash. And turn further to increase or decrease water volume.

You can adjust the water temperature by pulling the dial and turn clockwise or anticlockwise for your desired temperature. And to adjust the nozzle position, simply push the dial and turn. Other functions like seat temperature, air dryer, deodorizer, night light, and more can be set or adjusted via the multifunction dial.

Alright, stop trying to visualize how the dial works the wash function when you can watch it in action. So here’s a video on Axent’s One.Dial Operation.

Stain-Resistance Surface and Super Easy to Clean

You probably have guessed it. After all, it’ll be unthinkable for an award-winning intelligent toilet to be lacking in hygiene feature and laborious to clean. And coming from the cleanest country in the world, cleanliness and ease of maintenance will never be an option. What’s good enough for the Swiss, it should be good enough for the rest of the world.

Stain-Resistance Surface

So it has got a stain-resistance and antibacterial coat on its surfaces, which not only prevent the undesirables from accumulating and grow, sticky waste smear can too be reduced. Plus a rimless bowl profile makes cleaning even easier than ever, with just water you can remove dirt without the need to use harsh chemicals or hard scrubbing.

And cleaning the exterior is just as breezy. You’ve got less area to take care, and with all the steep and flat surfaces, dirt, dust, grime, and mold are hard to form. A few wipes with a soft cloth will return a spanking clean toilet just like new.

Then the bidet seat, which looks no different from a regular toilet seat, can be detached easily for a thorough clean. So keeping the toilet free from dirt, marks, or stains, in and out, really is no chores at all.

Easy to Remove Seat and Cover

Specification, Dimension, Certification, and MaP Score

Other than the luxurious exterior and unique operational features, the base specification of this Axent.One C Plus toilet is still pretty much like any regular water closet. So you shouldn’t be concern about its compatibility with existing plumbing.

You can swap your existing tank and bowl with this smarty like a standard replacement. The rough-in is the common 12-inch, so your plumber needs no special instruction to plumb the bowl onto the flange or connect the water supply. However, you will need to install a power socket, which is the work of an electrician. Let’s worry about the installation later, which is no hassle at all.

The Axent.One C Plus spot an elongated bowl with a seat height of slightly over 17 inches. That’s an ADA compliant height. Though nowhere it shows that it is certified ADA compliance, a 17-inch seat height is acceptable for most people and definitely welcome by those with a little mobility issue.

Also, the Axent One is not WaterSense certified. At least that’s the case at the time this post was published. But that may change if the company decides to obtain the EPA’s WaterSense certification later. And they should have no problem getting certified as its flush capacity of 1.28 GPF meets the requirement of EPA for a WaterSense as well as the CalGreen (California Green Building Code) label.

And now, on to the million dollar question…

How well can this Axent.One C+ crapper flush?

There’s no better way to answer this question than with a MaP Report — this Axent.One C Plus intelligent toilet can flush a massive 800 grams of waste with a MaP 800 rating.

That’s well within the Highly Recommended band of the MaP score. Here’s the link to the MaP Score (MaP Report No. 47-018). And please note that the MaP rating is for the floor-mounted model and not the wall-hung version. The wall-mounted model probably has similar flushing power since it is using the same AST flushing system.

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Toilet Specification & Features

Toilet Specification
Bowl ShapeElongated
Toilet TypeSiphonic / Floor-Mounted
Water ConsumptionSingle Flush 1.28 GPF (4.8 LPF)
Power Rating120VAC 60Hz, 1300W
Material FinishVitreous China with Antibacterial Glaze
ColorWhite with Chrome Trim
DimensionsL 28-9/16” x W 15-7/8” x H 19-5/16”
Weight121.25 lbs
Toilet Features
Flushing SystemPatented Airless Siphonic Technology (AST)
Flush ModeManual and Remote Activated Flushing
Smart Phone AppSmart Phone App Enabled Control
Tank StoragePatented Tankless Technology
Bowl HeightADA Height (17+ inches)
Seat and LidSoft-Closing
MaP Rating800 (Highly Recommended)

Axent.One C Plus Bidet Features

Pretty much every features you would expect to see in a high-end smart toilet, Axent.One C+ has them all. That is if you prefer features like an auto open and close seat, self-activated flushing, self-cleaning nozzle, massaging wash, air dryer, deodorizer, and more.

Below are the main features that are characteristics of a 5-grand intelligent toilet. The other attributes are quite standard, even among other mid-range models.

Axent.One C Plus Remote Control

Auto Open/Close Seat and Lid
If hygiene is paramount in your consideration for a water closet, the automatic open and close seat is a must-have. Besides eliminating one possible contamination point of contact, it provides convenience for the disabled and elderly to use the toilet independently.

