Stainless Steel Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl

Neo-Metro Stainless Steel Toilets
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Neo-Metro Stainless Steel Wall-Hung Toilet Bowl

If you have broken one too many porcelain bowls at home or work, well, not necessarily it’s your fault, consider a stainless steel one.

Customization Capabilities
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Unlike ceramics or porcelain, stainless steel has a much better tensile strength, highly customizable, and hygienic. And with a company like Neo-Metro who offers customization services, your toilet doesn’t have to look like one from the showroom.

As long as you are not asking for a transparent toilet, there is an endless powder-coat color to choose from, or wraps to match your bathroom decor. However, additional charges may apply for off-range color.

That is only the bowl. The rest of the parts are the tank and steel frame to hold the bowl, known as the in-wall carrier. You probably have to buy the entire set-up separately. Not to worry, Neo-Metro is more than happy to offer the whole package or make it hassle-free for you to get all the right parts.

Even if you were to buy the in-wall system on your own, the Geberit in-wall carrier is super easy to choose. And the Neo-Metro stainless steel bowl is compatible with any of the 2×4 or 2×6 carrier system that Geberit offers.

Choose Your in-wall carrier in this Geberit In-Wall Carrier Review

And if you already own a wall-hung with a Geberit in-tank carrier system, that’s even easier. Just buy the bowl, and you are minutes away from using the new stainless steel toilet when it arrived.

Oh, and don’t forget to get the seat as well. It’s made of ABS (plastic), available in high polish chrome finish, satin finish chrome, black with cover and open front.

Great Space Saver

A wall-hung toilet has always been a great space saver and offers barrier-free access. You can surely appreciate the neat and spacious feel it provides.

This Neo-Metro miniLOO® has a length of only 20-1/2″, you only need a minimum space of 30″ (left to right) by 45″ (front to back). That space is readily available in most bath or powder room. Any smaller than that is not recommended as it will be against the law for minimum space required for a toilet.


Extracted from Neo-Metro Specification Sheet

The Geberit in-wall carrier has a height range of 15- to 19-inch for the bowl – measured from the floor to the top of the bowl rim. And if you have to ask, the frame can hold up to 850 pounds if you follow the instructions to the letter. And make sure the wall is more than capable of holding the maximum weight.

Model Name: Neo-Metro miniLOO®
Bowl Shape: Round Front
Material: Type 304 stainless steel
Flushing Capcity: Dual-flush, 1.6 / 1.0 GPF (6.0 / 3.8 liters per flush).
Trapway Diameter: 2-1/8″

You may download the specification sheet here ► Neo-Metro Model 8952

Price & Where to Buy?

Neo-Metro doesn’t provide price information on its official website. You can either send a request for a quote or contact any of its distributors across the country.

For more information please visit Neo-Metro official site.

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