TOTO Washlet – Exclusive Review And Recommendation

A roundup of TOTO WASHLET bidet seats

A TOTO WASHLET Features Roundup & Review

Of course, you’ve heard about the benefits you can reap from a bidet toilet seat. Besides doing away with the paperwork, it gives you a clean and refreshing experience. Plus, you’ll sidestep those awkward moments when the toilet paper fails you.

While that sounds great, the downside is that you probably need a bigger budget if what you’re after is a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat. It all depends on the features you need, and it can easily cost more than the toilet itself.

The main reason these WASHLET bidet seats are well ahead of the competition is their unique features that use advanced technology to achieve the highest hygiene standard. You’ll learn about these awesome features and how the WASHLETs can perform functions other brands are not leveling up.

Some features are self-explanatory and common across various brands, yet TOTO elevates the experience. With options ranging from heated seats to user-specific cleansing functions, every detail is designed with your comfort and cleanliness in mind.

You can’t go wrong investing in a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat. It’s not merely a bathroom upgrade; it’s an enhancement to your daily ritual with unmatched hygiene and comfort. So, let’s find out about the features and hopefully help you in determining the ideal WASHLET model for your needs.

TOTO WASHLET Bidet Seat – The Full Range in 2024

Overall, TOTO has about 20 WASHLET models, from the entry-level WASHLET model, the A2, right up to the feature-rich S7A. Unless your toilet bowl is neither round nor elongated, you can surely find one that fits your existing toilet, regardless of brand (almost).

Some of the models are phasing out and being replaced by new models. For example, the S300e, S350e, S500e, and S550e will be replaced by the latest S7 and S7A. Once the stock is depleted, the older models will not be in production anymore. Highly recommend going for the new models as they are improved versions both in appearance and function.

So here are all the WASHLET bidet toilet seat models at the beginning of 2024.

Ready to Choose the Perfect WASHLET Model?

YES. I’m familiar with the features and ready to select a WASHLET for my toilet.

Entry Level WASHLET

  • A2 Elongated
  • A100 Elongated(1)
  • KC2 Elongated
  • KC2 Round
  • C2 Elongated
  • C2 Round
  • C5 Elongated
  • C5 Round
  • C200 Round(1)

Mid Range or Deluxe WASHLET

  • K300 Elongated
  • S300e Round(1)
  • S500e Classic(1)
  • S500e Contemporary(1)
  • S7 Classic
  • S7 Contemporary


  • S350e Round(1)
  • S550e Classic(1)
  • S550e Contemporary(1)
  • S7A Classic
  • S7A Contemporary

(1) Available while stock lasts and will not be produced again.

What Sets TOTO WASHLET Apart

TOTO WASHLET bidet seat stands out in the competitive electronic bidet seat market through its blend of cutting-edge technology for unparalleled comfort and hygiene. Features like EWATER+, which is electrolyzed water produced on demand or auto-dispensed for sanitization after each use, are hardly seen in other brands.

Unlike other makes, hygiene is raised to the highest level in the seat’s design. Not only the wand or nozzle is sanitized right after each use, but the bowl is not spared either. This feature is not seen in most other bidet seats, not even the well-established brands which at most have the wand or seat made of antimicrobial material.

Then there’s PREMIST to prevent waste buildup and customizable comfort settings, including auto open and close seats, auto flushing, and more. Even with regular features like heated seats and adjustable water pressure, TOTO WASHLET offers a level far above its competitors.

These distinctive advantages position TOTO WASHLET as a leader in enhancing personal bathroom experiences. While the advanced features do come at a higher cost, the immediate improvement in daily comfort and hygiene makes it a worthwhile investment, quickly overshadowing any initial expense. TOC

Over 20 Features For a Bidet Seat

The feature count is close to 30, but you don’t have to know them all. Most are pretty generic or standard, which you will also find in other brands. Let’s focus on what makes the WASHLET bidet seat a better and different bidet seat that’s all about hygiene and comfort.

