KOHLER Highline K-25224 – [A Tall Toilets Roundup]

19 Inch Tall Bowl Toilet

18- & 19-inch Tall Bowl Toilet is a Reality Now With this 19″ Highline Toilet

Not too long ago, your frustration of not being able to find an 18 or 19 inches high bowl toilet is valid and understandable. The good news for all the tall people now is that those days may be over with the introduction of KOHLER Highline Tall K-25224.

It only shows there is a demand for higher bowl toilets, and KOHLER has picked up the trend at long last. But the American toilet maker is a little slow to respond (typical of megacorps). Before that, two companies are already peddling a higher than ADA height toilet, and with great success.

But, as the adage goes, better late than never. As a matter of fact, KOHLER is relatively fast to address this growing demand for high bowl toilets compared to the other established potty makers, like American Standard, Mansfield, and TOTO.

So is KOHLER’s new 19-inch high bowl toilet going to spur more competition from its rivals? Get your popcorns ready. Now that the battle is heating up, not only are you going to be spoiled for choice going forward, prices are expected to get friendlier as the market matures. The development is definitely in your favor.

Let’s discuss and compare the various comfort height toilet brands and bowl height to provide the enhanced comfort you are seeking.

17-inch, 18-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch & 21-inch…You’ve Got it All

Though the competition is intensifying, it is still not prevalent as far as an above-17-inch bowl toilet is concerned. That’s because those manufacturers are still not producing a complete height range of ADA’s 17 to 19 inches standard and with all other features.

Which is to say, there are no 17-, 18- & 19-inch seat height toilets are being offered by the same company. It’s either-or, so you have to look elsewhere if what you need is offered by a different company. But compare to those we-have-only-17-inches days, isn’t this a great beginning?

Now, before proceeding further with the discussion, you must be clear of what is an ADA toilet height.

The ADA height range of 17 to 19 inches refers to seat height, not bowl height. Be mindful of this when choosing your preferred bowl height. Always add an extra inch to the bowl to make it the seat height.

That’s assuming you are using a standard toilet seat which typically is about an inch thick. So a 19-inch high bowl, like the KOHLER K-25224 Highline Tall toilet, will make a 20-inch seat height.

Let’s begin with a brief intro on the KOHLER K-25224 and what other above-17-inches ADA toilet models the company has to offer from its comfort height toilet range.

KOHLER’s First 19-inch Tall Bowl Toilet

Kohler K 25224 0

If you are looking for a 19-inch tall bowl toilet, you must be delighted to know the KOHLER Highline K-25224 is made for you.

Other than the 19-inch bowl height, the rest of the features are similar to any of the KOHLER Highline comfort height (chair height) models. The tank and bowl can be purchased separately. So if you already own a Highline (not the classic model), and intend to upgrade to a 19-inch bowl, you may consider replacing only the bowl.

The tank-bowl combination part numbers are: K-4467 tank + K-22661 elongated tall toilet bowl

Comfortable Size But Not For Small Bathroom

29-1/2 inches is the overall length (front to back), and the bowl is 15 inches wide. And you can’t miss the familiar classic shapes and designs of a KOHLER Highline two-piece toilet. The bowl base or footprint is an inch bigger both in length and width at 27-3/4″ x 10-15/16″.

That’s great if you have the luxury of space in the bath or powder room. Otherwise, do make sure you can still meet the building code requirements before deciding on this tall Highline crapper.

K 25224 Dimension

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Class 5

A tower or canister flush valve, a flush volume of 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), and a 2-1/8″ trapway size offer a power flush that is the signature class five flushing system. And, of course, both the bowl and trapway surface are glazed for a smoother flush.

Reasonably Large Water Spot

The water surface is 9-1/4″ x 6-1/2″ and 6-3/8″ away from the rim. That’s about 1 or 2 inches smaller than the other Highline comfort height toilet models. But it’s still a decent size to hold all the solid waste in the water to reduce stubborn smear and odor.

Standard Installation

Last but not least, the 12-inch rough-in makes for a standard installation. You can also adapt to a 10- or 14-inch rough-in by using an offset flange. So generally, there’s nothing special to note as far as installation is concerned. Except, the water supply valve is now 7-1/2″ off the floor instead of the usual 5 inches.

So don’t forget to move the supply valve up accordingly if you are replacing your standard or comfort height crapper with this KOHLER K-25224 Highline Tall toilet. Or else the standard supply line can be a bit of a stretch, or you may need a longer hose to reach the raised tank.

19-inch Bowl Height or Nothing?

