Best Of 24-Inch Shortest Toilets (Small Toilets Round-Up)

Smallest Toilets Review

The Short Toilets Revolution (From 25″ Down To 23″)

The battlefield for the smallest and shortest toilets is getting a little crowded. A total of 6 models from 4 companies top the list of the smallest space saving toilets. So now you are really spoilt for choice. And this couldn’t be more exciting if you are looking for one.

You may have read the previous post; the smallest toilet then is the Galba with a 24.5″ length. That record has since been broken, first by Swiss Madison Sublime II, and now by Carus which is also from the company that sells Galba. And the new Galba is 25-inch long, so it is no longer a club24 member anymore.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and find out what these 6 tiny gravity flush siphonic toilets are made of and which one is the best for you.

Shall we begin with the smallest first?

Carus – Smallest Among All The Short Toilets

23-inch Carus Small Toilet

The current smallest toilet depth is 23 inches. Yes, you read right, ‘twenty-three inches’, front to back, and it belongs to the Carus. It’s a new toilet model by Luxury Modern Home who brought you the popular Galba. So the next natural thing you will ask is, how does it perform compare to Galba?

Fair enough. As usual, let’s go through the specs and compare the differences between the two and see if you can spot any advantage or disadvantage on Carus. And you can treat this as a Carus toilet review if you like. Or, if you haven’t heard about the Galba toilet before, here’s the review.

So here’s the Specification Comparison.

Carus Versus Galba (Specifications)

SpecificationCarus thumbnail 160x160



Galba Thumbnail 160x160

(1)Galba (New Version)


DesignElonagted, one-piece
and skirted
Elonagted, one-piece
and skirted
Flushing SystemG-Max SiphonVorTex Flush
Flushing CapacityDual Flush
1.6 GPF / 0.8 GPF
Dual Flush
1.6 GPF / 0.8 GPF
Bowl RimConventional rim holes design
(closed rim)
Open rim with dual jet hole
GlazeSelf-cleaning glazed surface,
would not scratch, rust,
fade, or discolor
Self-cleaning glazed surface,
would not scratch, rust,
fade, or discolor
Flush valve diameterUnknown (3-inch?)3″
Trapway SizeUnknown (2-inch?)2″ fully glazed
Water Surface Size18cm x 10cm?6″ x 4″
Seat Height16.5″16.5″
Bowl Width13.25″13.375″
Overall Height27.5″28.375″
Overall Length23″25″


(1) The supply may have reverted back to Galba 1, the old version. (Read Update)

What Can the Specification Tell You About Little Carus?

At the time of writing this post, there are no reviews anywhere you can rely on to know more about Carus. Not even on Amazon. So, performance wise, will it be as good as the proven Galba or better? Are you going to take the leap and be the first to experience it and come back to tell your Carus story?

You sure have a long list of questions that need answers. Let’s use the specification to deal with all the doubts you may have before hitting the buy button.

Apparently, the Carus toilet is adopting the G-Max flushing system of the previous Galba version. However, there is no information on Luxury Modern Home website about its flush valve size, trapway diameter, and a questionable water surface area. Those are important components that make up the entire flushing system.

But since they call it the G-Max system, you can presume it is similar to the old Galba specification*, except maybe for the water surface.

*The new Galba flushing system is called the VorTex Flush. An improved flushing system over the G-Max. You will read about it in a while.

So with Carus having a shorter bowl, will the water surface size be smaller or still maintain at 6″ x 4″ like Galba?

That will be a decent water surface for Carus considering its smaller size. But, could the water surface be maintained at 6″ x 4″ on little Carus? If you compare the bowl capacity, that is the internal bowl dimension (image 3); it is pretty close to the new Galba.

Carus vs Galba - Bowl Dimension
Image 3 – Carus vs Galba – Bowl Dimension
Carus Water Surface
Image 4 (Source:

But on Luxury Modern Home website, the water surface is shown as 10cm x 18cm (3-15/16″ x 7-1/6″). That’s a very odd size, and it doesn’t quite match the shape shown on the image (Image 4) which was taken from the LMH site. The width is closer to Galba’s so it could be a mistake on the length (7-1/6″) here. Therefore, a 6″ x 4″ water surface is more likely the case.

