TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet – Unique CeFIONtect Advantage

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet Review

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet – Elegant, Space Saving And Powerful

If you re looking for a TOTO wall hung toilet, inevitably you will come to learn about the Aquia and Maris. And these are the only two TOTO wall mounted toilets you can find in America previously. With the rising trend of low-flow toilet, in 2016 TOTO USA introduces the 1.28 GPF version, the MH and RP bowls.

But let’s leave the discussion on the low flow models for another day. For now, the focus is on the Aquia and Maris, which are among the favorites of those seeking to clear their bathroom floor of plumbing fixtures.

So comes the question, between Aquia and Maris, which is better?

Let’s find out in this TOTO wall hung toilet review.

NOTE: It’s a long post so please use the Table of Content and anchor for your easy browsing.

Geberit Wall Hung Toilet Carrier Review

Everything You Wish For In A Toilet

Americans are too used to the floor mounted commode with a tank. That’s fine when living spaces are not an object. But for the city dwellers, space is a rare commodity. It is simply impractical and expensive to have a bathroom sized for a regular size tank and bowl crapper. Ask the New Yorkers.

Will you sacrifice your living space for a bigger bathroom so that you can have a regular toilet?

You probably will if there isn’t a good enough solution. But now, with more homes switching out the floor mount pan for a wall hung toilet, complaints of small bathroom spaces are beginning to sound more like excuses.

Great Space Saving Toilet, Easy To Clean With SanaGloss

Space Saving Toilet
Image from
Wall hung toilets such as the TOTO Aquia CT418FG will fit nicely into a 30″ x 45″ space. Compare to a minimum 30″ x 54″ floor area for a regular floor standing pan, that’s about 9 inches saved at the front.

Not only it frees up the floor space underneath, but it also makes cleaning really easy. Also, there are fewer places to clean since the tank is now hidden. And the CeFIONtect surface needs only water to keep clean.

In fact, the ease of cleaning and maintenance is the number one reason why people love this TOTO Aquia wall hung toilet. Plus, the tankless look gives you a sense of spaciousness; a floating toilet bowl if you will.

What Is The Difference Between SanGloss And CeFiONtect?

If this is the first time you heard of SanaGloss, it’s a TOTO proprietary ceramic glaze. A special coating developed by TOTO which enhances the smoothness of ceramic surfaces. The idea is to prevent stubborn waste from sticking to the otherwise porous ceramic surface of the bowl.

The other name for SanaGloss is CeFiONtect, which is the original name TOTO uses for the Asian market in the beginning. They are the same ion-barrier surface coat you find in this TOTO Aquia wall hung toilet. They have dropped the SanaGloss branding since, and now it’s known as CeFIONtect across the board.

With CeFIONtect, you get a cleaner bowl with every flush.

You Decide What Seating Height You Want

Unlike the floor-mount toilet, you now have some freedom over the seating height. This bit of flexibility is due to the bowl support being on the wall, and not bound by the bowl height like the floor mounted model.

According to the specification, you have a range of 15″ to 19″ you can use to set the seat height. So if you love the comfort height you have tried on your friend’s toilet during a visit, you can fix it at between 16.5″ to 17.5″. Or bring it down to the lowest 15″ for a regular seat height.

The higher seat is suitable for those with special needs. For example, you can fix the height to the same level as the wheelchair where the person can easily shift over. That will provide safety and convenience for both the helper and the elderly or disabled person. Or you are just too tall to find comfort with the standard bowl height.

However, a misconception about the ‘adjustable height’ is that the bowl can be adjusted up or down at will. No. Unfortunately, you can’t. You have to decide on the sitting height during installation. Once it’s installed, the height is not adjustable.

To re-adjust the bowl height would mean tearing out the wall to gain full access to the in-wall frame again.

Water Saving Dual-Max Flushing System

Dual Flush Push ButtonThis TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet features the Dual-Max flushing system for clearing solid and liquid waste. The 1.6 gpf is for solid waste, or a full flush if you like. And the 0.9 gpf is sufficient for liquid waste. In combination, you get an average flush of 1.28gpf which earned it the WaterSense label and meets the maximum flush capacity of some States.

WaterSense label

Both flushes work through a Push Plate mechanism mounted on the wall. They are part of the DUOFIT In-Wall Tank System of this TOTO Aquia wall hung toilet.

