Smart Bidet Toilets – 2 Great Options From Bio Bidet

Discovery DLX vs Prodigy bidet toilet

Introducing The Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet & Prodigy Smart Toilet

There are several factors to consider when you are looking for a smart toilet. Besides narrowing down the models with prices befitting your budget, the after-sales service support is also a major consideration.

And post-sale customer service is important because it has a direct impact on the value of your investment. So, always get your intelligent toilet from an established merchant or brand with an extensive support network across the country.

Of course, well-known brands like TOTO, Kohler, and Grohe are great options to consider, but the high pricing may be out of reach for many. So most people will either settle for a smart bidet or go after brands unheard of simply because the prices are too good to pass. However, the latter possess the risk of lackluster support, usually with no replacement parts and technical support when the toilet acts up.

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLX and Prodigy bidet toilets are the best options if you want impeccable after-sale support and a less intimidating price level. And not forgetting the features that can rival the real McCoy.

So let’s find out more about the features of these two Bio Bidet’s smart bidet toilets and how they compare with the higher-end smart toilets. And, more importantly, how they can fulfill your expectation for hygiene, convenience, and comfort.

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The Exterior And Toilet Features

When shopping for a physical product, most people will tend to judge the product exterior first before getting into the specifics. Whether it is the shape, color, texture, whatever, can affect one’s purchase decision. And sometimes, it may even be the only thing that influences the acquisition.

So, let’s begin with the appearance and construction of these two smart bidet toilets, and see if you can hold your grounds until you have covered all the key features.

Construction And Design

If you place the two toilets side by side, you won’t take more than a second to tell them apart. The one with a squarish exterior is the Prodigy Smart Toilet. But once you get into the interior, the features and functions will throw you into some serious decision-making process, especially when the price difference is well balanced between good-to-have and must-have.

On the exterior, the tankless design makes it difficult to differentiate from a full-fledged smart toilet. The low price is the only giveaway without inspecting the overall construction.

The Prodigy and Discovery DLX are better known as Integrated Bidet toilets or Bidet Toilet Combos.

Bio Bidet Smart Bidet Toilets

When you remove the bidet seat, the bowl becomes a worthless piece of porcelain with no functional mechanical parts. And you can’t replace or swap the bidet seat with other models or brands. However, you will understand how the bidet is an integral part of the bowl if you look closely at some details of the bowl construction.

Within the ceramic bowl structure are water channels that direct water to flush away waste and cleanse the bowl surface of any sticky debris. So on the bidet seat, you can see two water outlets, namely the bowl outlet and rim outlet, and they are connected to the respective water channels in the bowl.

Prodigy Bowl Construction

The main function of the bowl outlet is to clear heavy solid waste out of the bowl via a jet positioned at the bowl’s bottom, facing the trapway directly. This arrangement provides maximum push power during a flush when water speeds out of the bidet’s bowl outlet through a tube leading out to the jet.

At the same time, the rim outlet feeds the water channel that goes to a rim hole at the top right (or top left if you are facing the toilet) of the bowl. Speeding water then leaves the rim hole and spirals down (like a Tornado) to sweep away any waste that may be sticking on the bowl surface. TOC

Size And Dimensions

The length of the Prodigy is about an inch longer than the Discovery DLX at 27.5 inches. Not too bad if you lack bathroom space, and given that it is a tankless design, you won’t feel the squeeze when installed between the bathtub and vanity.

So, if a rectangular bowl blends perfectly with your bathroom decor, the Prodigy is the obvious choice. You will also love the expanded seat area that offers better support and comfort.

Prodigy Rectangular Seat

The 15.5 inches wide Prodigy’s seat has a broader seat area on the sides, providing a larger surface contact between the seat and your thigh, thereby relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. That means you are less likely to feel numbness or pain even when you have sat for a little longer.

But please do not sit on the toilet for way too long; hemorrhoid is what you want to avoid.

And if the Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet looked more appealing to you, you will need a slightly bigger budget. That’s because the Discovery DLX has better hygiene features, and the price is still at a reasonable level compared to the full-fledged smart toilet, Grohe Sensia Arena.

At 26.89 inches long, the Discovery DLX offers a little more frontal space than the Prodigy. Though it is an elongated bowl, the seat is close to 16 inches wide with generous width on each side. And much like the Prodigy, there is ample surface contact between the back of the thigh and the seat; it should be a comfortable seat.