Four Cleansing Functions For Maximum Comfort and Cleanliness

A typical bidet seat will have the basic functions of a front and rear wash with selectable oscillating and pulsating modes. Besides the temperature, the water pressure is usually adjustable in 3 or 5 steps from low to high.

No difference here with the TOTO WASHLET. But instead of just the rear and front spray, you get 4 cleansing features, the Rear, Rear Soft, Front, and Wide Front Cleanse with the WASHLET.

Here’s an image of what the various sprays look like.

4 Nozzle Spray Modes

However, the Wide Front Cleanse feature, which provides a gentle and broad spray at lower water pressure for a thorough yet soft finishing cleanse, isn’t available in all WASHLET models. It’s designed for enhanced comfort, particularly appreciated by women.

Similarly, the Rear Soft Spray offers a broad and gentle cleansing experience, ideal for those with sensitive needs such as hemorrhoids. This comforting feature is standard across all TOTO WASHLET models, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of gentle and effective cleansing.

In all the cleansing modes, you can adjust the water temperature and pressure. Depending on the models, the adjustment is either in 3 or 5 settings. The mid to high-range models will have 5 settings to provide users with better personalization of each use, ensuring the cleansing process meets individual preferences perfectly.

Dual Action Spray – Oscillating and Pulsating Wash Mode

Oscillating and pulsating wash modes are standard in many top bidet brands, including, of course, the TOTO WASHLET bidet seat. Most of the WASHLET models offer both features. However, the A2 and A100 models are exceptions, providing only the oscillating wash.

These wash modes significantly enhance the bidet experience by ensuring a comprehensive cleanse and elevated comfort. The oscillating function moves the nozzle back and forth, expanding the cleaning area for a more effective wash.

Meanwhile, the pulsating mode alternates the water pressure, offering a massage-like effect that stimulates the skin and helps a little in boosting blood circulation. These wash modes provide a spa-like experience, guaranteeing a thoroughly refreshing and invigorating cleanse with every use.

Water Temperature and Pressure Control

As mentioned above, there are variable temperature settings and pressure adjustments. Depending on the models, the settings are either in 3 or 5 steps. All models, from entry to premier models, will have 5 settings for water pressure control.

Then, the water temperature control for all entry-level WASHLETs has 3 settings and 5 steps for the mid-range models and above. TOC

3 Settings5 Settings
WASHLET Models with Respective Water Temperature Control Settings

Air Dryer & Deodorizer

Warm Air Feature of TOTO WASHLET

Having warm water cleansing alone is just half the comfort you get to enjoy, especially in those chilly winter months. Right after the cleansing is done, you will have air blown at your derrière to dry up. Preferably, the air is warm during the cold weather season. Similar to cleansing water, the air temperature has to be adjustable too to suit individual preferences for comfort.

Again, depending on the model you have chosen, you get either 3 or 5 settings for the air temperature adjustment. But unlike water, the warm air dryer has only 1 mode and no pressure adjustment.

Besides the temperature-adjustable warm-air dryer, there’s the automatic air deodorizer to clear away odor. Thereby, the bathroom will always be odorless, fresh and clean for the next person to use.

The built-in deodorizer uses an ionized carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant smells. It actually removes the stinking gas from the air and does not simply mask it. Periodically replacing the inexpensive filter will help keep the bathroom air fresh and odor-free.

Air Temperature Control

The Air Temperature Control on the TOTO WASHLET offers personalized comfort, allowing users to adjust the warmth of the air dryer to their preference. This feature ensures a gentle, soothing end to the cleansing process, promoting a more enjoyable and hygienic bathroom experience.

Similar to the water temperature control, there are 3 and 5 settings depending on the models. The low-cost models have 3 settings, namely LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. In comparison, the mid to high-end models will have 5 settings that offer a more personalized experience. And not all models come with air purifiers or deodorizers. TOC

Model3 Settings5 SettingsDeodorizer
WASHLET Models with Respective Air Temperature Control Settings

Water Heater – Instantaneous Heating Versus Tank Type Heaters

Instantaneous Heating versus Tank Type Heating

In TOTO WASHLET models, there are two primary types of water heating systems: Instantaneous Heating and Tank Type Heating. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, catering to the user’s preference for aesthetics and efficiency.

