American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Model 2034.014.020


American Standard Champion 4 Toilet (Model: 2304.014.020) Review

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet 2034-014

Champion 4 Model: 2034.014.020 – Another American Standard’s Best Selling Toilet

Please note that this model (2034.014) has been discontinued and replaced by 2034.314.

Read the difference between 2034.014 and 2034.314 here.

You might still be able to purchase the 2034.014.020 model at Amazon, while stock last.

This is one of American Standard best selling one-piece elongated toilet in Amazon. This particular Champion 4 model is packed with great features and well design for performance and appearance. It promises a clog-free experience with the Champion 4 Flushing System, which is designed to move solid waste at a much higher efficiency than most competitors’ models in the same capacity.

One unique feature that exceed the industry norm has set this Champion 4 toilet clearly apart from all its arch rivals. But why was it discontinued? Is the new replacement model a better toilet and providing more value? Let’s find out in this American Standard Champion 4 toilet review.

The Good Old 2034.014.020 Champion 4

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Model: 2034.014.020This American Standard 2034.014 Champion 4 toilet is clearly designed to free you from all the clogging frustration. With a largest in the industry flush valve, undoubtedly the flushing power is phenomenal and pleasantly quiet. The 2.375 inches wide, fully glazed trapway helps eliminate clogs. Fully tested in the factory and a MaP rating of 1000, it can seriously move some massive solid waste and sustain heavy usage.

Made with the disabled and elderly in mind, this American Standard Champion 4 toilet is ADA compliant. With a seating height of almost 18 inches, you won’t strain your knees too much when sitting down and getting up. The elongated bowl is a generous 17.75 inches wide, and it provides seating comfort even for a large build person. Though not in the compact toilets class, if you met the regulated minimum space requirement, go for it.

The one-piece design free you from any worry of external leaks, and it is seamlessly easy to keep clean with no trapped dirt, mold, mildew and algae to deal with. Thanks to the sparkling EverClean surface, the exterior and inside bowl surface are a no dirt zone. The special EverClean surface inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, unsightly stain, mold and mildew. With a large water surface and powerful flush, it makes it difficult for waste to cling on to the bowl surface. If well-kept it will still look like new several years down the road.

Features & Specifications Overview


  • Powerful Champion 4 Flushing System
  • Elongated siphon action jetted bowl with generous width
  • EverClean surface inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the surface
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Comfort Height
  • Elegant one-piece design
  • Chrome trip lever
  • MaP rating: 1000
  • ADA compliant


  • Water consumption 1.6 GPF/6.0LPF
  • 4″ non-adjustable, piston action Accelerator flush valve
  • Water Surface Area 9″ x 8″
  • Trap Diameter: 2.375″
  • 16.5″ floor to rim height
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Warranty: 10 Years Warranty
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: ~119lbs
  • Dimensions: 29.75″ L x 17.75″ W x 29.5″ H

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Model-2304-014

American Standard 2304.014 Champion 4 Dimension

Powerful & Quiet Champion 4 Flushing System

Champion 4 Accelerator Flush ValveThe key to a power flush and high cleansing efficiency is water volume and speed. In this case it’s 1.6 gpf. If it were to be a 1.28 gpf you probably won’t get a good bowl cleansing, even with the EverClean surface. There just isn’t enough water to deal with the best of both worlds. Which is why if you are more particular about bowl cleanliness, a 1.6 gpf toilet with powerful flush and excellent bowl cleansing will be the best choice for you.

So what is it about the Champion 4 Flushing System that offer such high flushing power? The secret lies in the flush valve, the bowl rim and channel near the bowl outlet that provides a strong jetted water to sweep everything off the bowl. And not forgetting the EverClean bowl surface and a fully glazed trapway that help to prevent clogging.