This feature is especially loved by the ladies who need to constantly remind the men in the house to lift up and put down the seat every time they take a leak. Even if the men are well trained to do that, there is always a time when the guys are losing control of their pee, then every second count. You get the idea.

Auto Open and Closed Seat

You can preset to open the seat and lid automatically, or just the lid when you approach the toilet. So it is not gender biased, it depends on how well the men are trained your needs. And you can also adjust the sensing distance before it detects your presence to open the seat and/or lid.

The 2-port nozzle is made of stainless steel, which is always desirable compared to plastic for durability and generally perceived as more hygienic. And of course, it provides both the posterior and feminine wash with aerated spray and 5-position adjustment.

The nozzle will self-cleaned itself before and after every use to rinse away any dirt that may have landed on the flat nozzle surface. So at the start of each wash cycle, the nozzle will be rinsed with water as it projects out, and once again when it retracts after the wash.

Stainless Steel Nozzle

And you can also do manual cleaning of the nozzle periodically. Use the One.Dial to activate Level 2 functions and you can extend out the nozzle (without the spray) for your cleaning ‘pleasure’.

Auto Flushing
The auto flushing is another well-loved feature if you want a totally hands-free experience. And you have the flexibility to choose the timing you want to activate the flush. The factory setting is 15 seconds from the moment you stood up from the seat.

You can select a timing from 5 seconds up to 25 seconds, or turn it off entirely. And you might want to time the activation of the auto-flushing to be right after the lid is fully closed if you are wary of the toilet plume. But rest assured, the toilet plume aerosols produced by the flush is very much reduced, thanks to the quiet Airless Siphon flushing system.

And just like the automatic seat, the self-activated flushing offers everyone, including the aged and disadvantaged, the independence and safety of using the facility.

Wash Feature
For anyone who is going to splurge a couple of stacks on a smart toilet, the wash features better be good or at least must be decent. That’s the gist of owning an intelligent toilet. And the wash features of this Axent One C Plus smart toilet will neither disappoint nor surprises you (or maybe just a little with a 3rd spray mode).

Oscillating Wash Mode

Similar to other top-end models, this Axent One C+ toilet also offers the option of oscillating and pulsating wash. And a 3rd wash mode, which is a combination of Oscillating and Pulsating spray.

During Rear or Front wash, press the ‘Massage’ button 3 times on the remote will start the Oscillating and Pulsating combo spray wash.

If you are wondering how an oscillate-pulsate combo wash feels like, you just have to try it. Nobody would mind an extra massage mode – another level of relaxation, so why not?

And if you are a smart-toilet owner, (from experience) you probably would want to know what’s the spray strength like. The maximum flow rate is 650 ml/min. or 1/16 gallon per minute for both rear and front wash. That’s a strong spray rate (versus TOTO’s 430 ml/min).

The rest of the adjustment like water temperature and volume, can be applied on any spray mode you have selected, be it during a posterior or feminine wash. And the water heater is presumed to be the instant type which offers unrestricted continuous warm water spray.

Air Dryer, Deodorizer, Heated Seat…and a Smartphone App
And here are the rest of the bidet features. To say the least, they are pretty standard for most of the functions. The difference is how meticulous the features work. If you are an owner of a TOTO Neorest, you will find the familiarity in most of the feature settings.

By default, some of the features are set to ‘Auto’ or ‘ON’ by the factory, such as the deodorizer, seat heating, and night light. Functions like Auto Dryer and Power Saving mode are factory-set to ‘OFF’. So be sure to turn them ON or OFF according to your preference.

As discussed earlier, you can preset and control all the features via the One.Dial, Remote Control, or the Smartphone app. It’s impossible to lose control if the main power did not fail.

And these days the phone is an indispensable companion even while you are on number two. So it makes perfect sense (or bad idea) to have an app that offers more convenience for users.

But please remember to clean your phone with sanitizing wipes after every visit to the bathroom. The remote control is unlikely to show up on the dining table or anywhere outside of the bathroom. But your phone will, together with some micro-organic ‘friends’ you’ve just acquainted with when you are in the bathroom.

The smartphone app is called Axent Remote, and it is available on both Android and iOS phones.