In summary, this KOHLER Highline Tall toilet is basically a two-piece elongated toilet with an exposed trapway. The higher bowl height and a slightly bigger bowl base are the only differences compare to the other Highline models. Performance wise, you probably won’t notice the slight power enhancement due to the elevated trapway.

You are likely motivated to buy it because of its 19-inch bowl or 20-inch seat height. Or maybe it’s a KOHLER, the brand that you trust. Whatever.

And the Highline is highly rated on Amazon as well as Home Depot. So, is this Highline Tall K-25224 going to get the same love as its shorter siblings? That remains to be seen. But it certainly looks promising – at least the taller bowl should and will provide the ultimate accessibility.

Standard Design Across All The Brands

The first extra high bowl toilet, 20 inches tall to be precise, is launched in 2016 by the Convenient Company. Subsequently, in 2018 and 2019, the Signature Hardware company comes out with an 18-inch” and 20-1/2″ high bowl toilet, respectively.

Now with the KOHLER 19-inch Highline Tall toilet, it pretty much fills the gap which was left untouched by the Convenient Company and Signature Hardware. So now, if you find the official ADA height is not good enough for your needs, you have 19, 20, and 21 inches of pure porcelain support. No toilet riser seat is needed.

As this is just the beginning, the companies are probably just testing the water to see how far the demand could stretch. So the safest is to start with the basic two-piece design with an elongated bowl, exposed trapway, and white. As that will be low cost and high acceptance level since 80% of home toilets are of such design.

*KOHLER now has 3 colors – White, Biscuit, and Black Black.

Except for Signature Hardware, which has a round bowl model, the rest comes with an elongated bowl. And all of them are using the conventional bowl design with rim holes lined along the rim for bowl rinsing.

Other than the difference in bowl height, the shapes will set them apart. So which brand or model looks good in your opinion?

What about the position of the trip lever? This may appear too trivial to consider but whatever adds a little more convenience for the disadvantaged is good to have. Only KOHLER has it on the side, while the other two make it more accessible from the front. So, which trip lever position do you prefer?

Tall Toilets Comparison

The 2 Tallest Toilet – Convenient Height versus Signature Hardware

If nothing matters more than having the tallest bowl, then the choice is obvious. That’s assuming everything else is equal. But here are two different toilets made by two unrelated companies. There are differences, and you should also look at the other features to better make a well-informed decision.

As far as seating height is concerned, it is not that huge of a difference between the two toilets.

The Signature Hardware Bradenton is marketed as a 21-inch high bowl toilet. But its bowl height, according to the specification, is at 20-1/2″ to be precise. Whereas the Convenient Height model is 20-inch. So, the question is, will that half an inch make any difference to you when sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat? Probably not.

Physical Size Compare

Next is the overall size of the toilet. Though visually, the 2 toilets look about the same size, the slight difference in length can be a deciding factor when space is a little tight in your bathroom.

It could mean a little more or less room for the knee if you are going to install at a place where the front-to-back space has a bit of constraint. Or when the person who uses a wheelchair, an inch or two can make for better maneuverability in the bathroom.

The Convenient Height toilet has an overall length of 27 inches, versus 29 inches of the Bradenton. So this is one small consideration to take note beside the fractional difference in bowl height.

Model S Vs Bradenton

Flushing System Compare

The Model S of the Convenient Height toilet uses the tower flush valve, or flapperless valve if you like. That’s a preferred flush valve by many as it offers obstruction-free to water flowing into the bowl, thus a more powerful flush.

But the main advantage of the tower valve is, it dramatically reduces leakage since there is no concern about a worn-out flapper. Or having the flapper not closing properly, which is a common problem with the chain and flapper system. That makes the tower valve a more reliable and durable option over the flapper.

Another advantage is the light activation force that the tower valve offers. Frail elderly or the disabled will find it much easier to pull a flush versus the flapper system when you have to lift the flapper up against the weight of the water.

The Signature Hardware Bradenton uses the standard chain and flapper valve. The advantage is low cost and replacement is easy to find. You can get it at almost any DIY store that carries generic toilet parts.

Flapper Vs Tower Valve
Image shown is illustrative only and not of the actual parts used by Convenient Height and Signature Hardware.

Lastly, the Convenient Height is a dual-flush toilet that offers a better water economy. The main flush is 1.28 GPF, and the 0.9 GPF light flush is good for flushing liquid waste.

Also comes with a 1.28 GPF, the Bradenton is a single flush toilet.

Pick Your Tall Toilet (Comparison)

So, what is the desired toilet bowl height that you are looking for?

If a 20-inch seat height (19-inch high bowl), is all you wanted, then the KOHLER K-25224 is the only choice right now.