And notice the clearance space between the bolt holes and the tank (Image 3), that’s is where part of the toilet length is being shaved. On the Carus, the clearance gap looks a bit narrow for a bidet seat. There is no information on the gap distance, so if you intend to also get a bidet seat for Carus, please check with Luxury Modern Home. The minimum clearance is 1.5-inch for most bidet toilet seats.

Verdict – To Buy Or Not To Buy Carus?

With everything else except for the smaller dimension, Carus has the shadow of previous Galba model. And judging from the bowl design, it is almost identical to good old Galba. Only its shape is less squarish and getting a seat replacement shouldn’t be much of a hassle.

The G-Max Siphon flush system has worked well for previous Galba model. So the flushing power and efficiency of little Carus should be of the same level. The only concern is the narrow gap clearance between the bolt holes and the tank. So if you need a bidet seat, please check for compatibility with the respective manufacturers before ordering this 23″ toilet.

However, if you are good with just a bidet attachment, then there is no issue with the clearance. And Bio Bidet or Brondell will have a good range for your consideration.

So yes, this tiny little Carus may well be THE super space saving toilet for you if you have an extremely small area. Otherwise, please consider remodeling your bath or powder room for more space.

Any shorter you might end up with a toilet for kids.

Buy Carus Online

Carus is available on:   AmazonWalmart

What Happened To Galba?

(June 2020)LATEST UPDATE on Galba…
The new version is now known as Galba 2 on the company website which indicates that it is currently out of stock. If you order now, it will be the old version, Galba 1 which the overall length is 24.5″.

You may continue reading to see what is the difference between the new and old Galba. Or skip to the next section for more 24-inch depth toilets.

This post will be updated once the stock for Galba 2 is available again.

First of all, our apologies. This Galba toilet update is long overdue. But never too late when there are now more 24 inches toilets getting into the marketplace. So it’s a great opportunity to also talk about how Galba is coping with the competition and why it has ‘grown’ longer.

(First time hearing about Galba? Highly recommend that you read the previous review first to understand this discussion better.)

So What Has Changed?

Classy Galba has upgraded its look and flushing system.

New and Old Galba

On the exterior, the new Galba has less contrasting angles and lines on the side. Giving it a smoother feel and look. And of course, it is now 25 inches in length which is a mere half an inch longer than its previous construct. For most users, it doesn’t affect their plan a wee bit. So let’s not bother with more investigative work only to justify a change of negligible fraction.

Instead, you would want to know more about the new VorTex Flush, and how it is a better flushing system than the G-Max. Agree?

The new VorTex flushing system yields better performance and offers ease of upkeeping because of the open bowl rim. Unlike the G-Max system which has rim holes lined along the entire rim, the VorTex Flush uses 2 large jet holes to stream water down to rinse the bowl with a sweeping vortex. (Image 5)

Galba 2 Rimless Bowl
Image 5 (Adapted from original image on Luxury Modern Home)

Now, looking at the image above, does TOTO’s signature Tornado Flushing System come to mind? Well, not implying there’s a plagiarism attempt here, if there is then Galba is definitely not the first and alone. American Standard has done it with its Vormax toilets, and KOHLER Corbelle is the new kid on the block and a whole host of many others. So what’s new?

It’s a global trend now, and you may have noticed even the Europeans are now going rimless as well with their traditional washdown toilets. It’s pretty commonplace these days for any modern toilet to adopt such a flushing system.

That’s because it flushes cleaner and better than the conventional rim-holed design. And water is used more efficiently during a flush. But the biggest takeaway is the ease of upkeep. No more scrubbing or waterjet-ing underneath the rim to clear blockages. That’s definitely one huge improvement made on Galba.