Similar to the KOHLER AquaPiston flush valve, this American Standard Champion 4 toilet has a tower flush valve assembly which opens fully when lifted. It allows a 360 degrees valve opening that let water to flow through in all direction without resistance. With an industry’s biggest 4 inch wide valve opening, water is released from the tank at 3 times faster than the standard 2″ flush valve, and almost twice as fast as a 3″ valve. The sheer power of speed is what drives a powerful siphon through the 2.375″ wide trapway, which is another key feature that exceed industry standard. The 2.375″ trapway is able to handle 40% more load than a 2.125″ trapway, and almost 70% more than the industry standard 2″ trapway. Virtually clog free.

The large water surface also helps in providing a clean flush. As waste are fully submerged in water, they are loosely adhered to the bowl surface. That makes it even easier to thoroughly remove during a flush.

Why Wasn’t The Water Surface Area Stated

Is it because it wasn’t large enough to mention? Probably not. American Standard toilets are known to have large water surface area in most, if not all, of its siphonic toilets in the industry. It’s probably an editorial slip in its media publication. But it’s not difficult to deduce the size with the given dimension and shape.

If you compare the bowl width, rim height and the highest trapway bend with another American Standard siphonic toilet, you can roughly guess what’s the minimum water surface area. In most cases of American Standard toilets, the water surface is 9″ x 8″.

According to a help desk question in American Standard product page, the “Ask an Expert” answer was approximately 9″X 8″. Given the bigger bowl width of this American Standard Champion 4 toilet, it could be bigger than that. Unfortunately there is no way to verify the exact area size, unless more dimensional details are provided.

A large water surface area is good for odor filtering and minimizing bowl streaking.

Installation Is A Walk In The Park For Plumber Joe

Set the flange on the ground right, slot in the two T bolts, place the wax ring over the flange and you are ready to mount the toilet onto the drain outlet. And tighten. Installing this 1-piece toilet is that easy and straight forward. Every plumber knows the procedure at the back of their hand, no guessing and flipping through the installation manual is necessary.

There are tons of videos you can find in Youtube showing how to install a toilet. However, most of them seemed easy enough that you might be inspired to try for yourself. If this is your first attempt at installing a toilet, then please go over the installation manual at least once and keep it handy. Bear in mind this is a 119 lbs one-piece toilet made of fragile porcelain. Make sure you’ve got strong hands and a good back. Get help if needed.

Spare Me All The Work. I Need A Plumber!

Installing a toilet is not everyone's cup of tea. Leave it to the professional and enjoy the Happiness Guarantee when you Hire A Plumber with Amazon Home Services.

The Disadvantage Of This American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

Seriously, this is the hardest part to write in this review. From a technical perspective, the design is almost flawless in terms of flushing power and efficiency – widest 4″ accelerator flush valve, largest 2.375″ trapway to the EverClean coat. Everything simply makes perfect sense. The only problem perhaps doesn’t lie in the product itself, instead it’s the maker. Obviously there are lapses in quality control.

If you read through all the user reviews in Amazon and Home Depot, there’s hardly a clear indication of any sort that deserve a thumb-down. Complaints are very much scattered with different opinions that it’s difficult to warrant a definitive disadvantage. However, despite the sporadic gripe, you can pretty much distilled the problem into one – bad molding.

Tank Lid Not Sitting Right

Tank lid does not fit properly
image source: Home Depot

One consistency seemed to show up on the tank lid though, which some users have complained that it did not fit snugly onto the tank. The inconsistent molding also shows up at the toilet base. When firmly seated on a leveled floor, some users have found uneven gap between the base and floor surface. While these are not performance issues, it exposed the slips in quality control.

Another issue is the tank-to-bowl seal where several users experienced water leaking into the bowl barely one month after installation. The problem is said to be due to water conditions which may cause the blue seal to blister and let water to run. While this may seem logical but at the same time it is rather ambiguous without supporting claims about the material tolerance level. In this aspect, American Standard really needs to provide some real answers to that. And with today’s material engineering standard, how hard is it to offer a higher grade (better chemical resistance) rubber gasket as an option.

If there’s any disadvantage to speak of, it has to be the quality control. Though it’s far from being a catastrophic failure, tighter control should be in place to arrest the smallest defect.

