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SHINE Converts Your Plain Jane Crapper Into A Self-Cleaning Toilet Without Breaking Bank

When you think of a self-cleaning toilet, a few brands and models might have flashed through your mind – American Standard's ActiClean, KOHLER's Corbelle, and of course, the smart toilets of the TOTO Neorest.

But let's be clear here, the device we are about to discuss is more than a cleaner. It's a toilet bowl sanitizer to be precise.

Toilet cleaning does not necessarily involve sanitizing, but sanitizing does encompass cleaning. The Neorest and a few of the TOTO Washlet models are sanitizers, they are highly effective in killing germs and bacteria.

Whereas in the case of ActiClean or Corbelle, they only soap the bowl with a self-dispensing solution. Bacteria and microorganisms can still breed and multiply after a self-clean.

The difference is obvious. If you want the toilet bowl to be free of bacteria and microbes, you need a disinfectant. In this case, the end product is a sterilizer that is widely used in hospitals and the food industry.

What is it?

If you have read reviews about TOTO Neorest intelligent toilets, then you should have come across the feature eWater+, which is Electrolyzed Water. And all TOTO Neorest toilets can produce electrolyzed water to disinfect or sanitize the bowl.

What is electrolyzed water?
Electrolyzed water or electro-activated water is an organic, non-toxic, non-irritant, and environmentally safe sanitizing and disinfecting solution. It is produced from the electrochemical reaction of water, salt, and electricity (electrolysis). It has been widely used for years in the industrial space as a potent cleaner and deodorizer that’s free of the hazards of bleach.

Unless you are prepared to spend at least $3500 upwards for a Neorest, nothing comes close to get you a sterile bowl effortlessly.

But now, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a self-sanitizing crapper. You don't even need to replace your existing toilet. All you need is Shine.

What is Shine And How It Works?

Shine, the toilet bowl sanitizer, is more than just discharging electrolyzed water into the bowl. It is genuinely your bathroom assistant that takes away the mundane task of monitoring and upkeeping hygiene and cleanliness in your bathroom.

The entire system consists of a waterline sensor, an electrolyzed water generator/dispenser (Bathroom Assistant), a Spray Bar, and SAM (the smartphone app). The whole installation takes only minutes to set up, and it works on batteries. So there is no need to install a power outlet adjacent to the toilet.

Shine Bathroom Assistant

The operation is totally hands-free and automatic. Once a flush is pulled, within seconds afterward, Shine will begin to spray the bowl with electrolyzed water to disinfect and deodorize.

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Shine Bathroom Assistant can also sense and notify you of problems, and monitor water usage through SAM (Shine Automation Manager).

What it does is it monitors the waterline for leaks or overflow. It can differentiate between a flush and a leak, and once an abnormality is detected, it will send a notification to your phone. And it doesn't stop there, it will also send you the appropriate repair kit automatically with video instructions on how to carry out the repair.

You can also initiate Shine to clean anytime you wish through Sam or schedule a cleaning time. And if you own an Alexa device, you can use voice command to activate the cleaning – “Alexa, ask SAM to clean the toilet”. That will set off the cleaning cycle from the comfort of your living room or remotely from anywhere. How cool is that?

Play Button Play Button
video replay button

Electrolyzed Water Versus Bleach

In this day and age, it is no secret to the uses of electrolyzed water. But not many understand why it isn't replacing the chemical-heavy bleach if it has that many advantages.

The main reason is, it is not commercially viable for retail due to the extremely short shelf life. Hypochlorous acid, which is the primary active ingredient, dissipates over time. It will lose its concentration and disinfecting property at the end of the retail channel. Electrolyzed water will then not be as effective as when it is freshly produced.

Which explains why industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals will have an independent electrolysis plant. The electrolyzed water is produced onsite and used instantly without any delays.

And now with Shine Bathroom Assistant, you too can have the convenience of having the best cleaning solution produced right next to the toilet on demand.

So what are the advantages of Electrolyzed Water compare to bleach?