Other than a slightly longer length, better looking, and a more powerful and efficient flushing system, it is still the same Galba quality that has served many users well.

So, you like the New Galba? Click here for its latest pricing on Amazon.

Buy Galba Online

(1)Galba is available on:   eBayAmazonWalmart


(1) The supply may have reverted back to Galba 1, the old version. (Read Update)

Or you have heard or found something else that has similar specs and features as Galba but at only half the price? What is it?

What’s The Difference Between Galba And Horow?

Horow small toilet, or more precisely, Horow HWMT-8733 has been giving Galba a run for its owner’s money. Primarily due to its resemblance to Galba in terms of size and specifications or features. But are they really the same?

Let’s put them side by side once and for all and see how close they are in specification and features.

Galba Versus Horow – Specs Comparison

SpecificationHorow Thumbnail 160x160



Galba Thumbnail 160x160

(1)Galba (New Version)


DesignElonagted, one-piece
and skirted
Elonagted, one-piece
and skirted
Flushing SystemSimilar to VorTex FlushVorTex Flush
Flushing CapacityDual Flush
1.6 GPF / 1.28 GPF
Dual Flush
1.6 GPF / 0.8 GPF
Bowl RimOpen rim (Single jet hole?*) Open rim with dual jet hole
GlazeSelf-cleaning glazed surface* Self-cleaning glazed surface,
would not scratch, rust,
fade, or discolor
Flush valve diameterUnknown (but flush valve looks similar to Galba)* 3″
Trapway SizeUnknown (55mm?)* 55mm fully glazed
Water Surface SizeUnknown* 6″ x 4″
Seat Height16.5″16.5″
Bowl Width13.375″13.375″
Overall Height28.375″28.375″
Overall Length25″25″

See explanation below.


(1) The supply may have reverted back to Galba 1, the old version. (Read Update)

As you can see they are almost identical; however, due to the lack of information on 6 of the listed attributes, you can only make your best guess. What are they?

Flushing Capacity
The listed flushing capacity on Horow’s page in Amazon shows “Dual-Flush 6lpf/4.8lpf (1.6gpf/1.28gpf)”. Now, that’s not what you will see very often because usually the light-flush or partial-flush capacity is anything from 0.8 GPF (3.0 LPF) up to 1.0 GPF (3.8 LPF). So this could be a mistake, whatever it is.

You might want to verify with Horow if you are from the state of California, or States that regulate 1.28 GPF as the maximum capacity for a toilet.

If there is no error, which is very strange from any angle you look at it, it’s like having two full-flushes in one toilet. That being the case, then this will probably be the only apparent difference between Galba and Horow.
⤴ back to comparison table ⤵ down to “Make Up Your Mind, Galba Or Horow?”

Bowl Rim

Horow Toilet Vortex Flush
Image 6 (Source:

If the image (Image 6 – taken from Horow’s product description on Amazon) genuinely depicts how the water flow is like during a flush, then the Horow HWMT-8733 will have an open rim just like Galba. And a vortex-like flush.

But, it is strange that the waterjet outlet is on the right. It’ll make more sense if it’s on the left instead because that’s where the water flow is the strongest. So please take it as just an illustration the vendor has put up to show a cyclone-like flush. But it sure feels like a quick photoshop job by someone who knows little about toilet flush.

And is it just one rim jet outlet? Again, if you want an answer to this, please ask Horow either on Amazon or their official website.
⤴ back to comparison table

Again on Amazon, the Seller Warranty Description says,

“5 years limited warranty on porcelain parts against fading/staining of the glaze.”

This part of the warranty has a similar meaning to Galba’s “Self-cleaning glazed surface, would not scratch, rust, fade, or discolor”. Except maybe the ‘scratching’ part isn’t included in the warranty. So be careful not to scrub the bowl surface with any abrasive stuff, even on Galba.
⤴ back to comparison table

Flush Valve Diameter
Though the entire flushing mechanism looks similar to Galba, it does not necessarily mean they are the same. Since Horow doesn’t show any information on this, you can only assume they have met the minimum requirement. Either the industry minimum of 2 inches or ANSI’s 1.5 inches in diameter.