Exceeding Industry Standard In-Wall Tank System

DUOFIT In-Wall Tank System
DUOFIT In-Wall Tank System
The TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet consist of 2 main parts; the in-wall tank system and the bowl.

The in-wall tank system consists of a water tank, the flushing mechanism, and the metal frame. The frame is the primary structure that holds the water tank and provides support for the bowl.

And of course, the bowl is just a bowl. It is useless without the in-wall carrier. So unless you are buying as a replacement, don’t forget the in-wall tank system when you decide to go for this Aquia wall hung toilet.

The DUOFIT frame can support a load of up to 880 lbs. Exceeding the requirement of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard, ASME A112.6.2.

There’s no worry about the bowl dislodging from the mount when the frame is secured correctly. And it is as safe as a floor mount toilet.

Clog Free Bowl Design

TOTO Aquia CT418FG#01Unlike the conventional toilet bowl, where the trapway is a long and winding ceramic passageway, the TOTO Aquia, or more precisely all wall hung toilets spot a short trapway. And because of that, wall hung toilets can’t produce the siphon, or ‘the pull’ to clear waste out of the bowl.

Instead, they use the weight and gravitational force of water gushing from the tank to push waste out of the toilet bowl. They belong to the washdown toilet category.

The advantage of a short trapway is, you are unlikely to experience the irritating clog. That is because the content in the bowl is very much nearer to the bowl outlet which is on the wall. So with a push, the waste will easily flow over the low dam or weir in the bowl and straight into the drain pipe. If you ever experience a clog with a wall hung toilet, it’s almost always in the drain pipe and not on the toilet itself.

And drain pipes don’t clog easily. If it does, it will be messy and usually means money needs to spend. So be mindful of what you are flushing down the drain, always.

Acoustically Insulated For Quieter Flush

The regular tank and bowl toilets are notorious for producing noise during a flush. Especially with the washdown toilets. But the same cannot be said of the Aquia. With the tank hidden behind the wall, you get a much-reduced noise level as the wall acts as a sound barrier.

And if you prefer an even quieter flush, get a Geberit in-wall carrier to go with this TOTO Aquia bowl. It comes with an insulating cover for the tank. But not to confuse you with noise insulation, the cover is for preventing condensation. Though it is not designed to insulate noise, it sure can help to muffle some decibel coming from the tank.

But if you are extremely sensitive to flushing noises, to the extent they affect your daily life, then you will need a more holistic approach to noise control. That certainly is beyond what this TOTO Aquia wall hung toilet alone can provide. You will need specialist help to assess and plan out your toilet installation.

Features & Specifications Overview

  • Dual-Max flushing system, low consumption (1.6GPF/6.0LPF & 0.9GPF/3.4LPF)
  • Elongated bowl
  • CeFIONtect bowl surface finishes
  • Dual-Flush Option
  • Skirted Design
  • Wall-Hung
  • Universal Height – adjustable
  • WaterSense mark
  • Easy pairing with DUOFIT in-wall tank system
  • 1.6 GPF & 0.9GPF (6.0 LPF & 3.4LPF)
  • Min. water pressure 8 psi (static)
  • Water surface area 5.5″ X 4.75″
  • Trap Diameter: 2.125″
  • Trap Seal: 2.125″
  • Configurable seat height 15″ to 19″
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: ~52lbs
  • Dimensions: 21″ L x 14.187″ W x 15″-19″ H

How Much Will A Complete System Costs?

The Aquia CT418FG#01 is the model number for the bowl only. You will need the in-wall tank system to make it work as a complete toilet. Then there’s the seat cover and push plate which you have to buy them all separately.

So for a basic system, you will need to buy:

  1. The bowl (with CeFIONtect), model: CT418FG#01
  2. SoftClose seat cover, model: SS114#01
  3. DuoFit In-Wall Tank System, model: WT151M
  4. Push Plate Dual Button, model: YT800#WH

Just the basic system would cost you at least $600, assuming it includes free shipping. You will probably need a budget of about $1000 for the installation. So all in all, expect a total cost of between $1600 to $2000 for a complete wall hung toilet installation. And remember, that’s only for a basic system.

