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NoMO Toilet Odor Eliminator

NoMo Odor – A Smelly Toilet Nemesis

NoMO Odor? There’s no spelling blunder here. You may have heard about it or maybe not. But you can certainly smell it when you haven’t had NoMO Odor installed. Yes, toilet odor is a real pain in the rear, or rather, your nose. And for a very long time, there’s hardly any real solution to arrest the problem.

But not anymore. You can now safely say you have a kickass solution to toilet odor. And you can solve it today by ordering the NoMO touchless activation air purifier for your toilet. Highly recommended if you are dead serious about getting rid of odor from the crapper.

So what is NoMO Odor and how it works? Let’s get rolling to the bottom of this life nose saver.

A 100% Working Toilet Odor Eliminator

Unlike deodorizer which uses chemicals to mask odor, the effect is only temporary. But not for NoMO which uses activated carbon filters to remove the odor-causing sulfurous gas emitted from your poop.

Yes, no rocket science here and it is common knowledge that activated carbon is actually Charcoal, or activated charcoal if you like. Just like the half-empty bag of left-over charcoal from last year. You place some on open bowls or perforated plastic bags, in your fridge, shoe cabinet, and drawers to get rid of odors.

The working principle is the same, but the NoMO charcoal filter is specially made to be many times more efficient in removing odor. And it lasts longer than the pouch of charcoal you place in the fridge, much longer than you could imagine.

What’s So Special About NoMO’s Activated Carbon That It Can Last A Lifetime?

To answer that, you’ve got to understand what activated carbon is and how it works.

Activated carbon is carbon treated with oxygen to make it extremely porous. The high degree of microporosity results in an increase in surface area which dramatically enhances the adsorption power.

You can visualize a piece of charcoal made up of a super complex network of pores bond together as a structure of nooks, crannies, and crevices between the carbon layers.

When you add up the surface area of each pore, you can never believe the magnitude of the collective surface area. Just one gram of activated carbon will have a surface area of more than 1,000 m2 (or 11,000 sq ft). That’s bigger than twice the size of 2 NBA basketball courts. And the NoMO filter has a massive 240 grams of activated carbon. You do the math.

So what has surface area got to do with adsorption power, or in this case, eliminate odor?

Adsorption is the attachment or adhesion of atoms, ions, and molecules (adsorbates) from a gaseous, liquid or solution medium onto the surface of an adsorbent (activated carbon).

In other words, the activated carbon is like a magnet which attracts the molecule of the stinking gas to its surface. So the more surface area there is, the better it can remove the pungent gas from the air.

Each NoMO activated charcoal filter is made to have the highest porosity. And the 240g mass has more than enough adsorption capacity to last a very long time. To the extend NoMO even offers a lifetime guarantee for its filter, and any necessary replacements will be provided free.

How NoMO Get Rid Of Toilet Odor?

But of course, with the activated charcoal alone the odor adsorption efficiency is as good as that few charcoal pieces you place in the drawer. The air is not flowing; the charcoals are like passive traps waiting for the gas molecule to fly into the pores.

The NoMO Odor Remover, however, works like a vacuum cleaner. It has a suction fan which you can activate via a pushbutton or the proximity sensor. It will suck in the air in the bowl and channels through the carbon filter which adsorbs all the foul-smelling gases and releases only clean, odorless air back into the environment. The smell is gone almost instantly.

Play ButtonPlay Button

And don’t worry about the suction strength. It is strong enough to suck in air only, way too weak to suck in any poo and pee. And your testicles are safe, guaranteed.

Because the bowl is a small and butt-covered space, you get 100% of the gases readily removed from the pan. So no more smelly toilet bowl again whenever you do your evacuation with this NoMO air purifying system.

Streamlined Construction & Decent Features

The construction of the NoMO is pretty straightforward. It consists of a fan unit which is a square-shaped canister that houses the carbon filter.