Would you want to believe they are the same? Why assume when you can call or email them to confirm.
⤴ back to comparison table

Trapway Size
In another Horow listing* on Amazon, it clearly shows (image 7) the trapway diameter as 55mm (2 3/16″). So, does that mean the Horow HWMT-8733 will have the same trapway diameter? And coincidentally, Luxury Modern Home also has the same image on its Galba product page.

*Just in case the page is no longer accessible, here’s the full-page screenshot.

Galba and Horow Trapway Compare
Image 7

On Horow’s Amazon page under the Customer questions & answers section, Horow confirms the other listed model, MY-2133-US and the Horow HWMT-8733 are the same toilet. So that must be true unless the Horow customer service had generalized everything in his/her reply.

Horow Reply on Amazon

You may want to follow the Customer questions and answers for the latest updates.

Again, please confirm this information with Horow if it’s important enough for you.
⤴ back to comparison table

Water Surface Size
When all the dimensions are similar on both toilets, you can presume the water surface size is the same as Galba’s 6″ x 4″. That’s assuming they are from the same mold (same factory).

But are they really made by the same factory?

Only The Almighty, Horow, Luxury Modern Home, and those with inside knowledge will know.
⤴ back to comparison table

Make Up Your Mind, Galba Or Horow?


(1)GALBA 25-inch Short Toilet
  • One-Piece and Skirted Design
  • Dual Flush 1.6gpf / 0.8gpf
  • Overall Length 25-inch
  • 12-inch Rough-in

Check price on:


HOROW HWMT-8733 25-inch Short Toilet
  • One-Piece and Skirted Design
  • Dual Flush 1.6gpf / *1.28gpf
  • Overall Length 25-inch
  • 12-inch Rough-in

Check price on:

*1.28gpfSee explanation above.


(1) The supply may have reverted back to Galba 1, the old version. (Read Update)

If not for the huge difference in cost, this Galba-Horow comparison would have been pointless. Though there is enough evidence to prove their similarity, they are still sold by 2 independent companies. So do you think you should also consider the aftersale and replacement parts support?

That’s entirely up to you, and it’s understandable if you pick the one with a much lower cost. Who wouldn’t, given the significant savings. But is it too good to be true? What’s the catch? Can they sustain their business with low-profit margins? What if the company folded where should you go to get support on parts and service?

Don’t stress yourself with all those questions. Nobody has the answers for you. And why should you even bother when you still have two other choices at your disposal.

You see, back then when Galba is the only floor-mounted gravity flush toilet with the shortest length (24.5″), you simply don’t have a choice. If you need it for your small bath or powder room, you just have to suck it up and pay the price. That’s not the case anymore.

Today, you have more options to consider, and they are the 24-inch-ers with a price that’s about Horow’s or even lower. So let’s move on to the next section and see if they are better alternatives to Horow or Galba.

But hang on, we are not done with Galba’s equal yet.

Have you ever heard of DeerValley?

DeerValley 24-Inch Short Toilet

No, it’s not a place or a new deer hunting ground. It’s an old version of Galba branded as DeerValley. Sold and marketed by

The company is presumed to have started probably in 2019 since its website was first seen in 2019.

But let’s not bored you with another 5 paragraphs to describe basically what an old Galba toilet is like if you have read this far. In short, this DeerValley 24-inch small toilet is built exactly like the first version of Galba. The only difference is, the flushing capacity is 1.28 gpf / 0.8 gpf.

If you suspect they are all made from the same factory (in China), you could be (are) 99.99% right. But who cares these days. What matters is, they meet the respective plumbing code, serve your purpose, and save you money.

So, a little recap here in case you forgot or are new in this area. The bowl of this DeerValley small toilet is the conventional rim design with raining holes lined along the rim. The flushing system is, of course, the previous G-max that Galba 1 was using.