Fortunately, the significantly large percentage of customers are satisfied with the performance of this Champion 4 one-piece elongated toilet. Your chances of getting a defective product is still pretty remote. And not forgetting you are backed by a 10 year warranty, so use it if necessary till you are 100% satisfied with the toilet.

Tip: Always check your new toilet thoroughly before installing it. Do a simple flush test to check for possible internal defects.

Pros & Cons – A Bird’s Eye View

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet

Pros Cons
Bowl Width 17.75″ Comfortable seating for people who are large build. Less space on the sides.
Flushing Mechanism Powerful Champion 4 Flushing System. Single flush – Uses same water amount for flushing liquid waste.
Exposed Trapway More areas and time consuming to clean on the sides.
1-piece Toilet Easy to clean and maintain. No external tank leaks. Cannot replace tank or bowl separately. Heavy to install.
Elongated Bowl Comfortable to use
Water Surface Area ~9″ x 8″ – Large.
Toilet Seat Not included.
ADA Compliant (Seat Height) Comfortable level – easy to get up and seated
WaterSense Certified
MaP Rating 1000 – Capable of removing 1000 grams of waste in a single flush.
Price On the high side.

Customer Reviews

Despite the hitch on quality control, by and large this American Standard Champion 4 toilet is well received by most users. The amount of reviews provide a good sample base to judge the over all user satisfaction of this Champion 4 toilet.

The 5-stars reviews took up a clear majority in both Amazon and Home Depot. Most of the opinions are about the clog-free performance and powerful flush. The other positives are for easy installation, comfort height seat, quiet flush, good design aesthetic and the one-piece design that makes it easy to clean.

The opinions in the 4-stars ratings are quite similar to the 5 stars, except for a few mentions that the flush ‘need to be a little more powerful’, it does not comes with a seat and it is rather challenging to install due to its one-piece design and weight.

The 3-stars reviews are clearly dissatisfied with the bowl cleansing performance, citing skid marks and having to flush more than once to clear the material.

The 2-stars rating is only a fraction of the total number of reviews. And out of which 2 of the reviews are factually wrong – one was referring to a two-piece toilet, and the other said it’s a 1.28 gpf toilet. Of the 2 valid reviews, one was about receiving a broken toilet and the other mentioned the tank lid problem (as discussed above).

The 1-star reviews is where you can find out some truly unbiased reviews about a toilet. You will find that a good majority has complained about the tank lid not being able to fit properly. This is also consistent in Home Depot’s review. The lid problem, as mentioned earlier, has to do with the inconsistent mold quality. Not only is the tank not well molded, the inconsistency also show up at the base of the toilet. There is uneven gap between the toilet base and the leveled floor. At least 2 users have highlighted the problem, and was advised by American Standard’s customer service to use shims to prevent the toilet from rocking.

Another complaint that regularly show up in both Amazon and Home Depot user reviews is water leaking from the tank to bowl. Also complaints about waste not completely flush out and skid marks forming can be seen in this 1-star reviews.

All in all, the reviews are clearly more positive. Though the negative reviews are not significant to impact on buying decision, they should not be entirely ignored. Just remember to always check your new toilet for possible defects before installing it. Especially the tank lid and the toilet base. If you will, fill up the tank to check for possible leaks and a flush test to make sure it works perfectly. Overall, this American Standard Champion 4 is a great toilet in every way despite the glitches experienced by some users.

Here’s the Customer Reviews page on Amazon.

Where to buy this American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

The best places to buy this American Standard Champion 4 toilet is none other than the 3 mega online stores – Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes. Before you head down to any stores in your vicinity, try comparing the prices online with these 3 giant online shops. Knowing what the price levels are will help you buy at the best price, always. The prices offered by Amazon, Lowes or Home Depot are very competitive, you can hardly go wrong.

Amazon Price Watch

Here are the 3 color options of this American Standard Champion4 Toilet. The prices shown are the lowest offered by the respective seller in Amazon Market Place. They are not necessary the best price offered in the market as they MAY NOT include shipping cost. If you are comparing prices with other online stores, make sure to include shipping charges for all so you know which stores are giving you the best price. Prices are provided as-is and subject to change.