Axent Remote Smartphone App
Axent Smartphone App Control

All Bidet Features

Bidet FeaturesControl
Seat and LidAuto or activated via Remote Control or Phone App
FlushingAuto or activated via Flush Button, Remote Control or Phone App
Posterior WashActivated via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Feminine WashActivated via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Oscillating and Pulsating WashActivated via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App during wash
Water Volume5 levels adjustment
Self-Cleaning Spray Arm (Nozzle)Auto, ON, OFF via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Spray Arm (Nozzle) Position5 levels adjustment
Air DryerAuto or adjustable via Remote Control or Phone App
Temperature Adjustment for Water, Air & Seat5 levels via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Night LightAuto, ON, OFF via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Seat HeatingAuto, ON, OFF via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
DeodorizerAuto, ON, OFF via One.Dial, Remote Control or Phone App
Eco (Power Saving)Auto, ON, OFF via Remote Control or Phone App
System PurgeActivated via One.Dial or Remote Control

Easy Installation But Please Hire an Electrician

Installation of this Axent.One C+ toilet couldn’t be any easier if you have the power socket ready. So if you haven’t pulled an electrical line to the toilet location, please do before the unpacking. And please engage a qualified electrician to do the job for a proper installation.

Once you have the power source ready, the rest is all downhill from then on. There are no drillings on the floor required as the bowl is secured to the flange. The bowl is connected to the floor flange via the flange adapter which is an easy 5 minutes install.

Flange Adapter Installation

Next is the mounting, leveling, and securing the bowl unit onto the flange adapter and you are 90% done.

Mounting and Securing the Bowl Unit

The rest of the works are done in the following sequence:

  1. Connect the water supply (91%)
  2. Turn on the angle valve and check for leaks (92%)
  3. Adjust the water level in the tank (93%)
  4. Mount the bidet seat (94%)
  5. Do a manual flush and check for leaks (95%)
  6. Plug in power and pair up the One.Dial and Remote Control with the toilet (96%)
  7. Test all bidet functions with the One.Dial and Remote Control (97%)
  8. Caulk the bowl base (98%)
  9. Mount the remote control holder on the wall (99%)
  10. Preset whatever auto functions you desire (100%)

If there are no issues like water leaking or leveling of the bowl due to an uneven floor, you or your plumber should be able to complete the entire installation in under an hour. Or maybe slightly more time is required if you need to remove the old toilet.

Does it look easy enough that you are tempted to do it yourself? It sure does if you have installed toilets or fixed all the plumbing in the house. Otherwise, get hired help.

What if Your Rough-in is 10-inch or 14-inch?

If you go through all the available documents online, nowhere it shows the Axent One C Plus has the option for 10 and 14 inches rough-in. In any case, you may want to check with the company if you can’t use the standard 12-inch rough-in.

But even if they don’t offer the option for 10 and 14 inches rough-in, fret not. You can always use an offset flange to adapt. And depending on how your existing flange is installed, it can be a little tricky to set the offset properly. Unless you know what you are doing, please call your plumber over. It should be a relatively easy job for him.

It’ll Be Perfect if…

The mantra ‘no product is perfect’ holds true even for this award-winning Swiss intelligent toilet. Fortunately, nothing major. It’s more of those pet peeves that you wouldn’t expect from a 5 thousand bucks smart toilet. So how irritating can it be?

Remote Control

When you are pre-setting a function, it’d have been better if there is an LCD screen you can see, so the setting of features becomes intuitive. Though the remote of this Axent smart toilet has every setting accessible, you need to hit 2 buttons at the same time for most of the pre-settings and observe how the indicator respond.

So, you can’t do any of the pre-settings without the user manual with you.

That’s fine, you may say, but this is so 80’ish. We are in the smartphone era, remember? We want interactive stuff. Now try to switch off the Deodorizer without referring to the user manual.

Unless, for some reasons, you can relate the ‘Mute’ icon to scent or your olfactory organ, it just doesn’t make sense. If they can have a ‘Deodoriser’ button on the smartphone app, why not on the remote control?

Axent vs TOTO Remote Control
Sanitizing Feature

Is the passive antimicrobial coating on the bowl surface sufficient to ward off microbes? You can hear a resounding NO from the hygiene freaks from 3 miles away.

But most people are okay with it because it really is effective in preventing bacterial infections and bacterial transmission. Which is why hospital equipment and fixtures are all done with an antibacterial coat. So don’t worry, it is safe and hygienic.

Then what about the stainless steel nozzle which has no coating on it? The fact is, stainless steel has no inherent antimicrobial properties unless it is of medical grade. So, is the nozzle of this Axent intelligent toilet made of medical grade stainless steel? You can presume it is not. Otherwise, it will be a perfect unique selling point no marketing department would want to leave out.

And the flat surface of the nozzle, compared to a round one, is easier for dirt to land and stick on. It looks cool, though. So maybe a round nozzle is more practical for this reason.