So the biggest question left now is, how much is it? Or more precisely, is this the most affordable 24-inch short length toilet?

DeerValley Compact Toilet

DeerValley Small Toilet is available on:   eBayWalmartAmazon

24-Inch Depth Toilets

24-inch Short Length Toilets

There are two new contenders in the shortest toilets arena. Well, one of them is not exactly new. It made its debut even before Horow starts tailgating on Galba’s popularity. It wasn’t listed on Amazon in the beginning, so not many have heard about its 24-inch compact toilet. If you are a regular visitor to, then you might have seen it when the toilet was first launched. The brand/model is Swiss Madison Sublime II.

The other is WoodbridgeBath T-0031 or Woodbridge T-0031 by the company of the same name, Woodbridge Bath, based in Cerritos, CA. They are the newest in the marketplace for short toilets. And probably towards the end of 2018, its T-0031 compact toilet began to gain traction as a strong contender for Galba, Horow, and Swiss Madison.

Swiss Madison Sublime II Review

Among all the small depth toilets mentioned in this review, this is the only one with a 1.28 GPF/0.8 GPF flushing capacity. Great if you are looking to save more than just spaces. The overall front-to-back length of this water and space saving toilet is 24 inches.

Swiss Madison Sublime II

Since there isn’t any information on its bowl design, flush valve and trapway size, it’s hard to form an expectation that the flushing is at least decent. A look around the web for clues of its flushing prowess returns nothing, only praises of its good looks and “a nice fit” are all you will read.

Installation wise can be a challenge as with most skirted toilets. But if you follow the installation manual to the letter, and with a template provided it is not difficult at all. Just make sure you have the right tool for tightening the bolt. And you will need to drill holes on your flooring for the mounting brackets. An experienced plumber will breeze through the entire installation.

And the takeaway is its price. It isn’t anywhere near Galba or Carus, and with its beautiful exterior, are you tempted to give it a try?

Buy Swiss Madison Sublime II Online

Swiss Madison Sublime II is available on:
OverstockWalmartHome DepotAmazon

Woodbridge T-0031 Review

If cost is a major consideration, this Woodbridge T-0031 is the most economical 24-inch compact toilet. The length is only a fraction over 24 inches. Nice appearance and much easier to install than the Swiss Madison Sublime II.

No drilling of holes is required as the mounting brackets are bolted to the flange bolts. Just make sure you mark the location of the bracket so that it’s easier for you to align the bolt holes on the side of the toilet to the brackets when mounting onto the flange. This is also to minimize the adjustment, so you don’t shift the wax ring too much.

Woodbridge T-0031

Like the Swiss Madison model, there isn’t any information on the flush valve and trapway size. The bowl is of the closed-rim design with holes lined along the rim for bowl rinsing. All you can say is, it’s a conventional design that meets the Standard (ANSI) minimum required of its flush valve and trapway dimension.

If you are one who habitually relies on Amazon reviews to make your purchase decision, be careful with this one. There are 2 listings on Amazon. One has an over 4-star rating and more than 200 user reviews (last seen).

But not all reviews are for this Woodbridge T-0031 toilet. It’s a combined review of 4 different toilet models and almost impossible to sieve out the actual percentage of positive and negative reviews for this 24 inches Woodbridge compact toilet.

The other listing only has this Woodbridge T-0031 and no reviews (yet).

But that may change if the company decides to list the various toilets individually. If anything that goes, you are more likely to go for it because of its price. That is if you catch it at its lowest.

Buy Woodbridge T-0031 Online

Woodbridge T-0031 is available on:   eBayAmazon


Common Trait – The Sellers & Their Smallest Toilets

Have you noticed what’s common with all these six compact toilets? They are all one-piece and skirted. And the companies that sell and market them are all family-owned enterprises. Coincidence?

Who cares if they are family or public entities as long as they provide good service and quality products that solve your problems. But the one-piece and skirted design are what you should take note of if you plan on installing the toilet yourself. They can be a pain to install if you have not done one before.