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, White

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, White

List Price: $557.26
Price: $557.26

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

American Standard Champion 4 1-piece 1.6 GPF Right Height Elongated Toilet in BONE (seat not included)

American Standard 2034.014.021 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, BONE

List Price: unavailable
Price: Too low to display.

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

American Standard 2034.014.222 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, Linen

American Standard 2034.014.222 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet, Linen

List Price: $622.05
Price: $622.05

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

Replacement Parts

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet. Model: 2034.014 / 2034.314

Description Part Number More info / Buy on Amazon
Champion 4 Chinaware Tank Cover – White 735105-400.020 – White More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Chinaware Tank Cover – Bone 735105-400.021 – Bone More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Chinaware Tank Cover – Linen 735105-400.222 – Linen More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Trip Lever Assembly 738772-0020A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Water Control Assembly Contact American Standard Customer Service @1-800-442-1902
Champion 4 Valve Seal Kit 7301111-0070A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Flush Valve Assembly 3280.040-0070A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Adapter Assembly Kit 738826-0070A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 PVC Refill Tube 738570-1020A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Clevis Pin Assembly 738985-0070A More info on Amazon
Bolt Cap Kit – White 034783-0200A – White More info on Amazon
Bolt Cap Kit – Bone 034783-0210A – Bone More info on Amazon
Bolt Cap Kit – Linen 034783-2220A – Linen More info on Amazon
Refill Tube Clip 072989-0070A More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Seat – White 5325.010.020 – White More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Seat – Bone 5325.010.021 – Bone More info on Amazon
Champion 4 Seat – Linen 5325.010.222 – Linen More info on Amazon

Alternative Toilet Models Price & Features Comparison

American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet
American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion-4 Right Height One-Piece Elongated Toilet
TOTO MS854114SL#11 Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet, Colonial White
TOTO MS854114SL#11 Ultramax ADA One Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet with G-Max Flushing System
Kohler 3811-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever, White
KOHLER 3811-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology
Toilet Type One-piece One-piece One-piece
Bowl Shape Elongated Elongated Elongated
Overall Height 29.5″ 29.125″ 28.188″
Bowl Width 17.75″ ~14.442″ ~14.801″
Rim Height 16.5″ 16.56″ 16.5″
Rough-in 12″ 12″ 12″
Flush System Champion 4 Flushing System G-Max Flushing System AquaPiston Flushing System
Flush Valve 4 inches 3 inches 3 inches
Glazed Surface EverClean Surface Conventional Conventional
Water Usage 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf) 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf) 1.6 gpf (6.0 lpf)
Water Surface Area 9″ X 8″ 10.31″ X 8.25″ 11″ X 8.125″
Trapway Diameter 2.375″ 2.125″ 2.125″
ADA Compliant Yes Yes Yes
WaterSense Certified No No No
MaP Rating 1000 grams 600 grams 1000 grams
Warranty 10 Year Warranty One Year Limited Warranty One Year Limited Warranty
Price: $557.26

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

Price: $536.97

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

Price: $388.50

(as of 12/11/2018 12:31 UTC - Details)

New Replacement Model – What Are The Differences?

Sorry to disappoint. Basically, there are no differences between the discontinued 2034.014 model and the replacement model, 2034.314. The dimension of both models are identical. Specification and feature wise, and the replacement parts are exactly similar. However, the only difference is the replacement model are now shipped with the toilet seat included. Also in the specification sheet of the new 2034.314 model the phrase, “100% factory flush tested” was omitted. You may download the old and new Champion 4 specifications and replacement parts below to compare.

It is unclear why American Standard only changes the part number. But what is more important are those quality control issues. Have they improved on the quality consistency with the ‘new’ model? Will the price be the same, or higher? At the time this review was written, there is no offer from Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes for the new model, 2034.314. Until such time when there are pricing information and new user experiences on the replacement model, this toilet review will be updated accordingly.

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