Instantaneous Heating (On-Demand)

  • How It Works: This system heats water in real-time as it flows towards the nozzle, meaning it only heats water when needed.
  • Advantages: Provides a continuous supply of warm water, making it ideal for an extended warm water rinse. It’s energy-efficient, as it only heats water on demand, reducing standby energy loss. Typically more compact (slim design), without the need for a bulky reservoir, freeing up space within the unit.
  • Disadvantages: The technology for on-demand heating can be more expensive upfront compared to tank-type models. There might be a brief lag before the water reaches the desired temperature. So, at the start, you might get a little cold shock for a brief moment.
  • Considerations: Models with this feature may be more expensive due to the more advanced instantaneous water heating technology. However, the benefit of continuous warm water and energy savings can outweigh the initial cost.

Tank Type Heating (Pre-Heat on Standby)

  • How It Works: This system uses a built-in reservoir to store and pre-heat a specific amount of water, ready for immediate use.
  • Advantages: Ensures immediate availability of warm water from the first use, making it convenient for quick, no-lag single uses. Typically, models with tank-type heating are less expensive than those with instantaneous heaters.
  • Disadvantages: The amount of warm water is fixed, based on the tank’s capacity, which can run out during extended use. It needs to be switched on to keep water at a constant temperature, leading to greater energy use, especially in standby mode. Moreover, the tank takes up considerable space, making the unit bulkier.
  • Considerations: The main limitation is the finite amount of warm water available at any given time, which can run out during prolonged use. The system may also use more energy to keep the water in the tank warm, even when not in use.

Deciding on an instantaneous or tank-type water heater for a TOTO WASHLET bidet seat typically hinges on design preferences, the need for an uninterrupted warm water flow, and financial factors.

Tank-type heaters, which are only available in entry-level models, present a compelling option for those prioritizing budget and don’t mind a bulkier bidet seat. Conversely, for those valuing aesthetics equally with functionality, an instantaneous water heater provides a more streamlined and elegant design for the bidet seat. TOC

Heated Seat with Temperature Control for More Warm Comfort

It’s unimaginable to have a cold seat when it is snowing outside. With the WASHLET, the warmth of the air and water is complemented by the logical addition of a heated seat, rounding up the comfort experience.

The heated seat, just like the air and water temperature, is adjustable, allowing you to find your perfect warmth, making each visit a soothing escape, especially in the colder months.

You’ll find the controls intuitive when setting the seat temperature, with three adjustments for entry-level models and five for the deluxe and premier models. This consistency in customization options is just one of the many reasons why the WASHLET has become a favorite for those valuing predictability and reliability in their comfort experiences.

The heated seat feature is available in all WASHLET models. TOC

Humanized Energy Saving Feature

The TOTO WASHLET can intelligently conserve energy based on usage patterns. This feature typically involves the device automatically adjusting its energy consumption based on the presence or absence of users and the frequency of use.

For example, a bidet seat might lower its seat temperature during periods of inactivity and switch off the seat heat and warm water for any extended period when it is not being used.

If you like, you can set the energy-saving function on a timer to turn on based on your usage for a more personalized setting. This is great for those who do shift work and still want that bit of customization.

Four Innovative Hygiene Features That Are Uniquely TOTO’s

TOTO WASHLET stands out with its unique blend of product features, including the efficient PREMIST function, the hygienic EWATER+ sanitization system, and the convenience of the auto-open and close seat and auto flushing. These additional features deliver an unmatched hygiene level that requires very minimum maintenance effort.

PREMIST Dramatically Improves Flushing Efficiency

The PREMIST feature works by coating the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water before each use. This creates a wet and slippery barrier to prevent waste from adhering to the bowl surface. It has been shown to improve flushing efficiency by as high as 80% versus on dry surfaces.