Generous Support  on the Sides of both Prodigy and Discovery DLX bidet toilets

The seat height of both the Prodigy and the Discovery DLX toilets is almost 17 inches tall. That’s a good sitting level for most people, which is slightly higher than the standard height toilets. The popular comfort height toilets begin at 17 inches measured from the floor to the top of the seat. TOC

Dimensions Comparison

Bowl ShapeElongated
Length (Front to Back)26.89″27.50″
Overall Height20.91″20.50″
Seat Height17.00″17.00″

Flushing System

A bit of a disappointment here; if you like how the Discovery DLX looks and prefer to have a dual flush, it’s not going to happen. The Discovery DLX is a single flush toilet with 1.28 gallons per flush capacity versus 1.2/0.9 GPF of the Prodigy.

But some folks do love a single flush, for they don’t have to bother with remembering which button to press. After all, at 1.28 GPF, it already is a water-saving capacity. So it’s not like you will see a huge slash on the water bill if you pick the dual-flushing Prodigy.

And the good news here is, both the Prodigy and Discovery DLX bidet toilets adopt the Tornado flushing system, a modern flushing technique that better leverages the sweeping water flow for maximum cleaning and flushing efficiency.

The scrubbing effect of the spiraling water is proven to clean the bowl surface better than the traditional stream-down design. And it covers the entire inner bowl surface without a dry patch during flushing. Plus, the non-stick coating on the bowl and trapway ensures you get a clean bowl every time.

Besides the anti-stick coating, another element of the Tornado flushing system is the rimless toilet bowl design. You won’t see those little holes lined along the entire bowl rim. Instead, an open rim with a jet nozzle on one side of the bowl is where water jets out and spirals down, scrubbing every inch of the bowl surface.

This open rim design not only offers 100% surface coverage, cleaning it is a breeze. No more spraying under the rim to dislodge any debris stuck in the small rim holes. Instead, just a wipe around the rim with a soft cloth is all it takes to keep it clean. TOC

Flush ModeSingle FlushDual Flush
Flushing SystemTornadoTornado
Flushing Capacity1.28 GPF1.20 / 0.90 GPF
Bowl DesignRimlessRimless

The Interior And Bidet Features

The toilet feature has been satisfactory with all the modern design elements that offer better flush efficiency and ease of maintenance. But without a bidet of matching qualities and innovative features, there is no value at all to your investment. And coming from Bio Bidet, an industry leader in bidet technology, there is no room for mediocrity.

Especially on the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet, a new wash mode seems to elicit some inquisitive attention and a strong desire to try it out. However, if you don’t see the signature enema wash on this sleek bidet toilet, the new wash feature might change your perspective about going deeper and stronger (no pun intended).

And the Prodigy has a lower-cost version to appease the money-conscious folks with a psychological barrier to keep every big-ticket item under $2000. Or, if you don’t mind a little work that you have been doing before automation becomes a thing, you will be glad to know you have that option.

For clarity, let’s divide the bidet key features into Hygiene, Comfort, and Convenience.

The Hygiene Department

Previously, none of the bidets (including the IB-835 bidet toilet) that Bio Bidet offers have an active sanitizing feature for its nozzle. But now, the Discovery DLS bidet seat uses Ultra Violet light to sanitize its nozzle after every use. And the good news is, the Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet also has the same built-in UV sterilizer for its self-cleaning nozzle.

So, besides the regular nozzle rinsing, the stainless steel nozzle is sterilized automatically after the rinse. This sterilizing of the nozzle places Bio Bidet on par with some of the best in the industry.

Nozzle Clean & Sterilize

However, the UV sterilization feature is only available on the Discovery DLX. It will be a bummer if you find the Prodigy sexier and want the self-sterilizing feature.

Hygiene Does Not Necessarily Involve Sterilization All the Time

When contact with regularly used objects in the house is reduced or eliminated, you can improve the overall hygiene, especially in the bathroom. And the item you prefer not to touch, as much as possible, is probably the toilet seat; the icky feeling of possibly touching the undesirables after the last person is real, even though you may have it cleaned daily.

But, as they say, the future is in your hands. The days of hand lifting toilet seats are numbered once you decide to go with one of these Bio Bidet smart bidet toilets, which has a hands-free seat operation feature.

And you even have a choice on how much automation you want. For example, do you want the toilet to sense your presence (proximity detection), lift the seat automatically, or initiate the opening and closing via remote control or a kick button? Of course, both have their advantage and disadvantage.

If you have a small bathroom with other facilities like the sink, shower, or bathtub close by, the auto seat with motion sensing can be annoying. You will always have to close it with the remote or by hand once it detected your presence when you are not even using the toilet. Or you can train yourself to ignore it. But the good thing is that you save precious seconds to prevent the floor or your pants from getting soiled in an emergency.

