Don’t Buy at List Price on

When you click a link on this site that takes you to a product page on, the first thing you look for is the price of that particular product. In all instances, what you will see is the List Price.

The list price is the full price (or highest price) you will pay when you do not have the promo or discount code to use at checkout.

Instead, it would help to look for the discount code to use on the site. It usually displays at the top like this – see Image 1 below.

Discount Code at the Top of Page
Image 1

That is a rotating text banner. If you do not see the discount code message at first, just wait for a few seconds for it to appear. In this case, the discount code is SWEETHOME.

Now the message says, “Enjoy up to 25% Savings with SWEETHOME“. Which means you may not get the full 25% off your purchase. The discount rate will depend on your final total order value. You can click the “See Details” link at the end of the message to reveal the discount rate vs minimum order value. – see Image 2

Discount rate versus order value
Image 2

With almost any toilet purchase, you can easily hit above $299 on your order to enjoy the maximum 25% discount. Otherwise, you may want to top up with other purchases to make the minimum. But don't do it for the sake of getting the maximum discount.

Only purchase what you need and will use or you are just throwing money away.

Or ask around your friends or neighbors if they need something from Kohler. 🙂

How to Apply the Discount Code?

This is how you can use the discount code in 4 easy steps.

STEP 1 – Click on the ADD TO CART button.

Click on the ADD TO CART button

STEP 2 – Check order details and click on VIEW CART button

Click on View Cart button

STEP 3 – Type in discount code and click the APPLY CODE button

Enter discount code

STEP 4 – Discount code applied successfully. Proceed to complete the checkout process.

Discount code applied successfully

Shipping Charges

On the same text banner location, as you discovered the Discount Code, you can also see the message, “Learn About Our Free Shipping”. Click the link “See Details” at the end, and you will get a pop-up with the following details (Image 3).

Shipping Charges
Image 3

Make sure to factor in the shipping charges if you are comparing prices across other online stores like Amazon, Home Depot or Wayfair. You may need to follow similar steps as above on the other stores to get to the final checkout page to see all the charges.

Don't Buy At Full Price

There are times when there is no discount message displayed at the top, for whatever reasons, do not buy at list price. Instead, you should leave and check out other online stores such as Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, or for real market prices.

Or you can check back on again a few days later. Or contact us and we will find a discount code for you (only for and no promise we can fulfill that though).

Happy shopping!

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