All future WASHLET models will probably be equipped with this feature. But for now, only the A2, A100, and KC2 do not have PREMIST in their features lineup.

EWATER+ for Effective Bowl and Wand Sanitization


EWATER+ is electrolyzed water created through the electrolysis process, which separates the sodium chloride ions found in normal tap water. This process yields a mixture of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide, forming an effective and natural cleaning solution without using harsh cleaning chemicals, making it safe for human contact.

Electrolyzed water has been used in the food and healthcare industries over the years for its effectiveness and safety. It’s awesome that TOTO incorporates this efficient cleaning technology into the WASHLET seat, wand, and the surfaces of its toilet bowls for maximum hygiene.

The used EWATER+ is also safe for the environment because it will revert to regular tap water two hours later. That promotes the reduction of harsh chemical cleaners, offering a healthier home environment and cost savings in maintaining the cleanliness of your toilet.

This distinctive feature sets TOTO WASHLET apart from other bidet brands, which generally use regular tap water solely for wand cleaning. In contrast, TOTO employs EWATER+ for sanitizing both the bowl and wand across all its mid to high-end models, keeping the toilet bowl clean 24/7.

Only the deluxe and premier models feature both the bowl and wand sanitized by EWATER+. In contrast, the budget or entry-level models use the electrolyzed solution solely for their self-cleaning wand. TOC

Latest WASHLET Models 2024

The Convenience of Automatic Open and Close Lid

This is another feature that you will hardly find in other bidet seat brands, not even in the mid or deluxe range of the WASHLET. If this is a necessary function, you can look into the S7A, S350e, and S550e. But highly recommend getting the S7A because the other 2 will be discontinued once they run out of stock.

An innovative function that enables users to approach and walk away from the toilet without touching the lid, ensuring a seamless and hygienic experience. Great for older people and individuals with a disability to use the toilet with ease and safety.


Upon sensing movement, the lid automatically opens, welcoming you to a clean and comfortable environment. When you walk away, it closes gently, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom while minimizing the spread of germs. TOC

Auto Flushing – Next-Level Hygiene

Auto flushing technology brings unparalleled convenience and hygiene to the modern bathroom experience. It works by detecting when a user has finished using the toilet and automatically initiates the flush, eliminating the need for physical contact with the toilet flush handle.

This hands-free operation significantly reduces the probability of contamination through contact, ensuring a cleaner and safer bathroom environment for everyone.

Beyond its hygiene benefits, auto flushing is especially helpful for individuals with mobility challenges, seniors, and children by removing the need to manually flush.

However, this feature comes as an optional upgrade only for selected WASHLET+ models where an auto-flushing kit can be purchased separately. You will learn in a minute about the WASHLET+ bidet seat and how it enhances both aesthetics and maintenance ease.

Click here to see how the automatic flush kit is installed

The auto-flushing feature is only available to these WASHLET+ models – S7, S7A, S500e, and S550e. And like the auto seat, finding bidet seats with auto-flushing features in other brands can be quite a challenge. TOC

Quick Differentiation Between Entry Level And the Higher End WASHLET Models

After learning about the awesome features of the TOTO WASHLET bidet seat, you may still find it overwhelming to tell the models apart. Of course, the first telltale sign is the price. But that’s not a good gauge, given that different vendors may price differently. Here are some handy tips to save you time and confusion browsing through the all-look-so-identical models.

It is easy to tell an entry WASHLET model just by its appearance.

  1. All of them have a side control panel instead of a wireless remote (Except for C5 and C200).
  2. They are bulkier (high back) due to the tank-type heater in them.
WASHLET Class Exterior Differences

That’s easy to pick out a low-cost model. But as you venture into the mid and high-end models, that feeling of confusion might come again. So, why bother when this page has organized the bidet seat models into Entry, Deluxe, and Premier for your convenience.

Choosing the Right WASHLET is EASY

No Stress and go here to pick the perfect WASHLET model in no more than a minute.

Well Organized into Entry, Deluxe, and Premier Range.