Of course you can save around $50 if you choose a bowl without the CeFIONtect finish. Any other options will only see the prices go up from there.

So What Are The Other Options?

Aquia Versus Maris – How Would You Choose?

As mentioned earlier, TOTO USA has only 2 models for its wall hung toilet bowls – Aquia and Maris. Both have the CeFIONtect finish and they are different in dimension and water surface area.

The Maris (model: CT486FG#01) is longer in length by an inch at 22.06″. As compare to the Aquia which is 21.06″ long. An inch may not seem like an issue in most cases. But if space is really tight, every inch counts.

If you have a really small bathroom, then the Aquia will be a more suitable model to go for.

The space for the Maris bowl is 30″ x 43″ to meet the minimum space rule. But please check the local plumbing code for the minimum space requirement. In most States, it should be acceptable.

Other than the dimensional size, the bowl design is another factor you should look out. Especially if you are a large build, you may find yourself edging towards the front. And if you compare the bowl shape of the Maris vs the Aquia, you will notice that the bowl front of the Maris is a curved-in. (see diagram below)

Guys who are ‘long’ is likely going to hit the inside bowl surface. And yes, there are complaints of such nature with the Maris.

Aquia vs Maris - Side View
Aquia vs Maris – Bowl Shape (Side View)

The next thing you should know is the smaller water surface area of the Maris bowl. You will learn why this is an issue in the next section. But the Aquia is not any bigger either.

What Is The Price Difference Between Aquia and Maris?

On TOTO’s official website, the price difference between the Aquia and the Maris is about $65. The expensive one is the Maris bowl. But on Amazon, the difference is probably in the range of $20 to $50. This is usually due to price changes by the respective Amazon sellers. And do note that some sellers do not offer free shipping. So the prices you see there may or may not include shipping cost. You can verify by clicking on the ‘Check Price On Amazon’ button which will take you to the respective product page in Amazon.

What Are The Options For The In-Wall Tank System?

The heart of this TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet is the in-wall tank system. Without it, the Aquia bowl is just a piece of porcelain ware that serves no purpose.

But what is a good in-wall tank system and what are the options available out there?

Besides TOTO’s DUOFIT in-wall tank system, you have the Geberit option. Of course there are other in-wall frames you can use, but for a peace of mind, always go for the best.

A good in-wall tank and carrier must have this 2 features:

  • A one-piece insulated impact-resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE) tank. The TOTO DUOFIT and Geberit Duofix tank are blow molded with no seams or weak points. Thereby eliminating any possibility of leakage.
  • A metal frame structure of at least 16-gauge and powder coated. The frame must meet the ASME A112.6.2* requirement. Which in this case, both the TOTO and Geberit frame is able to support up to 880 lbs, exceeding the minimum strength requirement of ASME A112.6.2.

*ASME A112.6.2 is a standard for Framing-Affixed Supports for Off-The-Floor Water Closets with Concealed Tanks.

There are almost no differences between the DUOFIT and Geberit. In fact, they look so similar that many think TOTO could have simply used their logo on the Geberit system.

But don’t worry, there’s no legal issues here. It’s normal for one company to use another manufacturer’s components through an OEM agreement. So likely there’s an agreement between TOTO and Geberit. In fact, Geberit also produces the in-wall tank and carrier for other brands like KOHLER and Duravit.

Whatever it is, you are good with both brands. However, between the 2, Geberit is better known than TOTO for its in-wall tank and carrier system. And it produces some of the best wall hung toilet frame for a long list of toilet manufacturers besides TOTO.

So between Geberit Duofix and TOTO DUOFIT, how should you choose?

When all things are equal, price becomes the basis of your decision. But there’s another consideration you may have besides price. That is the choice of push plates available.

TOTO DUOFIT system provides only 3 options, versus Geberit’s endless choice of push plates. But some of the Geberit push plates can cost more than the in-wall carrier itself. And it’s not necessary for an aesthetic reason. Geberit has a pneumatic range which also caters for ADA compliant solutions.

Geberit Push Plates

Here’s a comparison between TOTO DUOFIT In-Wall Tank and Geberit DuoFix in-wall tank and carrier system. And the highly recommended in-wall tank and carrier is this.

What Are The Disadvantages You Should Know?

When all looks good on the surface, there’s this little shortcoming that you should be aware of. That is the small water surface area of this TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet.