Nozzle Comparison - Axent vs KOHLER

What about having an active sanitization like using electrolyzed water or ultra-violet light to sterilize the nozzle? TOTO is famous for that in its range of Neorest toilets, even when the nozzle is antimicrobial coated. And KOHLER, which uses both electrolyzed water and UV light to sanitize its round stainless steel nozzle.

What’s your excuse, Axent?

The Wall Hung Version

Axent.One Plus

It will be suicidal to the bottom line if there isn’t a wall hung version when 90% of toilets in Switzerland are wall mounted. So it’s not an option to leave it out.

The wall hung model, Axent.One Plus has similar features to the floor-standing Axent.One C Plus. The only difference, other than it is wall hung, is its bowl length (from the wall to the bowl front). The off-the-ground model is only 23 inches long versus 28 inches of the on-the-floor version.

Floor Mount vs Wall-Hung

So if you have a tiny bath or powder room, consider this Axent.One Plus wall hung intelligent toilet. But don’t think of replacing your existing floor-mounted crapper without tearing down the wall and hacking the floor to relocate the drain pipe. It’s some extensive work there which will take at least a couple of days to complete. Great to include if you are planning a remodel or new-build.

And it will worth your while when you have fully installed this levitating beauty. You are going to love the sense of spaciousness it presents in your tiny bathroom. Cleaning is even breezier than the floor-mounted version. Highly recommend going for it if you have a generous budget.

Where can you buy this wall-hung Axent.One Plus toilet?

Where do you live?


U.S.A and Canada

Contact Axent USA

United Kingdom

Amazon or Axent’s authorized distributors

Wrapping Up

You may have already known or seen this Axent One C+ toilet, but probably aren’t sure of its features and performance. And its high price tag, plus the lack of user reviews makes it all too hard to justify. So hopefully, this Axent intelligent toilet review is helpful to you towards making an informed purchase decision.

The 2 biggest value items are the AST Flushing and One.Dial control. Together, the intrinsic value offered by both features is well above its commercial worth. And the convenience, comfort, and high hygiene standard that the bidet provides are parallel with the industry’s best.

In fact, just the advangtages of the AST flushing system alone has a significant impact on the state of any bathroom. Besides being more efficient with the flush and water usage, your bathroom can only get cleaner and cozier with the low noise flushing and the tankless exterior simply means fewer surfaces to clean.

And the sleek appearance of this Axent.One C Plus will add that alluring touch to any bathroom setting. Or when room size is a concern, the wall hung Axent.One Plus will have that little space lit.

Last but not least, the One.Dial is truly an unique feature that gives every person the right to use the facility independently in a safe and hygienic manner, regardless of their physical condition. You are always in full control of all the bidet features under any circumstances, if the power didn’t fail.

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  1. My toilet is extremely loud when you flush it. Is this normal as it is definitely not a silent flush?

  2. I need my toilet bowl lid will open n close to set it with out press any button after used it?

    • Hi Hanita.

      I’m afraid you have to refer to the manual and here’s the thing…

      1. If you are from Europe, the manual shows there are 2 remote control type, A & B. You can execute the auto seat setting with only type A remote control. It’s on page 24 of the manual – you can download it here

      2. If you are from the US, last checked, the US manual doesn’t show anything about auto seat setting. I may be wrong.

      So the best thing you can do is to contact customer support from where ever you bought the toilet, or visit the respective websites.

      USA –
      Europe –

  3. I bought the Primus. My plumber installed it correctly and when the fill cycle ends after the flush, it ends with a loud “thump” sound. I called Axent Tech Dept and they said to change the water intake valve to the type that you turn and can adjust the water pressure. I did that! No change! I called them back and they asked me to send them a recording of the sound. The tech said they think they knew what might be causing it and would get back to me shortly. I recorded the entire flush sequence and it ended with the “thump” sound. They responded by email and said the sound was normal. Unbelievable!

    I have never heard a toilet end with such a sound. And, who would design a toilet that made such a terrible sound at the end of a cycle. First they tell me it is a problem. Then, they tell me it’s normal. What a load of @#$&!

    • Hi Michael. OK to send me the recorded sound? You can send to info @ (without the spaces).

  4. What about the Primus with no electronics?

    • Hi Genevieve.

      Originally, the Swiss version of the Primus is a bidet toilet (similar to TOTO G400 or Bio Bidet IB-835) and upgrade-able to become an Axent.One by just changing to an Axent seat. But if you visit their European site now,, it seems they no longer offer the electronic Primus. And Axent USA version is a stripped down Primus, which is just a manual flushing toilet.

      If you like its look, AST flushing, and don’t mind its 4-figure price tag, then why not? And I’d suggest checking with Axent USA to see if you can upgrade to an Axent.One by purchasing just the bidet seat later.

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