So, if you don’t anticipate much of those ’emergencies,’ the Discovery DLX with the Kick Control is a better option. Or the Prodigy with an automatic open and close seat is a must if you can’t afford to lose ‘it.’ But of course, you can switch off the auto-sensing and use the remote control to open and close the seat and lid, or both. TOC

In short, choose the Prodigy P770 Smart Toilet if you need the auto seat, or go manual, but still hands-free, with the Discovery DLX Bidet toilet. Whatever your choice is, these features, besides reducing hand contact and improve bathroom hygiene, also end the efficiency-based argument with the spouse. You nib two buds with one handsfree bidet seat.

The Kick Control is a sensor button positioned conveniently at the bowl base. Sequential taps with your foot lift the lid, seat, and flushes the toilet. And you can also operate the seat opening and closing via the remote control on both the Prodigy and Discovery DLX.

Kick Control

However, some folks may not mind using their hands since that has been the case all their lives, and they have no hygiene issues whatsoever; the Prodigy P700 is without the auto and remote-controlled seat operation. It costs $300* less than the Prodigy P770 and $600* less than the Discovery DLX. TOC
*Prices and all price indicatives are subject to change.

Antimicrobial Coating

Quite frankly, it is impossible to have absolute zero contact with the toilet despite all the touch-free features thrown in. When battery and grid power fails, you still need to lift and close the seat and lid with your hand.

No matter how remote that will happen, it is nice to know that the nozzle, seat, and lid have an antibacterial coating that prevents bacterial and microorganism growth. Despite this, always wash your hands after touching any toilet parts, including the remote control.

Self-Cleaning NozzleYesYes
UV Sterilization
of Nozzle
Stainless Steel NozzleYesYes
Antibacterial CoatingYesYes
Auto Open/Close
Seat Operation
(Handsfree Operation)

The Convenience Features

The Bio Bidet Prodigy and Discovery DLX have all the convenience features like all the other prominent smart toilet and electric bidet brands. And the first thing that comes to mind has to be the center of all controls, the Wireless Remote Control.

Wireless Remote Control of Bio Bidet's Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet

With the wireless remote, you can perform all the functions and settings intuitively. And the little backup side panel is a lifesaver when the remote is not working (low battery). But the side panel only provides the basic wash functions to tide you through, without temperature, pressure, and nozzle position adjustment. So don’t forget to replace the remote control battery after that, and always keep a toilet roll within reach.

Emergency Side Panel

Besides the emergency wash functions, there is also the emergency flush button. So when power fails, you can still flush the toilet and operate the wash functions on the side panel with the Discovery DLX. But you will need to use the toilet paper with the Prodigy because it doesn’t have the emergency battery pack, unlike the Discovery DLX.

So, when the remote doesn’t work, and the power fails…
Wash FunctionsYesNo
Emergency FlushingYesYes
Need Toilet Paper?OptionalYES!!!!

The main convenience features are the automatic functions like auto seat operation, auto flushing, and self-cleaning of the nozzle. Other control functions like temperature, pressure, nozzle position adjustment, etc., are secondary functions in this convenience department but are key interactive functions for the Comfort features. TOC

Here are all the Convenience features.

Auto Open/Close SeatNO
(handsfree operation)
Self-Cleaning NozzleYesYes
Remote or Auto FlushingYesYes
Water Temperature &
Pressure Adjustment
Nozzle Position AdjustmentYesYes
Air Dryer Temperature &
Pressure Adjustment
Seat Temperature AdjustmentYesYes
Night LightYesYes
Power Saving ModeYesYes

The Comfort Addiction

The comfort features are perhaps the reason why people switch to a smart or integrated bidet toilet. And in most cases, it is no turning back as they find it hard to switch back to using papers and without the conveniences discussed above.

Unfortunately, cold turkey treatment does not work for this kind of addiction. So diving into a whole new toileting experience could mean a leap of no return to the die-hard habit of wiping and chilly toilet seat in the winter. But it is all for the right reasons, and you will be glad you made the switch.

After all, who can resist the warmth of anything that touches your delicate skin in the chilly weather. And the control freak in you has to make sure the temperature and pressure are perfect from the moment the seat, air, and water make contact with your derrière.

But what about Bio Bidet Prodigy Smart Toilet and The Discovery DLX? Is there a feature that is so addictive uniquely a hallmark of Bio Bidet present in the two bidet toilet combos?

Yes, the enema wash, a favorite feature among users of the popular Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat. Widely known among users as the turbo wash, it is the nemesis of constipation. This deeply satisfying power spray is available on the Prodigy Smart Toilet. But the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX has a different twist to the enema function; Bio Bidet calls it the Dynamic Stream.