Advantages of Electrolyzed Water

  1. Gentle and yet has far more superior disinfection properties than bleach
  2. 100% safe for the environment and human contact
  3. Doesn't produce fumes or residue that irritate or cause allergic reaction
  4. Bacteria and microorganisms can't build up resistance to electrolyzed water
  5. Reverts back to a harmless saline solution after use (Non-corrosive to drain pipes and septic tank)
  6. Works on virtually any types of surface
  7. Doesn’t erode or cause damage to the glazed surface of the bowl and trapway
  8. An excellent deodorizer and biofilm remover

And speaking of biofilm, ever wonder why there is always that brown stain around the hole in the toilet bowl, even when you are not using hard water for flushing?

Shine Can Prevent Biofilm From Forming

Especially if the bowl surface finishing is not of a high-quality glaze. The micro crannies on the bowl surface allow microorganisms to anchor and breed in no time. That leads to biofilm being formed quickly.

A biofilm grows after just a few hours with any germ, even normal flora, which can allow household pathogens to survive even with chlorine tablets in the water. So scrub that bowl with soap, disinfectant, and a brush once a week. – WebMD

With Shine, you don't have to do the weekly scrubbing and brushing. The electrolyzed water prevents the formation of biofilm. With every flush, the bowl will be sprayed with the electro-activated water immediately. And between flushes, if you have scheduled the cleaning when nobody is using the facility.

Remove Bowl Stains

Not only Shine is effective in getting rid of bacteria and microbes, but it also cleans better than those chemical-based cleaner. Tested by an independent third-party lab, the result clearly shows Shine has a higher efficiency in removing soil.

3rd Party Lab Test Result

What Other Benefits Does Shine Provides?

The Shine Bathroom Assistant operates independently, so it has no impact on the performance of your toilet. It doesn't even tap on the water supply. So if your toilet acts up, Shine is never the cause.

Instead, it actually helps to keep your water closet working with minimal downtime. If there's any trouble with your crapper, it is usually due to a clog trapway or pipe, or wear and tear parts like the flush valve and gasket.

Shine notifies you in realtime when it senses water leakage or overflow in the toilet. So you can react right away by shutting off the water supply. Otherwise, it can be hours or even days later before you discover the problem.

And the best part is, the sensor detects water flow in the waterline, so water dripping from condensation won't get you a false alarm. Unlike with some low-end sensors, some folks might play it safe by calling in a plumber only to discover the “leak” is actually condensed water dripping.

Besides the monitoring function, the system can also track how much water has been used for flushing the toilet (Don't you always wanted to know?). Sam will break it down into Day, Week, and Month. All the water usage data you need is now at your fingertips.

Finally, once there is a problem detected, Shine will despatch a repair kit to you. However, it is, at best, suitable for minor repair or replacement. It will be helpful if the parts provided are compatible with your toilet. Otherwise, getting genuine or compatible parts on your own is still not an option.

Save up to $350 when you purchase directly from Shine Bathroom.

Save a further $10 with SHINE10-TOILETFOUND (auto-apply at checkout).

Universal Repair Kit

In all fairness, the provision of the repair kit is a value-added service by Shine. They don't have to go to that extent. The base feature itself is already worth every penny of your little investment. So no need to get upset or frustrated if the parts received can't fit or solve the problem. You are at least being informed of issues that you can act on immediately.

Maintaining Shine is a Breeze

It takes less than 3 minutes once a month to keep Shine working 24/7. That's all the maintenance you need for normal use. And the battery will keep Shine running for a whole 6 months period on a single charge.

All you need to do is to fill up the water in the dispenser and replace the cleaning pod. Then repeat the process again in the next month. Of course, under heavy usage, the frequency of filling the water and replacing of the pod goes up accordingly. But still, that's no chore at all compared to all the weekly scrubbing and pouring of chemical cleaner.


How and Where to Install Shine?

You can place the Bathroom Assistant anywhere around the toilet. As long as the spray bar or nozzle head can be connected to the dispenser, you can place the unit on top of the tank, on the floor, or attached it to the side of the tank with a bracket (3 options).

After you have the dispenser in place, position the nozzle anywhere on the back of the toilet bowl rim and connect it to the unit with the provided rubber tube. Next, clip on the sensor to the waterline and connect to the dispenser. You are now done with the hardware installation.