Then a power unit which makes up the base latches to the fan unit. The rechargeable battery pack, the motion sensor, power button and the rest of the control components make up the power unit.

And finally, a detachable flat nozzle which is one molded piece comprises the inlet tube that connects to the fan unit and brackets for mounting onto the toilet bowl.

The overall construction and the assuring heft will convince you of its build quality. It’s nothing like those cheap, flimsy, and plasticky air purifier you get for $19. The charcoal filter alone, which is a chunky cylindrical block is conclusive of what a high-quality air purifier should be.

NoMO Toilet Odor Remover Construction

Installing the NoMO is easy-peasy. If you have ever replaced a toilet seat before, this won’t take you more than 5 minutes. All you need to do is remove the toilet seat, place the NoMO inlet on the bowl, align the mounting holes, and install back the seat over the inlet. That’s it. You don’t even need the instruction manual though it comes with it.

The NoMO toilet odor eliminator features are decent and it makes a lot of sense. They must have spent considerable time to make NoMO not only work 100% but convenient to use and very minimal maintenance. You only need to charge the batteries at least every 30 to 50 days, and that’s about all the maintenance you need.

So here are the features,
  • Clean streamline design and build with high-quality materials
  • Offers both manual and touchless activation
  • Auto shut off to save battery power
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (can last up to 90 days under normal use)
  • Special activated carbon filter with a lifetime guarantee and free replacement
  • Easy to clean all parts thoroughly since they are made detachable
  • Quick and easy to install and fit on any standard toilet

NoMO Odor features

A Little Imperfection

NoMO air purifier is a perfect solution to get rid of toilet odor, no doubt about it. But a few areas can be improved for better user experience. They might be trivial, but worth mentioning. And hopefully, you can see these improvements on future models.

The first is a fixed 2 minutes cycle for each activation. Whether it is activated via the touchless sensor or the power button, the unit will stay activated for 2 minutes. So if you wish to keep NoMO running, you have to reactivate it repeatedly with either mode.

It’ll be perfect if there’s an option to override the 2 minutes cycle to keep it running for as long as you want. But of course, the flip side of this is you have to be mindful of turning it off. So if there’s a way to have it auto switch off that’ll be a great plus.

More color choices will be nice for matching your toilet color, or even the decor. Though white is a universal color for a toilet, it looks odd with a darker shade. And dirt on white is too obvious to ignore.

And how about adding some scent to the purified air? That would be awesome.

The Best Places To Install NoMO Toilet Odor Eliminator

You can install NoMO on almost every standard toilet anywhere. But highly recommended to have NoMO installed are places with poor ventilation. Like the restroom under the staircase, powder room, or a toilet cubicle in a windowless hallway.

You probably have been contemplating to add a toilet in those places but are concerned with odors. Well, now you can revisit your ideas with NoMO. And if you are staying in an apartment with a small bathroom, a NoMO odor eliminator is almost not an option.

NoMO Odor Remover is Perfect For Small Spaces

Final thoughts…

So there you have it. No more toilet odors.

You now have a real solution to get rid of the stench you have been trying to eliminate every time you are on number 2. And no more “Damned you [insert name here] what have you been eating!” can be heard from the next person right after you.

This simple invention is another classic of the cliché, ‘the best ideas are always the simplest.’ An innovation with plain common sense that makes you wonder where is NoMO 20 years ago. Anyone could have harbored this idea, but only the action takers will materialize and gain from it.

But not implying NoMO is the only toilet odor remover out there. You may have tried other similar products before and not getting the results you desire. Or they wouldn’t last because they are made with substandard material so the companies can sustain with your repeat purchase.

Whatever your experience may be, you should give NoMO a try. It may cost a little more (or is it?) for the high-quality materials it uses; it can also save you money and frustrations from those frequent replacements. And the lifetime warranty on its carbon filter should more than make-up for your past bad experiences.

But what’s more important is, you can truly end your toilet odor problem with NoMO, starting today.

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