Whitehaus One Piece Toilet & 3 Similar Alluring Designs

Whitehaus One Piece Toilet

Whitehaus One Piece Toilet Because Conventional is Boring

Are you looking for a one-piece (and skirted) toilet that's a little out of the ordinary? You may have seen this Whitehaus toilet and wanted it but aren't sure of its features and performance. Another reason that leads to your hesitation is probably the lack of reviews about this beauty.

So is this Whitehaus one-piece porcelain crapper worth its salt amid its elegant appearance?

The short answer is Yes if you have done a little due diligence. It all depends on where you buy it from, and most likely, the cost may be holding you back. Or you could be looking at the wrong places. But let's get to the money part later and expand the short answer now.

What's So Unique About This Whitehaus One Piece Toilet (WHMFL3309-EB)

Isn't it obvious? The exterior says it all. But like all toilets, the appearance has got nothing to do with the performance. So the fundamentals still apply that requires you to look beyond the looks.

You can easily tell this Whitehaus is a dual-flush toilet from the top flush push-buttons. And this skirted baby has a main flushing capacity of 1.6 GPF. The partial flush is sometimes at 1.1 GPF, 1.2 GPF, or as low as 0.8 GPF.

OK, that doesn't sound logical on the description of the partial flush capacity. Don't worry, there is no intention to confuse you, and it will be as clear as crystal in a while.

Other than the physical dimension, there is very little information about its flushing mechanism. The bowl and trapway are glazed though but nothing like the CeFIONtect glaze of TOTO. At most, the glaze is a conventional one like most toilets. Good enough to give you a clean bowl if the waste isn't too sticky. So, great if your diet is mostly rich in fiber.

The bowl is also a conventional type. Meaning it is not rimless like the KOHLER Corbelle or American Standard Optum Vormax. So cleaning the rim may not be as easy, neither is it difficult. Spray-jetting the rim holes to clear off debris once or twice a year is good enough to keep the water flowing freely and strong.

Next is the water surface area; it isn't in the spec sheet either. But judging from the bowl size and shape, it should be at least a decent 8″ x 7″, which could be more significant otherwise. So if this is an area that matters to you, please verify with the respective merchants.

Respective merchants?

Yes, because Whitehaus is not the only company offering a similar toilet.

Physical Dimensions

The entire length of this Whitehaus one piece toilet is a nice 28-inch or a fraction longer. So there shouldn't be much of a problem for any front-to-back space of 52 inches or more.

Widthwise, so long as there are at least 15 inches from any fixtures or walls on both sides to the center of the bowl, you are good. The width, or rather the bowl width, is a standard 15 inches wide.

And the bowl height is 16 inches tall, measured from the floor. Add on the seat, you will have a 17-inch seat height, which is the minimum of the ADA height range. The overall height, which is from the floor to the top of the tank is around 30-3/4 inches.

Types o Flushing Mechanism

The flush valve shown is a chain and flapper type if you happen to download the installation guide from Houzz.com or VintageTub.com. And if you look closer, there is a trip lever. That's not the right diagram obviously since the Whitehaus WHMFL3309-EB-WH is using push-buttons and not trip lever.

The right type of flush valve, 99% of the time for a dual-flush, top push-button activation, is one like the image below. That's a tower canister flush valve that is more durable and reliable than the chain and flapper.

Flush Valve of Whitehaus WHMFL3309-EB

What's great is the valve opening, which is a good 3 inches in diameter. That's similar to some KOHLER and TOTO toilets that are known for their power flushing. So that's good.

The trapway diameter, on the other hand, is the standard 2 inches. Nothing to shout about, but it should work with the power of a good siphonic toilet.

Regular Toilet, Unusual Appearance, And A Breeze to Keep Clean

All in all, it's just a regular gravity flushing siphonic toilet with reasonable specifications and features. If the appearance blends well with your bathroom decor, then why not.

The all flat surfaces will make cleaning this beautiful porcelain piece a breeze.

But if you want a different color to match your decor theme, you will be disappointed. As it seems, it only comes in white. Fortunately, white blends well with any color scheme. So, that's a little consolation there or compromise to make if you really like its looks.

Finally, the only decision left to make is the price. How much are you willing to spend on this Whitehaus WHMFL3309-EB-WH, or its equal?

Front top side views

Price & More of The Same By Other Vendors

You may not have heard of Whitehaus at all, which could be why you are not sure about taking a step closer. What about Ariel, EAGO, or Fresca?

They all look identical. But take a closer look at their respective specs like flushing capacity, seat height, and overall length. They differ only slightly, so you are most likely to pick the one with the lowest price, which can be significant. There are probably more by other merchants. But what is listed (below) are online stores that are popular and trusted by many.

And if you have to ask, your guess is probably as good as ours. What is so shocking these days for one factory to manufacture a single product for several companies? So no surprise if the other brands are peddling a similar potty to this Whitehaus one piece toilet.

So here are the places you can get your hands on this one-piece, skirted toilet with curves. Make sure to check all the vendors listed here to get the best deals.

Brands Available on:
Whitehaus Magic Flush (WHMFL3309-EB)

  • Flushing Capacity: 1.6 / 0.8 GPF
  • Bowl / Seat Height: 16″ / 17″
Ariel Platinum ‘The Hermes'

  • Flushing Capacity: 1.6 / 0.8 GPF (see Remarks)
  • Bowl / Seat Height: 15.5″ / 16.5″

On some stores, the flushing capacity is shown as 1.28 GPF.
Please verify with vendor if this is important to you.


  • Flushing Capacity: 1.6 / 1.1 GPF
  • Bowl / Seat Height: 15.5″ / 16.5″
Fresca Delphinus

  • Flushing Capacity: 1.6 / 0.8 GPF
  • Bowl / Seat Height: 15.5″ / 16.5″

Happy shopping! If you need further help to pick a toilet, contact us.

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