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Jemal Wright Water Closets

Jemal Wright Design Studio Brings Glamour And Glitz Into The Bathroom

You probably have seen or heard about toilets that are encrusted with diamonds and crystal, or in metallic colors. Well, they are not new (what’s new these days anyway with the internet). Since “Jan 2000”, as the company profile states, Jemal Wright Design Studio has been making bespoke bathroom fixtures and furnishings for society’s top echelons.

Or at least you must have the financial means to splurge on a toilet that costs several stacks without batting an eyelid. And it’s not even a futuristic, technologically advanced piece of poop remover like the TOTO Neorest NX2.

So what kind of toilets does Jemal Wright Design Studio produce?

Even though the company appears to offer made-to-order water closets, it does have two base models, or rather, customization services to meet your desired design for your powder or bathroom. They are the ChromeOzone and ISIS.

The ChromeOzone is a chrome-plated porcelain base two-piece toilet. And through a unique dyeing process, almost any colors you hope for can be achieved. That’s the main highlight; all else is similar to any two-piece toilet found in homes across the country.

The damage?

Get ready at least $6000 if that’s how you want your crapper to look. And price increases with more unique finishes like a two-toned, satin, grunge or weathered, multi-colored, and whatever your imagination makes.

ISIS, the glitz and glitter of any bathroom, is sure to make any user feels like a million-dollar treatment. And it is when the water closet is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, jewels, and even diamonds.

Again, it’s up to your appetite for an exquisite design that speaks volumes of your personality. It can cost anything from $50,000 upwards or lower for a partial jewel or crystal-laced design.

So those are the two toilet designs that Jemal Wright Design Studio offers. And be it ChromeOzone or ISIS, you can extend the same exterior design to fixtures like the sink and bathtub. Or any porcelain-based fixtures regardless of shapes and sizes, Jemal Wright Design Studio will have you covered.

What About the Features?

Do you mean the flushing capacity, rimless bowl, water surface area, trapway size blah blah blah?

It’s bespoke, remember? You can make your request for whatever specs you desire to Jemal Wright Design Studio. And if you need our help on the toilet feature, such as type of flush valve to use, flush valve opening size, trapway diameter…etc, write to us. Or check out this article, What Makes The Best Flushing Toilet if you need answers now.

OK I’m Sold! How to get started?

A phone call to the company will get you all you need to know to get started.

Here’s the contact:
Email: info @ (without the spaces)
Phone: 305.915.0969

While on the phone with them or in an email, you may want to ask for the toilet specifications if you want the best of both worlds – beauty and performance. Don’t be afraid to ask. You aren’t the typical shopper and the company knows that. If you need our help to decipher that tech jargon on the specs sheet, we are just a click away.

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