With an area of just 5.5″ x 4.75″, it poses quite a problem with bowl streaking and odor.

When you have a heavy session, the water volume is just too small to get everything submerge. The wastes that are above the water will cause odor to fill the air around. Which is why you need an exhaust fan if you have a really small space for a toilet like this.

And, all the more you need the CeFIONtect coat on the bowl surface. It’s inevitable for waste to stick to the surface with a small water surface area. The CeFIONtect surface will ensure the wastes are easily flushed away. Otherwise over time skid marks may start to form around the bowl outlet.

But this is not a design flaw. It’s typical of all washdown toilets to have small water surface area.

So if you are used to having a large water surface area, this will be the only thing you need to get use to.

Another disadvantage is the limited color choice of the TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet. If your idea of ‘hiding’ the unsightly streaks is with a darker color bowl, such as a Black or Ebony bowl, you can’t. This TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet is available only in White.

But the biggest disadvantage of all is cost. This is to be expected as the bulk of the cost goes to installation. Which include supplementary materials like wall studs, plasters or tiles, and labor. And they can all add up to quite a substantial amount.

Can You Save On Installation Cost?

The only way you can save on the installation cost is to install this TOTO Aquia Wall Hung toilet yourself. But that is assuming you have the knowledge and experience in putting up partition walls and plumbing. Otherwise it is best to engage a plumbing company that has a good track record in installing wall hung toilets.

The main thing here is securing the carrier frame within the wall. Even though the carrier is rated to carry up to 880 lbs, that doesn’t mean it will as long as it is fastened to the wall. The loading strength of the in-wall carrier is as good as how rigid the wall is built. So it’s meaningless if the wall can’t support anything more than 880 lbs or less.

It is imperative that the carrier is properly installed to avoid costly repairs in the future. So don’t attempt to do it yourself unless you know what you are doing.

Some Concerns People Have About Wall Mounted Toilet

It’s not uncommon to read how people are still skeptical about wall-mounted toilets. The main concern is how strong the in-wall frame can be, and how will it last.

The thought of a loosen commode come crashing down while you are on it is enough to draw some white knuckles. But relax, nothing of that sort will happen if it’s properly installed.

There are many cases of a wall hung toilet lasting for as long as 30 years without a glitch. And in Switzerland alone, over 90% of toilets installed are wall hung. So there’s nothing to worry about as far as safety is concerned.

And not forgetting the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or ASME has a standard that governs the safety for wall mounted toilet. The ASME A112.6.2 deals explicitly with the framing-affixed supports for all off-the-floor water closets with concealed tanks.

Another concern is the ease of replacing parts.

Since the tank is hidden behind the wall, you can’t expect the same convenience of a regular toilet where you can access the working mechanism in the tank. But it is not difficult to get to the innards of the in-wall tank as well when you need to replace any parts.

The sizeable flush actuator plate that holds the buttons can be removed for easy access to the internal tank. Except for the tank, you can replace everything that is damaged or worn out through the push plate opening.

So whether you are replacing the flush valve or fill valve, they can be done through the flush plate opening. And you can also adjust the water level in the tank. Pretty much the same maintenance as you would do with a regular toilet.

Are Americans Buying Into The Idea?

By and large, Americans are still skeptical about the reliability and safety despite its widespread use in Europe. But that mindset is slowly changing at a steady pace.

Since 2011, as it seems, the number of searches for ‘Wall Hung Toilet’ on major search engines is on the rise. Though the gradient is moderate, it’s a rising trend. No doubt. And not ruling out the possibility of a surge in the near future when bathroom real estate gets the squeeze for more living space.

Google Trends - Wall Hung Toilet

Can You Replace A Floor Mount Toilet With The TOTO Aquia CT418FG? And How?

Of course you can if you have a generous budget and are prepared to endure several days of inconvenience. You might as well declare it as a bathroom remodel instead.

To facilitate the replacement, it will involve some massive retrofitting to your bathroom. You will need to re-route the drain pipe from the floor to the wall. And you need to construct a stud wall from the floor to the ceiling to support your wall mount. That means there will be considerable hacking, plastering, and tiling of the floor and wall. And of course re-piping of the water supply line. Not in a day’s work for sure.