Don’t Buy a TOTO Toilet and WASHLET Separately

Don’t rush to buy a TOTO toilet, and then take your time to choose the right bidet or Washlet to match. Because there’s a thing called WASHLET+.

If you have invested substantially in your bathroom decor and refuse to let the ugly power cord and water supply hose ruin the aesthetics, then the WASHLET+ is not an option.

So, What’s the difference between the WASHLET and the WASHLET+?

The WASHLET+ is NOT an advanced version of the WASHLET. It is a bidet seat designed specifically for the T40 bowls to better organize and conceal the supply connection. For example, the C2 has a regular version and a WASHLET+ version with the respective part numbers SW3074 and SW3074T40. And both versions will have the same features.

So, if you already have a T40 bowl and are going to replace the bidet seat, be sure to get a WASHLET+ model. The WASHLET+ model should have “T40” in the part number.

What does a T40 bowl look like?

Any TOTO toilet with a T40 bowl will have an additional hole right next to the bolt holes. Its purpose is to let the water hose and power cable pass through from underneath, thereby hidden when the WASHLET bidet seat is mounted onto the bowl. The T40 can be a round or elongated bowl.

T-40 Bowl with Hole for the Power Cable and Water Hose

Otherwise, the power cable and the water hose will be exposed on the side to connect to the bidet seat, which is not very eye-pleasing.


If you like the idea of having an opening on the toilet bowl to better organize the cable and hose, then consider getting a WASHLET+ toilet.

You can find a WASHLET+ toilet in all of TOTO’s manual flushing toilet collections. Here’s a Drake review post that has a section showing how to pick a WASHLET+ toilet model just from the model number. TOC

CLEANRESIN Minimizes Maintenance Effort

Last but not least, the plastic material used on the WASHLET seat and wand is of a special resin formulated to be waste-resistant. TOTO called this proprietary material CLEANRESIN or CLEAN RESIN. The material is infused with an antifouling agent that forms a protective film over its surface. This film helps to prevent dirt from sticking, which makes removing debris if any, easy.

CLEANRESIN - TOTO's special resin formulated to be waste-resistant

CLEANRESIN is used on all the wands but not on the seats of a few models.

These are the models where the seat is not made with the CEANRESIN material – A100, KC2, S300e, and S350e. They will be discontinued anyway. So, you can avoid all these models if you want an all-CLEANRESIN bidet seat.

End of the Day…

What’s been explored here about the TOTO WASHLET features is just the tip of the iceberg. When you explore further into the settings and configurations, you’ll discover the potential for an even more personalized experience.

Tailoring these adjustments to your preferences is what makes the WASHLET a personal choice rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. And if you are sharing the throne with loved ones, they too can have their own settings. There are 2 or 4 personal settings, depending on the model you have chosen.

Whether it’s adjusting or setting the seat temperature, fine-tuning the water spray, or setting the air dryer to your liking, it can be personalized for each user.

However, the remote function and all customizable options can be overwhelming. But relax; the instruction manual is easy to follow, with pictures and clear descriptions. Absolutely no guesswork, and extremely easy to navigate.

The level of personalization is unseen in most other bidet seat makers.

Start exploring the range and pick a WASHLET model that befits your lifestyle, ensuring every visit is uniquely yours.


This could be your best Investment for the Ultimate Bathroom Experience and Hygiene


  1. I am debating buying either the K300 or the C200. Any advice?

    • Hi Ray. I’ll go for the K300 for its slimmer look and the continuous supply of warm water (ceramic heating system).


  2. Any strong advice on decision between G400 and a neorest 500. It seems that the G400 also has CeFiONtect… Also, being that I’m only 5′ 1″ a shorter height toilet is appealing. Any strong considerations? Thanks. Jan 2018

    • Hi Ina.

      Of course the Neorest 500H is perfect for your physique if cost is no object to you. But if you don’t mind using a squatty potty then G400 can save you over $1200. 🙂 But bear in mind they are not in the same class.

  3. You made a good point about, really the toilet-paper’s price are going through the roof, and its very tough to keep buying these expensive things every month!

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