The Dynamic Stream is a new wash mode that is activated during a wash. It works by alternating between hot and cold water in quick succession to stimulate bowel movements. So now, how you want your rear to be treated will determine your choice between the rectangular Prodigy and the elongated Discovery DLX.

Of course, the rest of the features in this Comfort section are pretty similar to any bidet brands you can think of. Bidet features like blow dryer, adjustable nozzle position, oscillating stream, rear wash, and feminine wash are industry-standard functions. The differences are probably in the execution of the various features, where you can find them in the owner’s manual.

The addiction is real with the “nicotines” in these Bio Bidet’s smart bidet toilets. TOC

Heated SeatYesYes
Warm Air DryerYesYes
Warm Water WashYesYes
Feminine &
Posterior Wash
Oscillating SprayYesYes
Enema WashDynamic StreamYes

Installation, Maintenance and Warranty

Use a right-size socket wrench will make the bowl installation look like a walk in the park. The rest of the installation is intuitive enough; you probably don’t need to refer to the manual. It’s that easy. The manual is easy to follow anyways.

But of course, if you are not comfortable using tools like a wrench and caulking gun, or fear mishandling the 42 lbs porcelain bowl, then please get help or hire a plumber. The rough-in is the standard 12-inch, so that will fit most replacement jobs. Otherwise, you can use an offset flange to adapt to a 10- or 14-inch rough-in.

And since there are no moving parts in the bowl, with all the electrical, electronics, and mechanical parts housed and sealed in the bidet seat, it is 100% maintenance-free. Pretty much like any electronics products these days, once broken, change a new one. It actually costs more to repair nowadays.

The Discovery DLX has a warranty period of 5 years and 3 years for the Prodigy. They can easily last way over five years under normal use. But the most valuable part of owning a Bio Bidet product has to be the excellent after-sales support they provide. They are just one click away. TOC

Summing Up – What’s Your Pick?

So, which of the two bidet toilets have you decided on? Or you still find the information presented a little overwhelming? Let’s simplify comparing the key features between the two luxury bidet toilets in 4 easy steps.

1. Exterior (Bowl Shape) – Oval or Square

The exterior is always the first step, the first impression. Technically speaking, both are elongated toilets. So the decision is down to either an oval or square shape bowl that you prefer. Or perhaps you may want to leave this decision to how your preferences shape up as you move on to the other features.

  1. Oval – Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet
  2. Rectangular – Prodigy Smart Toilet

2. Flush Options

Would you prefer a dual flush toilet or a single flush crapper? Both the Prodigy and Discovery DLX are water-saving toilets with a flush volume of 1.28 GPF or less. The Prodigy will save you a little more with an average flush volume of only 1.05 GPF.

  1. I’ve far more important daily decisions to make than on trivial stuff like choosing what flush capacity to make only to save a meager 0.23 gallon. Give me a break; I’ll take the single flush Discovery DLX.
  2. Yes, I want to save more water, no matter how fractional it is. I’ll go with the Prodigy with the dual flush.

3. Hygiene

The choice is clear if you need the nozzle sterilized after every use over everything else. The Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet will have the advantage of the UV sterilization of its spray nozzle, but it does not come with the auto open and close seat. Instead, it uses the hands-free Kick Control.

  1. As long as I don’t have to lift the seat and lid by hand, I’m fine using the remote or the Kick Control. But the UV feature is a must for me. Give me the Discovery DLX.
  2. The antibacterial coating is good enough for me. The auto-open/close seat gives me more flexibility; I can switch on or off the auto mode and use only the remote. I’ll take the Progidy Smart Toilet anytime

4. Enema Function

The thousands of Bio Bidet BB-2000 bidet seat users can vouch for the efficacy of the vortex or the turbo wash. The relief feels like when the Evergreen finally dislodges and free from the Suez canal. You get the idea.

But not everyone needs a power drill. As long as you maintain a healthy, fiber-rich diet, you don’t need to probe deeper. A subtle stimulation is all you need to get a smooth outing. And it seems the Dynamic Stream is designed to help with an even smoother bowel movement.

  1. The enema is gross. Besides, I eat healthily and hardly had any constipation issues, and I don’t mind a little tickle sometimes. Yes, pass me the Bio Bidet Discovery DLX, please.
  2. I’m not sure if I like to be stimulated, so I’d prefer to go with the flow. I want the Prodigy, please.
Bio Bidet Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet
1. Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet
Bio Bidet Prodigy Smart Toilet
2. Prodigy Smart Toilet

How many ticks have you made for the 1. Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet and 2. Prodigy Smart Toilet? How satisfied are you with your selection, or you hope to see more bidet toilet models from Bio Bidet? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading.

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