So the best time to install a wall hung toilet is when you plan to remodel your bathroom or build a new one. And be sure to include this TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet. Once properly done up, you will never want the floor standing crapper again.

TOTO & Geberit In-Wall Frame Price & Features Comparison

TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet In-Wall Tank System And Its Alternative

Toto WT151M#01 In-Wall Tank System, 1.6GPF and 0.9-GPF, Cotton
Toto WT151M#01 In-Wall Tank System, 1.6GPF and 0.9-GPF
Toto WT152M#01 In-Wall Tank System, 1.6GPF and 0.9-GPF, Cotton
Toto WT152M#01 In-Wall Tank System, 1.6GPF and 0.9-GPF
Geberit 111.335.00.5 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame with UP320 Dual-Flush Tank
Geberit 111.335.00.5 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame
Geberit 111.798.00.1 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame with Dual-Flush Tank for 2 x 4
Geberit 111.798.00.1 Concealed Toilet Carrier Frame
Dual Flush(1.6 gpf / 0.9 gpf)(1.6 gpf / 0.9 gpf)(1.6 gpf / 0.8 gpf)(1.6 gpf / 0.8 gpf)
Average water usage1.28 gpf1.28 gpf1.1 gpf1.1 gpf
Toilet seat height15″ – 19″15″ – 19″15″ – 19″15″ – 19″
Max. Support Weight880 lbs880 lbs880 lbs880 lbs
Wall Studs Size2″x 6″ (optional 2″x 4″)2″x 6″ (optional 2″x 4″)2″x 6″2″x 4″
Drainage Outlet (elbow)Polyethylene outlet includedPolyethylene outlet includedPolyethylene outlet includedPolyethylene outlet included
TankMolded polyethylene tankMolded polyethylene tankMolded polyethylene tankMolded polyethylene tank
Anti-condensationNot specifiedNot specifiedYesYes
Frame width25.375″25.375″19.75″19.75″
Frame Height44.5″ – 52″44.5″ – 52″44.125″ – 49.75″47.25″ – 55.125″
Frame thicknessNot specifiedNot specified16 gauge16 gauge
Frame finishNot specifiedNot specifiedPowder coatedPowder coated
Flush plateNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
WarrantyOne Year Limited WarrantyOne Year Limited WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty on tank and carrierLimited lifetime warranty on tank and carrier
ASME A112.6.2
ASME A112.19.2
ASME A112.19.5
ASME A112.19.14
CSA B125.3
PriceCheck Price Button AmazonCheck Price Button AmazonCheck Price Button AmazonCheck Price Button Amazon

Why Geberit Is Your Best Option For In-Wall Tank System

If you are still contemplating on which system to go for, consider the Geberit Duofix 111.335.00.5 carrier.

Here’s why:

  1. The price is lower, or rather the lowest.
  2. It’s a narrower frame so it takes up lesser wall real estate. Especially for a small toilet cubicle, this is life saving.
  3. This 2 x 6 inch carrier allows more air space around the tank compare to the 2 x 4 inch frame. This should reduce the possibility of condensation further besides the already insulated tank.
  4. Geberit’s installation manual is way more comprehensive than TOTO’s. No guessing needed.
  5. And with a lifetime warranty for its tank and carrier and 10 year warranty on fill valve and flush valve, do you need to even think?
  6. Lower average water consumption compare to TOTO’s 1.28 gpf.

Of course if you don’t have the luxury of a 2 x 6 inch wall stud, the Geberit 111.798.00.1 model is just as good with 2 x 4 inch stud.

Complete System With SoftClose Seat

Mixing and matching a TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet.

Option 1 – 2″ x 6″ wall studs (RECOMMENDED)

Option 2 – 2″ x 6″ wall studs

Option 3 – 2″ x 4″ wall studs

Prefer to Get Everything TOTO In One Delivery?

Here’s the 2 options for a complete system in one shipment. Yes, it will include the Aquia bowl but NOT the SoftClose Seat. The difference is the supply line provided.

The CWT418MFG-2#01 model comes with copper supply line. Whereas, the CWT418MFG-1#01 comes with PEX (plastic) supply line.

SoftClose Seat or washlet is sold separately.

You have reached the end of this TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet review. Thanks for reading and should you have further questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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