To avoid any potential issues with installation, always get a good grasp of how the work should be carried out, and the tools you need. You will save a lot of time and frustration. The usual mistake is to assume everything is fine only to discover there are missing parts or quality issues at the very moment you are about to do the installation.

So please inspect the toilet thoroughly the same day you received it. And if you are hiring a plumber for the installation, do the checks before you make the appointment.

Remember, this is still one big piece of porcelain even though it is called a small toilet. And its weight is easily about 90 pounds and super fragile. So don’t do the checking alone if you can’t handle the weight, get a helper with strong arms and lots of padding material.


The main reason you are looking for a small toilet is because of the space constraint you are facing. For sure, any of the 6 space-saving toilets featured here will be able to fit into the tiny area you have allocated for a toilet. Otherwise, you should just scrap the whole idea and consider other space-saving options.

The 23-inch Carus is by far the smallest floor-mounted gravity flush toilet. If you don’t even have the minimum space for it, you are in danger of a wallet-bleeding bathroom remodel. Unless it is necessary, keep your options open with the 24-inch depth toilets, or even 25-inch. You will then have the freedom to fit a bidet toilet seat should you intend to use one later.

As for flushing power and efficiency, all of them are about the same except maybe Galba and Horow which uses the cyclone-style flushing for a better bowl rinse. They are also easy to clean because of the open-rim bowl design. And if you are still wondering if Horow is a good buy given its price advantage, use your best judgment. They are all legitimate businesses with varying service support.

Finally, if you are feeling a little adventurous, do consider the other two 24-inch short length toilets – Swiss Madison and Woodbridge Bath. Though their reviews aren’t that convincing like Galba and the lack in flushing system information, they are still viable alternatives when cost is your primary consideration.

Do you agree these are all the shortest toilets you can find in the marketplace right now? Or perhaps there are more out there that you have seen or heard. If you would like to share your finds, leave a comment below. (Please include brand/model if you can. And only floor-mounted and gravity-flush siphonic toilets please.) Thank you.


  1. Strange – I wanted to buy a Horow but no one has any in stock and the Horow website is only in Chinese. It also seems no one would even offer it in Canada. I thought it was International. What is going on?

  2. Hi Bud: we have a pipe dream of a project on our hands: need a 24”-25” toilet with a 14” rough in… Do these even exist? Or do we need to start thinking about moving pipes etc? Thank you

  3. Sad to see Julius gone. I was about to pick it up yesterday but all links are dead. *sad*

    • @Mike

      On LMH Julius is not being offered anymore. Not sure why but Galba 1 and Carus are still available. The prices are the same anyway.

  4. With these small or tiny toilets can replacement parts be obtained from anyone locally? eg. A plunger, ball cock etc.
    I love these toilets but if I have to use UPS to get a plunger from only the manufacturer 2000 miles away…. than that is not going to work for me.
    So where do I buy replacement parts?

    • Hi John.

      That’s an excellent question! Replacement parts must always be readily available and supported by the vendor. But having said that, not every business can guarantee the parts are always there for you when you need them, even if you live next door to the vendor or DIY store. So before I even decide on a toilet, I’d check with the manufacturer/dealer the type of flush and fill valve is used, and if a 3rd party part is compatible.

      As these small toilets are push-button type, it can be a little tricky to get a 3rd party valve to match with the push buttons, but certainly not impossible. I’d recommend you check on Fluidmaster ( for its range of dual-flush push button valves. The other brand you can check on is Danco (

      But the best way to know is to check with a plumber. So if you are hiring a plumber to do the installation for you, ask him for a recommendation of an alternative part that fits and easily available at a hardware store nearby or online. He may even have a sample in his van to show you.

      For plungers, Korky seems to have all the answers for you.

  5. Does anyone make a short toilet like these with a 10 inch rough in ?

  6. I was tempted to go for the horow model because of its price. I have the old model of galba and it still flushes wonderfully and luxury modern home has been great. Getting my second galba soon. Thank you.

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