KOHLER K-3588 Escale Two-Piece Elongated Toilet


KOHLER K-3588 Escale Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

KOHLER K-3588 Escale

Don’t Buy This KOHLER K-3588 Escale Toilet Out Of Looks

This KOHLER K-3588 Escale looks kind of cool isn’t it? But can its features and performance pair up to the exterior beauty? Or is it just looks and no substance? If you have been to Amazon or Home Depot, you will realize the review ratings are not very forgiving, and scarce. But let’s not just based on the lack of great reviews to determine this toilet as one you should avoid like the plague. To be fair, let’s examine its features and specification and find out why it is not getting the praises.

It Doesn’t Look Like A Siphonic Toilet

There are several indications on the design and specification that proved this KOHLER K-3588 Escale is not a siphonic toilet. It is more like a washdown type that is not very common in American homes.

However, washdown toilets do have its merit. They won’t clog easily and are typically shorter in length. Perfect if your bathroom lacks the depth for a regular size toilet. Measuring 26.94″ (684mm) in overall length (front to back), you save a good 3 inches compared to a regular size elongated siphonic toilet.

KOHLER K-3588 Escale Toilet Dimension

KOHLER K-3588 Escale Toilet Dimension

Another characteristic of a washdown toilet is the short and wide trapway. For this KOHLER K-3588 Escale toilet, the trapway is a short ‘P’ shape plastic pipe that connects the bowl to the waste outlet below. It is presumably the same width as the waste outlet which is specified as 4 inches in diameter, no less. The typical siphonic toilet trapway size is about 2 inches wide and much longer in the form of an ‘S’ shape. In this case, the trapway is too short and wide to initiate a siphon action. So this KOHLER Escale toilet definitely don’t qualify as a siphonic toilet.

Unusual Drain Outlet Connection

Before you decide on this KOHLER Escale toilet, the very first thing you need to know is the drain outlet diameter. It has to be 4 inches wide. Otherwise you won’t be able to fit the plastic trapway to the drain outlet.

There are basically 2 standard sizes for drain outlet – 3 inch or 4 inch. Usually for homes with 3 toilets or less, the 3 inch pipe is adequate to handle the daily volume. The 4 inch pipe will be able to deal with twice the amount of waste and is best for homes with more than 3 toilets.

In most cases a 3 inch pipe is used as the drain outlet for each toilet and connected to the main sewer pipe of 4 inches in diameter, but for this KOHLER K-3588 Escale toilet you need a 4 inch pipe as the drain outlet. Period.

Connecting Bowl To Waste Outlet

Connecting The Bowl To Waste Outlet

If you are remodeling the bathroom or building a new one, you will have the opportunity to lay a 4 inch pipe for this KOHLER two piece toilet. Not good if you are replacing your old toilet and the drain outlet is not 4 inches wide.

Installing This KOHLER K-3588 Escale Can Be A Nightmare

In the installation manual it read:
This toilet does not install to a typical flange. It is designed to install directly to 4″ PVC waste tubing. If there is a floor flange in place, it may require grinding or removal to allow for proper fit.

Not forgetting this KOHLER two piece toilet is a concealed trapway model. Like all skirted or concealed trapway toilets, installation can be a little tricky. The installation manual for this KOHLER Escale model, specifically mentioned that this toilet “should be installed by an experienced installer”. It’s quite telling that this is not going to be an easy install. So will your plumber be asking for a higher installation charge?

What Is The Water Surface Area?

KOHLER is known for large water surface area in most of its popular toilet models. But for this KOHLER K-3588 Escale toilet, not a word is mentioned about its water surface size. And since this Escale model is presumed to be a washdown model, the water surface area is expected to be small. But you may argue that presumption is not evidence, so it cannot stand as fact. If you looked at the specification sheet of this KOHLER elongated dual flush toilet, it says 9.75″ from the rim to the water surface. The bowl shape is tall and narrow, in fact a lot narrower than the conventional oval shape toilets. Which, you can visualize and work out roughly how the water surface area is going to be like.

Typically, on KOHLER’s other oval shape bowl toilets, the distance from the rim to the water surface is a little more than 6″. The lower it is, the smaller will be the water surface. In this case we have a toilet bowl that is very much narrower and the water surface is more than 9 inches deep from the rim. Can you visualize the water surface size now?

The thing about small water surface area is that it is difficult to aim. On heavy load, waste sticking to the bowl surface and streaking is inevitable. So is skid marks. A toilet brush would be an eyesore when placed beside this art piece. And not forgetting that odor is always a problem with small water spot.

Summing Up – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Have your urge to buy this KOHLER Escale toilet been killed by this review so far? This summary will definitely help you to decide.

  • The Trapway Is Made Of Plastic And Replaceable
  • But why plastic when molded porcelain is the norm. It’s not like KOHLER doesn’t have the know-how to mold the trapway into this Escale. And frankly, broken trapways are literally unheard of on a full functioning washdown toilet in service. Since this plastic trapway can be bought separately as replacement, does that mean they are not built to last?

  • Two Connection Points Provide Two Weak Links
  • Common sense will tell, the more connections you have, the more weak links there are. A typical toilet connection is only one – trapway outlet meets waste outlet. This case there two connections – Bowl to waste tube and waste tube to waste outlet. So the possibility of failure is 200% higher than a conventional molded trapway toilet.

  • Expensive Seat Replacement
  • Though the seat comes free with this KOHLER Escale toilet, a replacement would set you off by at least $300. There are complaints about the plastic seat that broke off easily from the metal hinges. If that happened within the one year warranty period, you are good as KOHLER will replace free of charge. Otherwise, be prepared to fork out around $350 for a replacement seat. This KOHLER Escale toilet seat problems are quite significant as you can see from the reviews at Amazon and Home Depot.

  • Water Saving Toilet. Oh Really?
  • You often need to flush more than once to get rid of the sticky waste at the bowl bottom. As mentioned above, this is largely due to the low water level (small water spot) in the bowl. You may need to manually brush off the sticky waste if multiple flushing doesn’t help. Truly defeats the purpose as a water saving, WaterSense labelled toilet.

  • Is The Price A Rip OFF?
  • For what is worth judging from the specifications and features, this KOHLER K-3588 Escale toilet is nothing more than just an elongated 2-piece dual flush gravity toilet. Will you pay $1500 just for the looks? Pretty subjective.

Tell Me Something Good About This KOHLER K-3588 Escale Toilet


It’s a washdown toilet so you don’t experience plugs that much compare to the siphonic model. And since it’s a concealed trapway design, you will find cleaning the exterior is like a walk in the park. AND, it makes the bathroom look like one from a Penthouse suite with its aesthetically pleasing exterior (provided you hide the brush well).


Will you buy this beauty? If you will then click here. Or tell us what you think of this KOHLER K-3588 Escale toilet and how it can be made even better.

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  1. It allways takes 2 or 3. flushes for solid waste, and then frequently the use of a toilet brush to clean the sides.

    The seat is great until it gets out of alignment and the plumber couldn’t make it completely correct after the top fell off. He said I will probably need a complete seat replacement.

    The worst feature is that the water shut off is internal. If there is a leak one has to shut off the water supply to the whole house, since the water shut off is in the base, and to get at it one must remove the seat and tank!

    Everything else in our home is high end Kohler. It was a model home by Marc Rutenberg Homes, a high end builder. I cannot believe why anyone would install a toilet without a readily accessible water shutoff. The other 2 Kohler toilets both have external shut offs.

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      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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