And if you are comfortable with a seat height of 19-inch (18-inch bowl height), then you will have a choice of round or elongated bowl from Signature Hardware.

All in all, 8 high bowl models are yours to pick from 17- right up to 21-inch in bowl height. Here’s a comparison table of all the tall toilets for your easy selection.

Available on:Brand (Model)Bowl HeightSeat HeightOverall LengthBowl ShapeGallons Per Flush (GPF)
Signature Hardware
20.5″21.5″29″Elongated1.28 GPF
Convenient Height
(Model S)
20″21″27″Elongated1.28 GPF/0.9 GPF
KOHLER Highline Tall
19″20″29-1/2″Elongated1.28 GPF
Signature Hardware
(Stalnaker – 413995)
18″19″28-1/2″Elongated1.6 GPF

Available on Signature Hardware’s website.

Signature Hardware
18″19″26-3/4″Round1.6 GPF
(1) KOHLER Highline Classic (K-3493)17″18″30-9/16″Elongated1.6 GPF
(1) KOHLER Highline Classic (K-3519)17″18″30-1/2″Elongated1.0 GPF
Signature Hardware
(Bradenton – Model 443038 or SKU 945954)
17″18″27″Elongated1.28 GPF


(1) Toilet comes with a power-assisted flushing system. The flushing is expected to be louder than usual.

Highly recommended to add a bidet toilet seat if you buy one of these tall bowl toilets for a senior or disabled person.

Wrapping Up

The choices presented are still limited but definitely a step forward in the right direction. It’s only the beginning. Once the market demand for a taller-than-17-inches bowl continues to trend upwards, you can expect more brands to follow.

Though it cannot be compared to the standard and chair-height (comfort height) toilets at this moment, given time, it may just become a norm. And considering the boomers are into their 60s and 70s now, their yearnings for gracious accessibility must not be ignored.

Nevertheless, it’s a welcoming development for the elderly and those with mobility issues, besides tall people. And hopefully, more holistic progress of the tall toilets market can come sooner. Then, a two-piece, elongated, and exposed trapway design may not be adequate to meet the growing expectation for a friendlier and eye-pleasing tall toilet.

There’s definitely plenty of room for improvement that offers better product features. Such as a skirted bowl, one-piece design, and a rimless bowl. And will we ever get to see a smart toilet with a 20-inch high bowl in the future?


  1. We may have got poorly manufactured versions of the Kohler 19″, or it’s a badly engineered product, as regards the porcelain finish.

    We replaced two toilets in our home with these, and EVERY time either of them are used for a “sit-down” job, the toilets have to be manually cleaned! And I’m not exaggerating. Even when the “solids” fall into the water, they streak on the porcelain, UNDERWATER!

    So these things either have badly manufactured porcelain, i.e. rough/textured, or they were badly engineered in the specifications.

    I tried to complain to Kohler, and they sent me a reply telling me how to clean! Thanks, I know how to clean!

    We wanted the height, but I really miss our American Standard Cadet 3 which got replaced by these and we had those for probably 12-15 years, with never a problem, especially never a problem of solids sticking to the surface like they do on these Kohlers.

    Really! Really annoying.
    Not that it matters but purchased through The Home Depot online, and shipped to store for pickup.

  2. Extremely well researched and well written article. It was exactly the type of analysis I was looking for to help me decide which high seat toilet to buy. Extremely helpful. Thank you!

  3. Are the 20inch toilets available in Oz?
    Do your toilets fit our pipes etc or are they imperial measurements.

    • Hi Helen. Other than Kohler I don’t think the other two has dealers in Asia Pacific and Oceania. So, you may want to check with kohler.com.au.

      They are all imperial measurements. You may need to use some form of adaptation to go with Australian pipes and standards.

  4. where do i buy this to get the 25% off. i am sure amazon won’t give it to me.

    • Hi Jean.

      The 25% is from Kohler direct.

  5. Thank you! You just saved me hours of time looking at the specs of toilets to find a compact, tall one for my 6’ husband and son!

    • You are welcome Barbara. 🙂

  6. This entire information has been very thorough, Easy to comprehend, and exactly what I was searching for. My husband has dementia along with Chron’s and toilets are a big issue for his ease of use. The diagrams gave me all the knowledge to buy a replacement toilet that my husband used to have. Thank you, and Bless you.

    • Hey Jean,I’m Anthony and I’m an 40 yr electrician. So I’m no plumber but I’ve done quite a bit. I would need your advice I’m replacing a 70yr bowl to accommodate an elderly couple. How much does the Kohler highline tall K-25224 model. I’d be purchasing it on staten island. I seen home depot stocks it.

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