Next is, of course, to fill in the water and insert the cleaning pod. Then install SAM on your smartphone and sync it to the central dispensing unit. And wah-la, you now have a real self-cleaning toilet all ready to take the first wash.

Installing Shine

Can Shine Be Used With A Bidet Seat?

The short answer is Yes. But a quick investigation into the bidet seat design is recommended before committing to a purchase. The part that can affect the proper mounting of the spray bar or nozzle is the back of the bidet.

If your bidet seat looks like the image below, there is very little room to insert the spray bar tube. You can imagine the position of the spray bar will be at almost the center of the bowl, which is not so ideal. And you will be having the tube hanging across the bowl if you place the dispenser on the floor.

Spray Bar With Bidet Seat

Though there isn't any recommendation by the maker, the spray bar should be placed at the rear as much as possible. So that the spray can reach the dirtiest part, which is the back of the bowl. That's where bowl streaking happened the most.

So be sure to check your bidet seat to find the best possible location for the spray bar and the tube that connects to it. Other than the example above, most bidet seats will have the gap for the spray bar like a regular toilet seat.

Pricing and Where to Buy this Shine Bathroom Assistant

If you are expecting this Shine auto cleaner to cost at least a few hundred bucks, you are in for a surprise. The entire system plus 12 months of cleaning pod supply is just under $100. Then it's only $2.10 a month for the pod the following year onwards, which is just $0.07 (7 cents) a day.

How much did you spend on those chemical cleaners every month? And don't forget your time and labor to clean the toilet manually. Now with a one-time investment of $99, followed by $2.10 every month on subsequent years, you free yourself from the annoying and time-consuming task to keep the toilet bowl sanitized.

Or you can opt for the Shine Unlimited Plan, which gives you unlimited cleaning pods, repair kits, and even replacement parts for the same $24.99 a year.

Please Note: All prices indicated are subject to change. Please visit for the latest price offer.

Pickup a Shine Bathroom Assistant Today and Enjoy Up to $350 in Savings
PLUS an Additional $10 Discount (auto-apply at checkout)

Your Investment And ROI With Each Shine Bathroom Assistant

  1. Initial cost of $99 which includes 12 months of pod supply
  2. 5 minutes to set up
  3. 3 minutes to maintain every month
  4. After the first year, it's only $2.10 every month for the pod supply (or with repair kits and replacement parts)
  5. No more scrubbing the bowl with chemical-based cleaners
  6. Your toilet is cleaner and odor free without you lifting a finger

If you purchase more than 1 system, you can save at least $100 or even more. But you definitely have more than 1 toilet in the house. So go for the Buy 2, Get 1 Free package, that's a no brainer offer that will save you $250.

Then you can sign up for the Shine Unlimited Plan (recommended) after a month when you are satisfied with the performance. With this plan, you will get unlimited pods and unlimited repair kits for an entire year for a measly $24.99.

You may want to hop onto Shine's Offical Website to find out more.

Please Note: All prices indicated are subject to change. Please visit for the latest price offer.

Summary – To Buy or Not to Buy And A Trick to Get A Clean Flush Every Time

First, if you are looking for a non-chemical-based cleaner, Shine that uses electrolyzed water is the best option bar none. Unless you love to clean toilets, this will save you precious family bonding time and without breaking sweats.

The tree-huggers will love you to the moon because you no longer feed the environment with harmful chemicals. And more importantly, the toilet doesn't smell anymore, and they are bacteria-free. All without the need for that weekly cleaning.

Finally, Shine is as good as free with the low initial and operating costs. Plus, the value-added features like problem detecting capability, water usage data, and repair kits, you are in total control. Even if you still have doubts with all that you've read, for just $99, and a company which is committed to providing all the support you need, plus a generous 90 days refund, what have you got to lose?

So stop throwing good money away on those inefficient toilet bowl cleaners that barely scratch the surface.

Buy Shine

Tip: How to get a clean flush every time with Shine?

According to TOTO, spraying the bowl surface with water can improve the flushing efficiency by up to 80%. So right before you take your dump, ask SAM to wet the bowl, and it'll reduce the probability of waste getting too sticky on the bowl surface.

Want more than just auto bowl sanitizing? Check out Neorest 700H.

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